Cupcake Liner Sizes

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cai0311 Posted 25 Apr 2010 , 11:18pm
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I was at local cake decorating supply store last week and was looking at the cupcake liners they have. There were 4 different sizes: mini, standard, jumbo and then a size between standard and jumbo. What is that size? I would like to purchase those for a wedding I am doing in a few weeks. I would just purchase them at the store, but they only had white and I need white, black and poka dot liners.

So, any ideas on size and where to purchase them?

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prterrell Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 6:24am
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The size in between standard and jumbo is most likely the size used by a lot of bakeries. For example, the Starbucks muffins appear to be made in this larger size. I don't think they are widely available and I've never seen them in patterns, only the standard bakery colors of white, unbleached ("tan"), and yellow.

cai0311 Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 3:34pm
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Thanks for the reply. I was in the bakery yesterday and asked about the liners. The owner said they are really hard to find. The dim. on the package was 2" (standard size dia) but the liner was 1 3/4" tall.

Any ideas where to purchase them online?

KHalstead Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 3:52pm
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there was a place, I thought I had it bookmarked.......for some reason I'm thinking "amelia" or something like that was in the name. They had a TON of really cool prints like damask and plaid, and polka dotted liners and they all came in 3 sizes....1 of which was 2" bottom with 1-3/4" sides!!

cai0311 Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 4:49pm
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I tried finding them through Google. I searched using lots of different "key" words. Still came up with nothing.

khufstetler Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 6:48pm
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I googled this:

2"Base x 1 3/8"Wall cupcake liners

and found SOME results... here's the one that I went to - a thousand is a lot to buy, but hopefully using the above search will help you out somehow!

cai0311 Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 7:18pm
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Thanks for the link, but none of those liners are 2" x 1 3/4".

I guess I have to stick with the little ones.

prterrell Posted 1 May 2010 , 2:42am
post #8 of 14 has a small selection of taller baking cups.

The "Eurobake" (available only in brown) is 2.5" tall:

The folded parchment cups (available in bright blue, pale blue, pale pink, pale green, brown, red, bright yellow, and white) are 3.5" tall:

The Vestli brand sold on that site are also slightly taller than most baking cups (1-1/3" tall rather than the 1-3/8" to 1-1/4" tall that the standard cups are).


patriliz Posted 5 May 2010 , 11:47am
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I have the same problem as you, I need that size that is between standard and jumbo. And as you I only find withe ones, no patterns or colors and I need 100 bright pink cups. I dont know why is so hard to find them or why they dont have in colors. Im sad.

heylovedesigns Posted 6 May 2010 , 4:20pm
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Adding onto this thread re: cupcake sizes. Anyone have experience with a size between mini and standard? In some google searches I've found there's "small" and "midi." Anyone bake with these? I'm thinking one of these is what bakeries use when they make their "mini" cupcakes. The liners I have now are really small and are just one bite.

SweetDreamsCupcakery Posted 8 Oct 2011 , 4:22am
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I just baked using the "Midi" sized liners and love them. Thinking of using those as my standard for all my mini size instead of the liners i normally use for "mini". I love that you get a bit more cake..I have found them on bakersconfections on etsy and just found them through google search too

FromScratchSF Posted 8 Oct 2011 , 5:37am
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The size you are talking about is a standard muffin liner. Reynolds makes them, I buy them at Cash & Carry, 500 for $3 or $4 bucks. I was using them for my cupcakes until I realized that I get better results just using regular cupcake liners with the same amount of cake.

ldenoon Posted 7 Jan 2013 , 10:25pm
post #13 of 14 has the liners you are talking about.  They are listed as "New Size" and come in white and brown only.  I have used these liners for over a year and they are great, also the cheapest I have found :)  Hope this helps.  I just tried to order some and the white ones are currently out of stock but they are really good about replenishing them so hopefully they will get more in soon.

AlicesMadBatter Posted 15 Feb 2013 , 1:35pm
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Found these this morning!!!   They have them in a few colors.

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