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karateka Posted 1 May 2010 , 5:16pm
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Ok, so I filed for an LLC. I used my current business name and was rejected because someone in columbus has a similar name.

I did search on the website of the sec of state but didn't find her business, so now I feel really stupid.

My question:

Do I bother to send her the form asking if it's ok if I use a similar name?
Does adding my name (Stacie's XXX) to the front constitute a big enough difference to get approved?

Is it worth it to change my business name to become an LLC, or should I just increase my insurance and stay a sole prop?

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bisbqueenb Posted 1 May 2010 , 6:53pm
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Look into getting an LLC and run your business with its current name, under the LLC dba doing business as.

karateka Posted 1 May 2010 , 6:59pm
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Originally Posted by bisbqueenb

Look into getting an LLC and run your business with its current name, under the LLC dba doing business as.

I don't understand: I tried to use my current name and was refused. Someone in Columbus is doing business under that name.

bisbqueenb Posted 2 May 2010 , 12:12am
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Since your current name is already 'in use', you could continue to use that name but be a 'subsidiary' of the new named LLC. To the public, you could continue to be know as XYZ but legally you would be a division of ABC LLC. You could be protected under the LLC for the legal issues, but still be known by your former name to the general public. Sort of like the LLC 'owning' the original business.... just like when all the big companies buy up their competition and keep the original names, but do business under the company name..... hope I am explaining this right.

DH has 2 businesses.... each structured a little differently but under the same LLC umbrella. To the IRS it looks like one business but to clients there are 2 different branches so to say. He works under an attorney for investigations/court work etc. and this is how the attorney helped him set things up to keep different aspects of his work separate so there would be no conflict of interest. But this in Arizona, so check to see if it would work where you are!

indydebi Posted 2 May 2010 , 12:37am
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I sent you a long PM, but when I switched to an LLC, the name was "Brim Mgmt, LLC". All paperwork, IRS stuff, bank accounts, etc was in this name. But I was doing business as (dba) Cater It Simple and Banna's Cookies. My attorney even told me that if I EVER decided to get liquor licensed, we'd set up a totally DIFFERENT company to keep all of the alcohol liability TOTALLY separate from the existing businesses.

karateka Posted 2 May 2010 , 11:30am
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Thank you! That makes sense. icon_redface.gif

Debi, thank you for the pm, it was trememdously helpful.

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