New Tip 789 Help!!!

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AppaloosaCakes Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 4:21am
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I just bought the tip number 789. Its like a realllly big basket weave tip. I need to use it for basic frosting on the outer layer of my cakes. I bought it not thinking how i was going to put it in the pastry bag. is there any special way? Thanks

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suzied Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 4:28am
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I got this tip too. i had to cut my icing bag hole (outlet) bigger and insert . Icing a cake with this tip, is a breeze

icer101 Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 4:31am
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i drop my 789 tip in a 16" featherweight bag. where it stops. fold tip end of bag back over the 789 tip. you can feel the end of the 789 tip. mark with a pen about 1/4" back. bring tip back some in the bag out of the way. cut where you marked. let tip fall into opening. fold bag down over hands and fill with icing. hth don,t fill all the way up of course. about 1/2 way. so your hands won,t tire and hurt.

KathysCC Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 5:03am
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I have two very large bags that are exclusively for this icing tip. It has to have a large hole so the bag can't be used for anything else.

redheadfairy2003 Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 5:24am
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I have this tip but have yet used it.... I hope to soon..

DefyGravity Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 3:26pm
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I have this tip and I think its awesome. I bought a 14" bag for it, but I wish I would have gone for a 16 or 18.

2txmedics Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 3:29pm
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Ive had this tip for 3yrs and never used it as I couldnt find a coupler to fit dahhhh dummy me, dont use one, just drop the tip...

tks guys! lol.... icon_redface.gif

AppaloosaCakes Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 5:09pm
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Thanks so much! that really helped cus i needed to know if i needed a coupler for it! thanks again

Kayakado Posted 31 Mar 2010 , 7:39pm
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I use a 28" wunderbag for that tip and any other big tips I use for piped cookies.

karkar10 Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:19pm
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where did you find the tip i can't find it at all....i went to michaels and still couldnt find it

TexasSugar Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:31pm
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Michaels does carry this tip, they may have been out. They aren't in the rows with the little tips but usually above there in it's own package.

I love the 16in plastic bags for these, but you can also get a 16in feather weight bag to use with it as well.

karkar10 Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:46pm
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im not sure because i went on the day they get new things in stock and they did not have it..i may have to go every single day to see if hf they do have it.but in my michaels they have all the tips some loose others in a pac, but i only need that one. -__-

millermom Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:52pm
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Every time I use this tip, i just stir up crumbs when I even it out with a spatula. What am I doing wrong?

TexasSugar Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 9:08pm
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KarLar, the 789 will come in a plastic bag with a paper tag folded over the top. Next time you go in there ask them if they have it. Look for emtpy pegs and see if one is listed as tip 789 or Cake Icer Tip. If there is an empty peg they can scan it and tell you if they have some or order. You can also ask what day they get their trucks. Product is suppose to go out in the store the day the truck come so if they truck come on Wed morning if it came it it should be out in the store Wed evening.

Millermom, what consistancy icing are you using? Are you moving your spatula in one direction or a back and forth motion? Is there a paricularly place the crumbs are appearing, like around the top edge of the cake.

Mom_Of_4 Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 9:24pm
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This is going to sound really silly...but here goes. Isn't it a pain to wash out the reusable bags that you would have to use with this tip? I too have purchased this tip and never used it for that reason.

karkar10 Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 9:29pm
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no not really if you buy a disposable bag once you use it you can throw it away, or if you have a featherweight bag i would turn it inside out place it in warm to hot water and let the frosting be lifted off then its a lot easier

TexasSugar Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 10:31pm
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Originally Posted by Mom_Of_4

This is going to sound really silly...but here goes. Isn't it a pain to wash out the reusable bags that you would have to use with this tip? I too have purchased this tip and never used it for that reason.

Wilton now makes a box of twelve 16in plastic bags. icon_smile.gif

ellangel Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 11:03pm
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I use either a 26" or 28" pastry bag with my tip. I fill it about 2/3 of the way and use one of the Wilton purple bag closer thingys (sorry I don't know what they are called) wrapped tightly around the open end. Then I sqeeze down to the tip, just enough icing to fit in my hands comfortably, the rest is pushed back in the bag and rests on or over my arm until I need it. (If you watch Cake Boss on tv, you can see how they do it.)

I also always crumb coat my cakes with icing that has been slightly thinned. I love the large tip and have cut my frosting time in half by using it and the larger bag.

Oh, I almost forgot! It is very easy to wash out the pastry bag. After all of the icing is squeezed out of the bag, I turn it inside out, take out the tip and wipe off any icing that is left. Then I just wash it in a sink full of hot soapy water, rinse well and stand up to dry.

Hope this helps.

MichelleB0802 Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 11:28pm
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i turn my bag inside out and run it through the dishwasher. the wilton recipe i use is so greasy that it's just easier t do it this way

carmijok Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 11:51pm
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Originally Posted by millermom

Every time I use this tip, i just stir up crumbs when I even it out with a spatula. What am I doing wrong?

Your cake may be too warm. I ice only really cold or frozen cakes. And are you wiping your knife between swipes? That was the hardest thing for me to get in the habit of. Every time I smooth frosting, I continually wipe off any excess on the knife on the side of a bowl. Keeps your knife clean and moving through the frosting better. And once you go forward, don't go back or you'll pull up the frosting you just laid down and bring cake back up with it...especially if your cake is not cold.

suzied Posted 13 Jul 2010 , 12:31am
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I use a lot of re-usable bags. Just wash it with some hot soapy water and keep it on a wire rack to dry. Abosolutely no problem (by the way i use only butter in my butter cream icing - no shortening). Have you tried tip no. 1D (wilton) That too is very good. Slightly smaller. I use it for only butter cream covered cakes. Doesnt take too much icing unlike the 789. Try it - you will love it. ha ha.

YummCake Posted 13 Jul 2010 , 1:05am
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As far as cleaning a reusable bag, I just turn it inside out. Put dishwashing soap on my hands and wash it well with warm water. Turn it right-side out and continue washing it, then rinse it well. They come out perfectly clean and not greasy. 2 minutes tops. I usually place them on top of a glass to hold it open while it dries in the dish drainer. HTH. icon_wink.gif

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