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sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:13am
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The bottom tier needs to look like the log. I was thinking about ordering Chocolate Fondarific and Chocolate Satin Ice and marbling it a little before pressing it in my silicone bark mold. Would this look more realistic or would you use all one color. In the picture the top is lighter than the bark on the side. Fondarific is lighter in color than Satin Ice. To me Satin Ice almost looks black. I was even considering mixing the two brands. Any help greatly appreciated. Still trying to figure out how much chocolate fondant I will need. The cake is 14 inches but not sure when using silicone molds how much extra it takes. TIA.

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sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:18am
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I am having trouble deciding on what colors to mix to get this yellow green. A lady at the cake store told me to mix leaf green and yellow what would you use? Someone was nice enough to suggest moss green, juniper green, leaf green and brown for the grass now I just have to main color to figure out. UGH.

dalis4joe Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:18am
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isn't that a real slab of wood?

sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:28am
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Yes it is but the bride wants it to be cake.

dalis4joe Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:32am
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wowzy!!! I see now... I think then u should mix the colors like u said... wood tends to be like two-toned and using one color might not give it the depth it needs... you can even instead of ordering 2 diffrnt kinds... get one type of fondant in the lighter color and take half and add some more color to deepen the color then combine to marble it...

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sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:33am
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Any suggestions on what color icing to use for the moss effect?

sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:38am
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I was thinking about ordering Fondarific because several people really seemed to like it and it tastes really good. Have you tried it? Doesn't dry out like Satin Ice. The owners told me to add a little black to the brown to darken it a little. I was also considering Choco pan but someone told me that it was difficult to work with. Have you heard of any problems with Choco pan. I have never used it before. Not even sure how good it would be to use with a silicone mold. I need to place my order in the next couple of days so I am trying to figure everything out. Thanks for the help.

dalis4joe Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:38am
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well... I know there are some pro's here that will for sure let u know how to do it... but my opinion is that I would probably hand paint the greenish of it after it's on... like with one of those sponges they sell at Home Depot and Lowe's for texturing your walls... use a pallette with some green (few shades of it) as well and shades of brown and even black... then dip the sponge a little bit in each color and start "blotching" hope I make since in how I am trying to explain it....

sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 9:41am
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Great idea. When I look at the picture it almost looks like a cream color.

dalis4joe Posted 12 May 2010 , 12:34pm
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I used chocopan and did not like the consistency... it was too soft to work with and although it does tastes good... I had a hard time working with it.... but then again there are people that swear by it... so not sure... I have heard about fondarific (supposed to taste really good) but haven't tired it... I know I don't like SI (I tend to get elephant skin when I use it) so I tweaked one of the MMF recipes here and that's what I use now... it tastes good and it super awesome to work with... no tears...no elephant skin... very forgiving....

I see the light colored spots.... it does look like that.... cream color... even very light yellow (muted yellow) I think this is going to look amazing when u r done with it...

confectionsofahousewife Posted 12 May 2010 , 12:46pm
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I agree with the sponge painting idea! That's a good one. I would just order one color of fondant and change the color of some to give the marbled affect. Also, once its been texturized to look like wood you can brush on a little brown or black gel paste to get more depth. As for the yellowish green, I've always had good luck mixing leaf green and yellow to get the brightish spring green look. Sometimes I'll add a little tiny bit of brown or some moss green to get something a little different. You'll probably just have to play around with that until you get a color that you like.

sweettreat101 Posted 12 May 2010 , 2:12pm
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Do you think five pounds would be enough fondant for the bottom tier? I was told that two pounds of white fondant would be enough for the grass. I could order two two pound containers of the chocolate but for five dollars more I can get a five pound bucket. Spring green is a good way to describe the yellow green on the cake.

auntiecake Posted 12 May 2010 , 2:45pm
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You can always use the extra for something else.

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