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bostonterrierlady Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 5:20am
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I know this has been discussed before. Many peple do not want to consume trasnsfat. It is really bad for you so what do you do? I know alot are now turning to Sweetex. But I do worry about the bad effect of consuming transfats, but the new Crisco is not to good to work with. What do you all think of this issue?

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CakeDiosa Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 5:36am
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I think if you are eating cake then it's a slice of a lot of technically "not so good for you" things. But, so long as it isn't one's main dietary dish then ENJOY!

Crisco removed trans fat which made it horrible for and now ruins buttercream (from what I hear and was told by my cake supply store owner - I switched to Sweetex long ago and will never go back).

Annnddd..... if people want a dietitian then they should find one that makes cakes. If they want a baker to make them a cake then they should call you.

Not such a dilemma after all, eh?

SpecialtyCakesbyKelli Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 5:38am
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If they eat a cake per day.........yes....it's a problem LOL.. but I think of cake as a splurge and I want it to be as tasty and fat filled as possible!

CakeDiosa Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 5:49am
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Here's a BIG HIGH FIVE to SpecialityCakesByKelli!!!!

Sprinkle a bit of trans fat on mine!

ceshell Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 6:48am
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Although I totally understand how absolutely horrible transfats are for you, the way I see it is, a single slice of specialty cake is consumed--presumably--very infrequently. I know that they won't even claim there is an "acceptable" amount of TFs for the human body, but at the same time they have no studies to prove that a minimal amount does irreparable harm. Of course the key is: minimal amount. I am glad to see TF's being taken out of food products which work out just fine without them...that gives me more leeway to eat a baked good with shortening! icon_lol.gif

Personally I prefer IMBC anyway as far as icing goes, but when people want a powdered sugar buttercream, I admit, I honor their wishes using a recipe with 1/2 TF (ie hi-ratio shortening) and half butter. I've never used it to decorate in hi temps so that compromise works well for me. We were just talking about doing all butter with certain recipes calling for shortening in another thread...some day I may try it just to see if it works out. Butter is not exactly a picnic for the human body either, but I do realize it is not a weird manmade "substance" that can't be processed by the body...the way shortening (with tf's) is.

BTW that said, I could have sworn that leah_s here at CC once said that hi-ratio shortening is also available in a TF-free version, at least at the wholesale level. It would be kind of cool if they could figure out a way to tinker with icing recipes and get them to work without TFs yet not slide off of your cake. Fast food restaurants figured out how to make fries...and Nabisco how to make Oreos...without 'em...hopefully we'll get there with baked goods one day and the issue will be moot!

Incidentally, for those curious (I was, so I looked it up), they don't really know why TFs are so bad for you but here is the current theory (from Wikipedia):
"The most prevalent theory is that the human lipase enzyme is specific to the cis configuration, rendering the human body unable to metabolize or remove trans fat. ..... Lipases perform essential roles in the digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids (e.g. triglycerides, fats, oils) in most if not all living organisms. The human lipase enzyme is ineffective with the trans configuration, so trans fat remains in the blood stream for a much longer period of time and is more prone to arterial deposition and subsequent plaque formation."

JanH Posted 1 Apr 2010 , 9:57am
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Originally Posted by ceshell

BTW that said, I could have sworn that leah_s here at CC once said that hi-ratio shortening is also available in a TF-free version, at least at the wholesale level.

SweetexZ is trans fat free:



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