Please Help Fix My Stodgy Cake Problem. Need A Cake For Tmoz

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chimbabweep Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 9:43am
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my names Kim. Im new to cakecentral.

Im tryin to make a 7" round 3" deep cake. It cooks round the sides but stodgy in the middle?
What am i doing wrong?

Im new to cake making and its my friends birthday i told her id make a cake.

Im using a basic victorian sponge recipe. I am filling the tins 1cm from the top. is this wrong? please help.

New recipies and baking setting would be of great help. icon_sad.gif xxxxx

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Caths_Cakes Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 10:03am
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it sounds like your baking at too high a temperature, so your sides are cooking before your center, try cooking on a lower temp but for a longer amount of time.

untill you get the hang of scratch baking, i would try using a boxed mix ( like betty crocker) for your friends cake, it will taste lovely and there usually pretty fool proof icon_smile.gif

Chiara Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 10:04am
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I am thinking by stodgy in the middle you are meaning domed? You can cut the cake down if is high.
The recipe you are using is fine. You can look up recipes and frostings here along with fillings.
Another option for height is insulating the cake pan with insulation strips if you can find them where you live.
You can also spin the cake pans a little so that the batter goes towards the outer part of the tin then bake it.
Make sure the cake is cooled down completely before you cut the domed portion off.
I hope this helps.

brincess_b Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 10:10am
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just sounds like you need to bake a bit longer at a lower temp icon_smile.gif i usually do mine about gas 3.5, at least 40 minutes but probably more. you could split the batter, do two layers, about 20 minutes each then.

chimbabweep Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 10:14am
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by stodgy i mean that it isnt cokked properly. its not as bouncy and light as the sides.

ive tried cooking it for lower longer. i had it in for 3hours and it still didnt cook properly.

if you were using a 7" round 3" deep what amount and what recipie would you use.? how high do i fiil the tin? and how should i cook it?

thanks for the replies xxx

brincess_b Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 10:21am
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any chance you have an oven thermometer?
possibly you have over filled the pan, it should be about 3/4 full.
i also use victoria sponge, for that size id probably use a 5 egg/ 10 oz mix (although theres a bit of guess work in there, dont have my chart handy) will take a good while to cook, id check it after 40 minutes, turn it maybe.

chimbabweep Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 10:59am
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no i dont have and oven thermometer. i tried that last night i filled the pan 3/4 and it was cooking for 3hours and it still wasnt cooked properly in the middle. icon_sad.gif im getting frustrated lol. i love decorating cakes i dont want to give up. does any one no of any short courses in scotland for cake making and decorating? x

brincess_b Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 11:11am
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join the british ballon sugar ballon craft balloon guild (google without the balloons), they run local groups, including demos on lots of techniques. also, they are very friendly!

look into your local cake supply shops, they will sometimes advertise classes and workshops, also look up cake shops in your area, a lot of them run classes.

the other place to try is your local college, some of them will run relevant courses.

i think you will maybe need to scrap this plan, go onto plan b/c/d - that cake shouldnt be taking 3 hours. i would try baking thinner layers.

Malakin Posted 15 Apr 2010 , 11:33am
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Wow....most Victorian sponges don't take that long to cook. Probably something wrong with the oven. Let's see from 350 deg F here, it would probably be about 180 C or Gas 4 over there? But turning it down some to 3.5 wouldn't hurt though I don't see why with cakes that size it would take that long and need to be turned down to Gas 3.5 isntead of 4. 7" and 3" are pretty small. Definitely filling the tins "1 cm from the top" as you said is way to overloaded. I would fill it up only to about 2/3 full and try that or possible another recipe. Oven thermometer would be a definite plus.

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