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CaKKes Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 3:21pm
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So I am doing my first wedding cake that has to feed around 80 people, maybe a few more! This is a second wedding so the bride is going very simple. She has requested a cake per table. She wants either a 6 inch or 8 inch cake single layer. Can anyone tell me how many servings are in each? I know I need one cake per table and I think they will have 10 tbles but they don't want too much cake or not enough so that is why we are trying to figure out whether to use a 6 or 8 inch. I thinkI want to use an 8 inch because I think a 6 inch will get lost on the table. I think she is going to have the guests cut the cakes themselves at each table so cutting the cake like a wedding cake seving probably will not happen. Thanks so much for anybody that can help!!!!

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KHalstead Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 3:27pm
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according to wilton a 6" round will serve 12 (I say it serves 10) If people are cutting it themselves it will probably serve 6 at best!

according to wilton an 8" round will serve 24 (I say it serves 20) If people are cutting it themselves it will probably serve 12 at best!


p.s. find out how many people will be seated to a table!

LeckieAnne Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 3:30pm
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An 8" round single layer (meaning 2" high cake) - would serve 12. A 6" round single layers should serve 6. That's a relatively small piece - like you said, if they're cutting themselves, not sure you'll get that much.

-Tubbs Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 3:38pm
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You might want to point out to her that doing it this way will cost her at nearly 3 times what she'd pay for one larger cake.

Say she has 8 guests at a table x 10 tables = 80 guests.
10 x 8" cakes = 240 servings @ $3.00 per serving (my rate for BC cake) = $720.

As opposed to 8", 12" round tiered cake = 80 servings x $3.00 = $240.

(Remember you need to charge for the number of servings she wants, NOT how many guests it is to serve)

Edited to say, I just re-read and saw that you're doing single layer cakes. So my math is wrong, but they will still have more cake than they need.

10 x 8" = 120 servings = $360.

tiggy2 Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 4:31pm
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IMO a 2" tall cake in the middle of a table is going to look like a pancake. If it's a 6" in round it'll look more like a biscut.

mamawrobin Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 4:36pm
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Originally Posted by tiggy2

IMO a 2" tall cake in the middle of a table is going to look like a pancake. If it's a 6" in round it'll look more like a biscut.

icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif You're right!

KHalstead Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 5:41pm
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I assumed that when the OP said "single layer cake" that she meant an individual cake not a 2 layered=tiered cake

CakeMommyTX Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 6:03pm
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First off whether or not the guest cut the cake correctly is not your problem.

Second look up the Wilton serving chart, it is an industry standard.

Third like Tubbs pointed out charge her for the amount of cake, not the amount of guests she is serving.

And if she is worried about the guests cutting pieces too large and leaving some with out then she needs to order more cake.

If I were doing the order I would do 6" (double layer , torted and filled) cakes, these serve 12, which means there is a tiny bit of room for error when it comes to cutting.

But with 8 tables that would be a total of 96 servings and that's how many servings I would charge her for.

Also don't forget that although they are small cakes you have to do everything 8 times and small cakes are a pain, so I'd increase the per serving price.

If she is unhappy with the size of the cake then let her know the price difference, because it will cost more to do 8"s.

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leah_s Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 6:20pm
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Language review.

Layers are the flat expanses of cake that are stacked vertically to make a tier.

A one layer cake, is indeed 2" tall.
A one tier cake is 4" tall and contains at least 2 layers.

And whatever is in between the layers is filling.

Please resume your regular caking.

icer101 Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 6:35pm
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i totally agree with CakeMommytx. that is alot of work for you to do. those single layers are not going to look good. but the 2 stacked layers, torted and ices and decorated will be very nice and pretty for the tables. something she will be proud of and you too.

CaKKes Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 10:53pm
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Thanks for all the help. You all are the best.

AnotherCreation Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 11:11pm
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leah-s you crack me up. i am laughing soooooo hard icon_lol.gif

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