Frozen Display Case... Was Free But...

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Cakenicing4u Posted 25 Apr 2010 , 6:21pm
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8' freezer display case from a Carvel store ... Was free and it works but....

I don't know what to put in it!!

It was never in my plan to have a FREEZER case in a fresh bakery... but it was free, and frozen is better than nothing. I almost had a car accident the other day letting this spin in my brain... I need some words of wisdom...

This is kind of how my brain spins... Ok, if I put cakes in it,

how can i make sure that they don't look just like the grocery store I work at? will fondant be ok in there? howaboutgumpasteflowers?yWill theywilt? Will the colors run? will dragees stick? will gold dust run as it thaws? what kind of packaging do i use? Plastic like the grocery store? Boxes that are freeze stable? The boxes i saw that are sturdy have air gaps in them... will the cakes get freezer burnt? howlongcanileavetheminthereandso on onandso onandso on Read that without taking a breath or pausing and that's how fast my brain spins...

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minicuppie Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 1:49pm
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Why not do some 6 or 8 inch ice cream cakes? One layer of cake and top layer ice cream, ice in a good buttery BC and simple decos. Good impulse sale. Compare pricing with the larger grocery stores that work in ice cream. There is a Kroger in town that probably sells 2-3 per day plus custom orders. Homemade ice cream sandwiches would work, too.

cheatize Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 5:16pm
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I say stick stuff in there and see what happens. No customer orders, of course; but toss some gumpaste and dragees and such in there, crank it up and see what happens.

Cakenicing4u Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 9:21pm
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I'm toying with the idea of ice cream treats... but I don't have the supplies to make it myself, so I'd have to use store bought stuff, and I wasn't sure how I could label it... So i'm still thinkin on that one...

and yeah, I think I'll bake some small cakes and throw them in it, and see what happens when I abuse them myself... I can always pawn them off on my family... =) they don't care what they LOOK like... they al;ready know what they taste like!!

I couldn't pass this case up=- it's 8' long and it was free, and i know a guy that does repairs on the side, so he worked on it for free for his daughter's next bday cake! =) If nothing else, it's 8' of space to put displays or smaller items for sale...

minicuppie Posted 27 Apr 2010 , 1:32pm
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Hmmm. Didn't think about the labeling. Might be worth the effort, tho. OBTW... as freezers are fairly expensive to run, I would not use it until I could figure out an item that would pay it's way.

Kitagrl Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 1:28am
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Can you just use it in back as extra freezer space?

KHalstead Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 3:38pm
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Originally Posted by Cakenicing4u

I'm toying with the idea of ice cream treats... but I don't have the supplies to make it myself, so I'd have to use store bought stuff, and I wasn't sure how I could label it... So i'm still thinkin on that one...

Buy Bryer's ice cream, there ingredients are literally- milk, eggs, cream, vanilla beans !!

Nobody would have to know it wasn't homemade!!

what about baking some fresh cookies and making the ice cream sandwiches! I would buy some!! lol

Cakenicing4u Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 4:17pm
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It's too big to Use in my kitchen space, and it has a huge shelf on top that I'm putting all my display cakes on, so I do want to use it out there... No I don't have it plugged in-- only 1 fridge and 1 chest freezer are in use right now-- I am not quite open so I'm doing the best I can under the circumstances!

I think that the breyers might be the way to go.. It's not my personal favorite but it would do... And hubby said why not get a small machine from walmart to start out and see how they sell... So that's an option too... I'm also going to see about adjusting the thermostat in it to be a fridge not a freezer but I'm not sure if it will work..

Thanks everyone! It helped me to get it down on paper and grtsome feedback!

minicuppie Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 1:18pm
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I don't advocate taking on a new project if you are already so stressed. Why not just use the Breyers for a base and add in pieces of leftover bakery products (this way you know exactly what to put on your lable) to match the cake base? I would stay away from anything raw, like cookie dough. Just look around the ice cream aisle and see what combos look good.

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