Curly Piping! Help!

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slush Posted 12 May 2010 , 2:50pm
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I have a problem in that whenever I try to pipe a line from a no1 tip or smaller my icing curls as it comes out the tube and goes squiggly!
Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to stop it?
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joyfullysweet Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:11pm
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I hate that number 1 tip too! I always have the same problem and hope someone has an answer. The only thing I can think of is to really thin down the icing, or add some piping gel.

jewels710 Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:15pm
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I would also suggest thinning the icing a little. It is usually easier to pipe with thinner icing that what you frost the cake with.

Peanut1027 Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:19pm
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Thinning the icing and piping gel works great. The piping gel also helps with breakage when your pipoing string work

LilaLoa Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:21pm
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I BET you are using a Wilton tip! The Wilton tips are made with a seam, which doesn't matter except for the very small tips. I never use Wilton tips for anything 1 or smaller, because the icing hooks on that seam and curls as it comes out. Buy some new tips and never worry about it again. icon_smile.gif

slush Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:22pm
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thanks but i tried it with petty thin icing and still had this problem, I did it off peak like it said in my book and then tried it a bit thinner and it still didn't work.
How do people manage to do that perfect string work and I can't even get one straight line!!?

mmlj316 Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:39pm
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I am about to do some very detailed piping and I am interested in all the comments!

7yyrt Posted 12 May 2010 , 3:45pm
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Keep your hand moving at an even pace, and keep even pressure on the bag to ensure you have a solid, straight line.

Hold it in one spot, and it will curl.

TexasSugar Posted 12 May 2010 , 4:57pm
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Wilton tips are seemless.

Look at the end of your tip, is it dented? My guess is that somewhere along they, the round end got hit against something and is not quite round any more. That will make icing pull, curl to one side.

LilaLoa Posted 12 May 2010 , 5:14pm
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I guarantee you that my Wilton tips are not seamless. They appear seamless, but when you look inside you can see a line running down the inside of the tip. I do a lot of work with royal icing and my #1 tips. As soon as I bought new ones (PME, I think) I had NO problem with the curling.

jamiekwebb Posted 12 May 2010 , 5:26pm
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Sounds like you are applying to much pressure. Just a thought.

KHalstead Posted 12 May 2010 , 5:30pm
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It is definitely a pressure issue. with tip #1 you need to squeeze slow and steady with that thin of a line, you can't rush it when using the small tips! Try squeezing the icing out nice and slow and see how that goes

Iggy Posted 12 May 2010 , 5:41pm
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I just checked my Wilton tips and Avalyn is right. They do have a seam on the inside. It's not very noticeable but it's there. I saw it in tip#1 and also it was more prominant in my 2D & 1M, the bigger tips. They are apparently highly polished on the outside to eliminate any seam appearance. Hmmmm....I hate #1 too because it's always squiggly. I was wondering if you added some corn syrup to your BC if that would help? Avalyn, do you have a cake posted with your piping? Would love to see it an what tip did you use? I hate Ateco tips. They have the edge on them and are hard to keep on my bag.

LilaLoa Posted 12 May 2010 , 6:51pm
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Oh dear! I hope I haven't misrepresented myself. I do a lot of piping, (mostly on cookies) but sadly, none if it is really GOOD piping. Maybe someday, huh?

dalis4joe Posted 12 May 2010 , 8:25pm
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it's probably ur icing... are u using royal icing made with real egg whites?

slush Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:22pm
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thanks everyone!
I've been using pme tips with royal icing made with meringue powder. Does it make a difference to use real egg whites? The tip shouldn't have a dent in as I've hardly used it (coz can never get it to look right!) Maybe wasn't totally clean - v.hard to clean!
i'm going to have another go tomorrow.

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