I'm In A Panic! Base For A Square 12' 4 Tier Cake???

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vagostino Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 9:57pm
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I have a a 4 tier wedding cake this weekend 12-10-8-6 and I just realized that the round base i have is not big enough!!!
What do I use as a base to accomodate a 12' square base that is EASY and STURDY and can be bought locally??
I'm not handy so I can't cut wood or stuff like that. IT doesnt have to be fancy since I'll cover it in fondant and border with ribbon.


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bisbqueenb Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 10:04pm
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Check at a local tile store/hardware/big box building supply store to see if they have the BIG tiles....maybe 16"-18" square? They can be covered with fondant nicely. I do glue 2 smaller cake board to the bottom to make it a little more sturdy and easier to pick up. A thin ribbon can also be glued to the edge.

cylstrial Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 10:10pm
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Go over to your local hardware store and buy a piece of MDF. Get it like 1/2" thick. The people at Lowe's can cut it into a square for you. Make sure the piece will be big enough for the cake. For instance, if the largest tier is 12", I would have the MDF cut to at least 16" x 16".

When you get home, you decorate the board with fondant or scrapbook paper. Put a ribbon around the edge and it will be perfect. If you use scrapbook paper, cover it with the clear contact paper. It's in the wall paper section at walmart (sold by the roll).

Don't worry that the board will be too flimsy. It can hold up to 150 lbs. I put my cakes on these boards all the time. Including a 4 tier square wedding cake.

Hope this helps.

vagostino Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 10:16pm
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Thank you so much!!!!
So many things are going wrong with this cake already that this put me in the verge of insanity!

I'm headed to home depot tonight and see what I find!

Thank you again!

Minstrelmiss Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 10:22pm
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My husband is a glass man so we used a square of glass for our wedding cake. Any glass shop should be able to cut it on sight with no trouble. We used 3/8", it was really cool looking. I have also used mirror pieces too.

missantoinette Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 10:38pm
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MDF is the way to go, I use it all the time, even for my birthday cakes. Hope the cake goes well, nothing can be more stressful than a cake that is giving you troubles.

anxietyattack Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 10:42pm
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I rented one. The 18" cost me around $20 and I got it for three days. Just an idea icon_smile.gif

Doug Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 11:23pm
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buy one of these tables -- you know the cheap ones just made for throwing fabric over



added advantage -- the connections for the legs hold it just above the table so easy to get fingers under and out from under (they can be easily removed if want it flat on the table)

these are usually somewhere near the bedroom stuff.


and if you go to Lowes and most Home Depots -- back in the lumber area -- specifically the area where they have table legs and things for making staircases you should be able to find pieces of MDF and plywood already precut in squares. Usually the smallest will be 24"x24" square. --


also -- talk to cabinet and sink installers -- the part they cut out of the counter top for the kitchen sink can be easily shaped into a great base for a cake (and if left rectangular for a sheet cake) --- just think a corian or other base for your cake.


and then there are the cutting boards you can buy

and INDYDEBI has even used a slice of a log


and the glass tops of side/occasional tables


and ----well just let your imagination run wild

JulieMN Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 11:27pm
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Originally Posted by Doug

buy one of these tables -- you know the cheap ones just made for throwing fabric over.

I hadn't seen one of those in a store for a long time...didn't think they were still around. Thanks for sharing.

vagostino Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 11:43pm
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You guys are angels! thank you so much!

I was going to go to bed so stressed....I'm so glad I decided to post the question here before!

Doug....I do have a table like that at home that I'm not using! I still will go to home depot and see if I can get the MDF thing....but if not this is a great plan B!

cheatize Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 11:47pm
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Yes, Walmart still carries those tables.
I'm seriously considering collecting the glass that sits on turntables in microwaves. They seem to be everywhere in thrift stores.

Occther Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 11:53pm
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When I need special square sizes, I use the thicker foam board (I think it is 1/2") and cut three pieces the same size. Use spray glue to stick them together. Cover with contact paper or foil and put a ribbon around the edge. I stock up on thicker foam board when Hobby Lobby has it on sale for half price. Although I am a good woodworker and even own a table saw, it is in the garage which very cold and inconvenient in the winter. The triple layer of foam board is plenty strong but I don't transport my cakes stacked. Micheals carries a good selection of plain colored contact paper including brown and black in the art department (use my 40% off coupons.) I made the stand under the cake in my avatar.

prterrell Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 2:17am
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Wow! 12 feet of cake is HUGE! icon_lol.gif

all4cake Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 2:33am
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buy a couple 24x36 sheets of foamcore at WM (near the posterboard in stationary dept.)...cut them to the size you wish to use, glue them together then cover and trim.

easily cut with an x-acto knife

Jeep_girl816 Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 2:35am
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Originally Posted by prterrell

Wow! 12 feet of cake is HUGE! icon_lol.gif

Hahah! I was thinking the same thing icon_twisted.gif

vagostino Posted 22 Apr 2010 , 10:07am
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Originally Posted by Jeep_girl816

Originally Posted by prterrell

Wow! 12 feet of cake is HUGE! icon_lol.gif

Hahah! I was thinking the same thing icon_twisted.gif

Now you understand why I was in a panic! LOL Sorry....you got the idea! I'm telling you I was crazy when I was typing!

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