Kids!!! Do You Laugh Or Do You Cry???

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KHalstead Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 1:08pm
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So I get up this morning, and decide I'm going to take a shower...I have a long wooden handle with a loofa sponge at the end of it that I use to clean my feet with (it's wonderful).
We have 2 showers, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs........I decide to shower downstairs today but my loofa is upstairs.....I hear my DD in the hallway upstairs and call to her!

ME: Abigail???
DD: Yeah mommy?
ME: Can you grab me my loofa?
DD: your what??? (she's 6)
ME: My loofa! It's like a rough sponge on a long wooden stick, it's hanging in the shower.
DD: I don't know what you mean the toilet brush?
ME:'s hanging in the shower!!
DD: (comes to the steps where I can see her, holding my loofa).....Mommy, you mean THIS toilet cleaner?
ME: (kinda freakin out).....Have you used that to clean the toilet????????
DD:.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mommy...........................................(whewww)........................JEREMY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you got 8 yr. old son has been using my loofa on a stick to clean OUR toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!

I think I'll cry icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

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Ronbob1984 Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 1:16pm
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Hey, at least he has been helping to clean the toilet icon_wink.gif You have to laugh at them, otherwise you may kill them!!!!!

mrspriss0912 Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 1:44pm
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Laugh and do it a lot you can replace the loofa... but things like this are too cute although annoying. I love it thanks for sharing I needed a good laugh to start my day icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

JaeRodriguez Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 1:55pm
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Haha :] This makes me smile! Sorry for your feet though icon_razz.gif

mamawrobin Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 2:14pm
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As the mother of seven and grandmother of six I can certainly appreciate this story. Thanks for sharing icon_lol.gif

JulieMN Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 2:58pm
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OMG! Laughing, I think.....though I wouldn't want to know how long he had been using it that way.....

Oh...thanks for sharing!

KHalstead Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 3:35pm
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Julie.........that is precisely what my thought process was!!


As I yell............ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? up the steps I hear my DH giggling in the bedroom (still in bed), and he says "looks like a toilet brush to me too.........I always wondered why you hung it in the shower, but..........figured you knew best!"

All I can say is, the next loofa will be introduced to all children before being left unattended!!

I'm just glad he knows what the toothbrushes are for!!!!!! lol

leily Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 3:51pm
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oh... thanks for the laugh this morning icon_smile.gif Mine are not that old yet... but I can just imagine it in this household. Maybe a label machine will be in order icon_smile.gif

mommicakes Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 9:27pm
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That is just way too funny!

I would laugh so hard and then I would cry. (only because I would be laughing to hard not to cry) icon_lol.gificon_cry.gif

tesso Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 9:41pm
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you made me laugh so hard my chest hurts. I have a cold and this really helped break up the congestion. THanks. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif I love that story. sorry it happend to you.

think of it this way. you have a wonderful one of a kind memory, that you wont ever forget. icon_lol.gif

rosiecast Posted 17 Apr 2010 , 11:21pm
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Awww, Tina so sorry for you. lol That's too funny. reminds of the time DH used the toothbrush I use for the shower grout. His own fault his toothbrush looks nothing like it. LOL

Rachie204 Posted 18 Apr 2010 , 3:07am
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this is tooooooo funny!!!! I had to make my husband pause his movie so I could read him this story. Best part is your husband didn't know any better either. LOL

ChRiStY_71 Posted 18 Apr 2010 , 5:34pm
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It's too funny not to laugh! icon_lol.gif That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!

indydebi Posted 18 Apr 2010 , 8:24pm
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hysterical! but I think I laughed even louder at your hubby's comment!! icon_lol.gif

Loucinda Posted 18 Apr 2010 , 9:59pm
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I just read your story to my DD and DH, and we have all about died laughing!!! That is hilarious.....don't forget to write it down so you never forget it. (although, you probably won't ever forget that one anyways!) icon_lol.gif

Tiffany29 Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 3:14am
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OOOh, this is hilarious!! I laughed so hard I cried, it took me 5 minutes to compose myself to tell my DH what was so funny.

Can you imagine what yor family has been thinking everytime they've heard you say something was unsanitary?...Uh, right mom then why do we keep the toilet brush in the shower?

Everytime I see a loofa I will think of this story! Thanks for sharing!

indydebi Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 3:15am
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so-o-o-o-o-o ..... does this mean I can just soak my feet in the toilet? icon_confused.gif

mkolmar Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 5:23am
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*GAG* funny but did you want to go boil your feet after hearing that?

Jo-melia Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 6:43am
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That's so funny! I recently (and luckily!) caught my one year old scrubbing away at the toilet with my toothbrush!!! I, too wondered whether to laugh or cry... I think I did both!

KHalstead Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 12:25pm
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I literally, upon realizing what was happening thought "Thank God I never scrubbed ANY other part of my body with that thing!!!"

Believe me, anytime I buy something out of the ordinary for use on MY BODY, it will be introduced to my children as though it were a new sibling!!!!! (and then LOCKED up!) lol

mocakes Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 3:35pm
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Now THAT is hilarious!

When my son was 3 I caught him running water over the toilet brush and then brushing his hair with it. He thought he was doing a good thing!

Someone told me to write this stuff down....I'm so glad I did. The kids love when I get it out occasionally and read their stories. They laugh and say, "We were so funny back then!"

Adevag Posted 19 Apr 2010 , 4:23pm
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Yesterday, I found two of my kids in the bathroom in front of the mirror. My 5 y/o was cutting his own hair using a real pair of scissors. And my 2 y/o was standing next to him, smiling as she was "cutting" her hair with a pair of play dough scissors. My oldest is very proud of his brand new hair cut and thinks he looks beautiful.

Mrs-A Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 2:54am
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omg... im giggling away here in my office and trying to be quite but failing

KHalstead Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 6:44pm
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Adevag my now 11 yr. old son almost cut his hair one time when he was 3 and I must have seemed upset because less than a yr. later, just barely 4...I sent him to bed early as a punishment for being disrespectful to me (the night before his first day of preschool mind you) and he took my DH's hair clippers and shaved a big square in the front of his hair!!!!!

I almost died!! I was freaking out and my DH made me realize that he did it as a sort of "revenge" on me for punishing him. So instead of racing to wal-mart to have them fix his hair before the first day of school.......I made him go the whole first week of school with his hair like that.........cured his fascination with cutting his own hair! lol

My DD tried to cut her hair when she was 3 as well and my DS (the one who shaved the square into his head) grabbed the scissors from her (he was 8 at the time) and said "Trust me Abby, you do NOT want to do that!!" lol

Tiffany29 Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 8:33pm
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So instead of racing to wal-mart to have them fix his hair before the first day of school.......I made him go the whole first week of school with his hair like that.........cured his fascination with cutting his own hair! lol

That reminds me of these 2 girls I went to elementary school with. We were in 5th or 6th grade. One of the girls cut the others hair off while she was sleeping. It looked BAD! And her mother made her wear it like that for a while.

rosiecast Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 8:41pm
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LOL. kids are funny. Mine's just 3 so I'm freaking out. LOL

KHalstead Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 10:53pm
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Tiffany LOL.........I know it seems so mean....but truly I wanted him to realize that he wasn't going to manipulate me and that if he did something he would reap the consequences of his actions and boy did he learn a lesson!!!!!

Tiffany29 Posted 20 Apr 2010 , 11:57pm
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Oh, I would do the same. My son cut 2 shirts, a pair of jeans, his little bookbag strap and his hair. Three of these things in one day at school (kindergarten)! Apparently he finished his work before everyone else and was bored.
I didn't notice the hair for a day or two, it wasn't that noticeable, until I was trying to fix his hair and couldn't figure out why he had all these long hairs that didn't blend in!
So I told him if he wanted to cut his clothes up, go ahead, he could borrow one of his sister's outfits!

KHalstead Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 7:48pm
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my other son (now icon_cool.gif cut his sister's hair when she was 4, he was 5.....I could've killed him!! She was absolutely bald until she was nearly 3 yrs. old and all I ever wanted was a little girl with long hair for me to play with LOL. We had to get all her hair cut off into a short little pixie style!!

He cut half of her head (pretty well, according to the beautician lol) of hair about 2" above her shoulders!

Jenny0730 Posted 21 Apr 2010 , 7:52pm
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I had an employee come in horrified one day because one of her FOUR children was walking around the house that morning looking for THE toothbrush. Not their toothbrush, THE toothbrush. Apparently, all four of her children had been sharing the same toothbrush for a while.

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