Premade Candy Instead Of Fondant Pearls? Look At This

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KHalstead Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 1:50pm
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So I was browsing cakes online (as usual) and came across an adorable website with really GREAT cakes on it.........anyhow, I saw this one cake in particular (below) and the great jet black pearls on it.

The description on the website said "black chocolate pearls" so I thought......surely these are premade!!!

So I googled chocolate coated candies and came up with sixlets. Then I wondered, do they make black???

They sure do!!!

Not only do they make BLACK, but they have SILVEr as well as about 30 other colors and you can buy the colors individually by the pound!

thought this was a great find!!!! I hate rolling fondant pearls and I'll bet people would enjoy these JUST as much!

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KHalstead Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 1:52pm
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mamawrobin Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:04pm
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Thanks. I hate rolling those things icon_lol.gif . I will be ordering some for sure.

KittisKakes Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:05pm
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What a time saver!! Thanks for the link!

Peridot Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:06pm
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What a great find indeed! I didn't look real closely at the site - hoping that you don't have to be a business to order from them. What a time saver this would be and I bet customers would love eating them especially the kids. Oh - and lots of GREAT colors!

Thanks KHalstead

jessielou Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:11pm
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Awesome!!! You just saved me so much time! Im need pearls for a wedding cake next month and I didnt want to pay so much for the soft ones (someone could break a tooth on those hard ones!)but I REALLY didnt want to make them! Just ordered white and black! THANKS! thumbs_up.gif

jonahsmom Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:14pm
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I love sixlets. (Despite the fact that when I was little I had a really BAD habit of sticking them up my nose - hey, I was 4 years old, what can I say?!)

I have watched for just regular multi-colored sixlets here and don't seem to ever find them!

Yay! Thanks for sharing! I hate rolling those stupid little fondant balls, too...perfect!!!!

TejasRebel Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:17pm
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Wow... I don't know about where y'all live, but the Sweet Factory actually has a store in a couple malls around here.

What an awesome find ~ thank you!

Auntie_RaRa Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:17pm
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I have to add they taste yummy!!! Our Hobby Lobby store carries the various colors in 14 oz bags for $6.99. Lucky me, there was a 50% bridal sale going on, so I purchased several bags. They were used for favor bags that I was giving out in a small show. The colors I used were black, pearl and lime green which fit into my color scheme.

Linss Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:17pm
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Check your local Hobby Lobby. I saw the pearl ones in the wedding department.

ElectricCook Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:18pm
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Awesome find. I will have to get some soon, I like to use anything that will save me some time. I have a couple of Ideas in mind for Mother's Day and this will make things easeir.

There is a Hobby Lobby 40 minutes from me and I will definetly check it out. I love that place even if it is a trip for me to get there. I have to leave the family behind and go with my girlfriends.


Rylan Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:20pm
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These are great! Thank you so much for sharing--will definitely get some!

jonahsmom Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:21pm
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Duh!!! I've SEEN them in Hobby Lobby and even thought I should stock up! DUH ME!!!!! icon_redface.gif

Thanks for reminding me...

juleebug Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:21pm
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WOW! I've been eating Sixlets for YEARS... never would have imagined they made them in all those colors or that you could buy them by the color. Thanks for the great info, Tina.

KHalstead Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:22pm
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I was so excited!!1 I've seen the pearls they sell at AC moore and even walmart in the wedding section but they're MINT flavored...............I also love the sheen on these!!!

I've taken m&m's and added pearl luster dust to them and it DOES I'm betting you could "pearlize" any of these colors!!!

I've looked at whoppers (the pink and brown I've used) but there aren't a lot of colors.

These are all so perfect and uniform on that pink and black cake and thats really what drew my eye to it! And that perfect shiny look!

3LittleBeesCookies Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:27pm
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This store is in the mall near my home. Perhaps it's also in a mall near some of you guys and gals in case you wanted to buy a smaller package. I'll be going to the mall today, of course, to check these out!

3LittleBeesCookies Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:29pm
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Originally Posted by TejasRebel

Wow... I don't know about where y'all live, but the Sweet Factory actually has a store in a couple malls around here.

What an awesome find ~ thank you!

Whoops. I just read this. I pretty much wrote the same thing in my post. icon_biggrin.gif

obabassa Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:31pm
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For larger pearls I like to use whoppers and strawberry n cream whoppers. Works great if you need those colors.

kileyscakes Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:39pm
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That is so awesome I wonder approx how many come in a pound? They would look great on cupcakes too!

Loucinda Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:40pm
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it says there are approximately 560 per pound.

Thanks for sharing...this one is going into the favorites for sure!! icon_biggrin.gif

cocobean Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:41pm
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I posted this picture awhile back to show when I first bought these. I got them at a place called Bakers Cash and Carry in SLC. They have all the colors and sell in different quantities.

cocobean Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:42pm
post #22 of 69 is a pic of the inside. These are all just regular whitle not the pearlized ones, but they carry those to!

liha21 Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:42pm
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I'm am SO running to hobby lobby right now!! AWESOME

kileyscakes Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:43pm
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damanda Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:51pm
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OMG!! This is AWESOME thank you sooo much for the web site.

obabassa Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:56pm
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For those who don't need 10 lbs of candy, Walmart does sell the sixlets in the party section. They have white, hot pink, aqua, lime green and a multipack. Also, have found the small gumballs in silver in that section too.

Amanda621 Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 2:58pm
post #27 of 69 has them pretty cheap too and they ship the same day. They are located somewhere in New Jersey I think. We are in MD and ordered them in my sister's wedding colors for her favors, and they were delivered the next day. I never even thought about using them for cakes!

Edited to add: Type in sixlets in the search bar. They are $5 a pound and come in lots of colors

cocobean Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 3:02pm
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Here is the first cake I used them on. They are yummier than fondant pearls but, I am not convinced that I like the look of them over fondant pearls yet. icon_rolleyes.gif

rcolson13 Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 3:20pm
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I'll have to try that! I've only done pearls a couple times, but it too forever. For those of who that want a ton of sixlets, there are 10lb. bags for $40 on Amazon as well

sugalips Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 3:24pm
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A big THANK YOU for this thread. Wonderful ideas with sixlets! How convenient and "who'da thought"?

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