Anyone Remember Their First Wedding Cake?

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superdobbers Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 5:57pm
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I have my first wedding cake delivery on Sunday. This. is. a. big. deal. I just know I will be having cake disaster nightmares on Saturday night. The defrosting cakes are sat in my kitchen now and I just want to get started!! I hate being nervous about something but not actually being able to DO anything about it!!

How much sleep did you get the night before delivery? Did your delivery go to plan? Did the cake turn out OK? Did you get any feedback off your bride?

Wish me luck!
SD xx

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KHalstead Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:11pm
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my first wedding cake was 2 years ago this weekend! (I only know that because I just filled out a "happy 2nd anniversary" card for the bride to mail this week) was 3 tiers stacked 6,8,12 w/ fondant ribbon and a gumpaste letter on the top. I was so scared and thought the cake looked aweful and almost left a note with the cake apologizing for ruining their wedding day because the cake looked so terrible!!

I stayed up the whole night and never went to bed.....I literally finished it 5 min. before I was due to leave to deliver it and thought it looked just horrible!!! I prayed the whole 35 min. drive that it wouldn't fall over (I was too nervous to contemplate stacking on site and with the fondant ribbon I thought it had to be put on while the cake was already stacked)............if I had paper and a pen with me I would have left that note!! But I didn't.

When I got home 35 min. later there was a phone call from the bride just gushing about how much she loved the cake and how awesome of a decorator I was and how she couldn't believe how "perfect" everything on the cake was. I was totally speechless, at first I thought she was making fun of me or getting ready to yell a big NOT!!!!!! But she really did love it.

It was then that I realized that non-cake people didn't know what a "perfect" cake looks like and from then on I vowed to myself to just smile and say "oh, thank you so much...I really appreciate it" everytime someone complimented one of my cakes LOL

Instead of the " well.....I couldn't get the frosting perfectly smooth, and then I put a finger dent over here, so I had to turn the cake around so now you can see that airbubble in the icing right there because I thought that was going to be the back of the cake but the finger dent's worse so now it's the front and I had a terrible time with the fondnat...see that crack right there...and here's where I patched the tear that happened when I tried to cover it...I filled the tear in with buttercream but the color is off because I ran out of my americolor gels and had to use left over wilton colors that were probably expired...gee I hope nobody gets sick!!! LOL

malene541 Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:17pm
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RELAX!!!!! Really!!! My first wedding cake was less than 2 years ago. For some odd reason I did sleep the night before. I had to drive 2 hours with all the cake and supplies to my Dad's house to actually decorate it. The wedding was in a remote location near a private lake and my Dad's house was closer (he's also a carpenter and has the ultimate kitchen).
I covered, decorated and drove the three layers to the site (outside) to find they didn't order a flower topper like they said they would. I had a large box of "left over" flowers to arrange for the cake. It was also a little scary because a LOT of people were showing up really early for the wedding so the mother/aunts and all the other "controllers" of the wedding were running around freaking out which stressed me out too. Anyways, it turned out great and I'm sure yours will too!!! Good luck!!!
And yes the bride sent a very nice letter with a thank you card! That's when you know it's worth it! Here is was.

indydebi Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:19pm
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MIne was about 30 years ago and I remember it like yesterday.

There was no nervousness at all. Nothing but pure excitement and being super anxious for the clock to move faster so I could deliver my first "masterpiece" for all to see! I never worried about disasters ... nothing but positive thinking always!!

It was covered with BC roses (wedding was in a rose garden). I'd never made a BC rose in my life, but by the time I was done with this cake, I was a pro at it!!

I remember getting great reviews and 2 orders from that wedding.

superdobbers Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:21pm
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Aww they are both really nice stories, thanks for sharing! icon_smile.gif

Malene, your cake is BEAUTIFUL- great job!!! icon_biggrin.gif

I hate waiting, I just want to get ON with it!!! icon_rolleyes.gif

*edit to remove "KHalstead, points deducted for no picture!! icon_lol.gif " because I see you've now added a picture and WOW it is lovely too- I love that letter. It's actually not too dissimilar to the cake I'm doing.

superdobbers Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:23pm
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Originally Posted by indydebi

There was no nervousness at all. Nothing but pure excitement and being super anxious for the clock to move faster so I could deliver my first "masterpiece" for all to see! I never worried about disasters ... nothing but positive thinking always!!

Wow! What a brilliant attitude, that's just what I need a bit of PMA!

KHalstead Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:24pm
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lol.....there ya go, do I get my points now?

RetiredNavyChief Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:25pm
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OH yes how i remember my first wedding cake, was alittle over a year ago, gosh i said i didnt want to do anymore wedding cakes after that, and now i have 3 scheduled this summer. i was so nervous. It was just a small one either, if you look in my pics you will see it. Plus i made all of the roses by hand and a grooms cake. Needless to say sense it was my first i didnt charge very much, way not enough. Anyway the delivery was a hour away and i was scared to death of something happening. When i got to the site, it was in a open barn no air conditioning and it was 90 plus degrees! I had to stack the cake on the tiers, when i got it put up it was leaning, it wasnt my cake the table was sagging in the middle. OMG, i had to stuff card board pieces under the cake board to get it level. I had to keep kids away from the table because a few decided they wanted to play UNDER THE TABLE! Yes i stayed because i also said i would cut it for them too. Well they were supposed to cut the cake right after the dinner and the bride and groom decided they wanted to go change clothes first. They were gone for 2 HOURS! I was fuming at that point, not to mention the cake started showing signs of heat distress, bubbles started rising. They finally came back at 9PM and proceeded to cut the cake, and then have a food fight behide the cake table! OMG i could keep going, it was just a TERRIBLE experience. I WILL NOW ON DELIVER AND LEAVE! But you know what I got so many compliments on the cake, and i love making them, but as i said i will only deliver from now on.

superdobbers Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:25pm
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Hehe, I've amended my post accordingly!!!

katies_cakes Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:27pm
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Iv got my first wedding cake order in a few weeks. im a nervous wreck already!! and im making tons of stacked cakes to practice! god i hope it goes well! And i will try to rember what khalstead has said about not pointing out all the flaws i see in my work, but i know i will probably end up pointing them out to everyone at the wedding!! lol

foodguy Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:28pm
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My very first wedding type cake was made well over 40 years ago, but I remember it very well!
It was a 25th Wedding Anniversary cake for a man and his wife who owned a very successful bakery in a nearby city. They were friends of my Aunt and Uncle, who had confidence enough in me to ask me to make it.
It was very traditional for the time, all white, lots of garland and string work, white roses and silver leaves. All white cake, iced and decorated in buttercreme. Tiers sizes were 6, 8, 10" and were separtated by those old fashioned swan pillars.
I was really nervous, but challanged to do my best for a professional who had done cakes for years.
They were very well pleased and were astounded to learn it was my first ever wedding cake.
Nice cake memories!

superdobbers Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:29pm
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Awww it's so great to hear people's wedding cake memories!! (even if they are bad ones, sorry RetriedNavyChief!) icon_smile.gif

cakesbybert Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:37pm
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Mine was 16 years ago. Wasn't actually a wedding cake but an 50th anniversary cake for my grandparents - but it was a wedding cake design. It was the one on the front of the Wilton book in the garden stand - with all the drapes and ruffles. and BC Roses!!!! over 200 of those babies in three different colors. To say the least I got pretty good at roses and this was only after 2 Wilton classes.
I even made the garden stand (now I know why I was the only girl in welding class!!) I had to transport it over 2 hours almost clear across the state of Idaho.
Turned out wonderful, best was the compliments I got from a relative from another state that was a professional cake decorator, who said she couldn't have done it better.

This cake is the whole reason my son does not like frosting!! To keep a 2 1/2 year old out of my hair he was promised all of mommie's messed up roses!!! Nothing like have someone hoping you mess up! LOL!

herdream Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:38pm
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Originally Posted by KHalstead

Instead of the " well.....I couldn't get the frosting perfectly smooth, and then I put a finger dent over here, so I had to turn the cake around so now you can see that airbubble in the icing right there because I thought that was going to be the back of the cake but the finger dent's worse so now it's the front and I had a terrible time with the fondnat...see that crack right there...and here's where I patched the tear that happened when I tried to cover it...I filled the tear in with buttercream but the color is off because I ran out of my americolor gels and had to use left over wilton colors that were probably expired...gee I hope nobody gets sick!!! LOL

That sounds like me 10,000% LOL

RetiredNavyChief Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:40pm
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ah no problem superbobblers, you live and learn. I cant wait to do my next one in June.

superdobbers Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 6:57pm
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Originally Posted by RetiredNavyChief


Hehe that made me laugh, it's superDOBBERS (in reference to my maiden surname) but superBLOBBLERS seems much more appropriate given the amount of cake scraps I've eaten recently! icon_biggrin.gif I might adopt the new one....

DreamMaker2 Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 7:03pm
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I just posted my first wedding cake today! I love indydebi's comment about positive thinking! (And I agree) Try not to focus on the what if's. But I sure do understand your "anticipation". Sometimes it's hard NOT to be nervous - but that's only because it's important to you.

Of all cakes, this cake was the very first one I ever had "icing disasters" with! I actually had to re-ice it 3 times! (and trying not to freak out while I was doing it.) But I never lost my focus. Although it wasn't exactly what I intended, (due to icing issues), I think it turned out alright. AND I got 3 orders after the wedding! (You're right KHalstead, "non-cake people" really don't know perfection - thanks for the story... it's inspiring!)

I wish you many blessings - and LOTS of orders to follow!

cake-angel Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 7:04pm
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My first wedding cake was for my Brother's wedding in 2007 - Sleep the night before delivery was very limited - I left the brides house at about 3:30 am knowing that while most of my piping was done - I needed to get it to the reception venue somehow and put it all together - the trouble was being my brother's wedding I was also expected to participate in the church ceremony and be present for the photos afterwards and I had a hair appointment and 2 preschool children to get ready for the wedding as well and still get the cake delivered and set up before the guests arrived at the venue. I managed to get through all of it while secretly fretting over the cake in the back of my mind - told the photographer to get all the pictures he wanted me to be in over with because I was leaving in 20 mins regardless. LOL. Left the kids with their grandparents and took hubby and went to pick up the cake and deliver it and assemble. Some guests snuck in while I was finishing up (mostly realatives of mine) which made me more nervous. I just finished cleaning up the last of my supplies and straightening the table when they opened the doors to the guests. I promptly went out to the car and collapsed. LOL. Well actually , I sat there taking deep breaths until I could function again. I was so unhappy with the cake I wouldn't even look at a photo for 2 months. I could see every single flaw. That cake was so full of firsts for me. In the end the Bride and Groom loved it and I recieved so many compliments on it from the wedding guests I was blushing. It was worht it that I helped make my brother's wedding special even if I had to ship all my cake supplies across country and take over his in laws kitchen for 4 long days (7 am till 2:30 am each day). I said I would never do it again but I did - for my sister later that same year as well as being her bridesmaid and her wedding organizer/decorator. Will I ever learn -- only time will tell.

malene541 Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 8:00pm
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Great cake Cheley!!! I would be proud of that if it was my 100th cake!!

TJCanadian Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 8:06pm
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My first wedding cake was 4 years ago and I was very new at this...for my husband's Aunt. She wanted white cake with white frosting, not fondant but buttercream with rounded top corners to look like fondant....umm?!?!

I used a crusting buttercream back then and rounded over the edges but I made it a white chocolate cake with semi-sweet chips in it instead. icon_smile.gif My arms were trembling holding the top tier in my lap the entire way to the venue.

DreamMaker2 Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 8:16pm
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Thank you for your kind words, Malene541. You're so very sweet!

Texas_Rose Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 8:19pm
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I made my first wedding cake last July. I was recovering from a bad accident and still could barely walk. The cake was for the manager of the apartment complex that I lived in. She lived 50 miles away in the hill country. We were in the middle of a record heat wave. I borrowed my mom's station wagon and the cake in it's boxes just barely fit in the wagon. I had to cover the boxes with foil to try to keep the sun from shining in the car windows and melting the cake, even with the AC running. The wagon barely made it up all the hills to the house...sometimes we were chugging along in second gear...but we got there.

She wanted the cake set up on a tall table, so I had to let my husband pick it up because I couldn't stand on my tiptoes anymore and I wasn't stable enough on my feet to climb on a step. I had packed frosting and fondant and spatulas for a repair kit, but the only thing I ended up needing to do was fill in a tiny gap between the second tier and the bottom tier. I added the flowers, took the pictures, and that was it.

pearlydi Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 8:39pm
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I did my first wedding cake last Saturday for a very small ceremony, and bride didn't want to cut the cake because she found it so beautiful!!! icon_lol.gif . I was nervous but I'm ready for the next one in April. I have to thank all of the CC members for your advices.

kerri729 Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 8:54pm
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My first wedding cake was my own, back in 2006, and it's the reason I joined this wonderful site! It's my second marriage, and we decided to have a private wedding in Jamaica, where we had vacationed every year for 5 years, so married in January and then had a reception in April that year for family and friends, so I didn't have to worry about anything but the cake (Thank God), and keeping the kids cleaned up in their good clothes! I was sooo nervous, even though it was my own, It was totally iced in CCC and I mixed it all with the poor little hand mixer, which survived all of it, but died shortly after. Two of my aunts are professional decoraters, they had not a clue that I even tinkered with cakes, and were awestruck! I saw alot of flaws, but did get lots of compliments, the wonderful people here helped me through every question I had along the way...and I am still eternally grateful......

catlharper Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 9:10pm
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My first wedding cake was for my brothers 2nd wedding 15 years ago. I was the sister/aunt who made all the cool cakes so my brother approached me to help out with his low budget wedding. He'd be happy to throw me $100 to do the cake. I just recently came across the photos of the cake (ivory buttercream in the middle of August! SOOOOooo thought it was going to melt right off) and I wonder at the fact I was even able to do it! 4 tier with columns and I didn't know a THING about structure or stability..fondant was unheard of in my world...and yet, somehow he ended up with a very pretty cake that didn't totally melt despite my fears. But if I knew then what I know would have literally been a piece of cake! LOL!

DeeDelightful Posted 18 Mar 2010 , 9:24pm
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@KHalstead....there is nothing wrong with that cake, but that is how cake bakers/decorators beat ourselves up, as if anyone knows the front from the back of the cake. I look at cakes at a local bakery and they are flat, crooked, little sheet cakes with cake showing thru the thin layer of icing and i wonder how they run a CHAIN of successful bakeries.

superdobbers Posted 19 Mar 2010 , 10:01am
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Wow ALL of these "first wedding cakes" are GORGEOUS- I can't even pick a favourite. The bar has been raised!!!

Luckily my bride is really really cool and is certainly no bridezilla, I don't feel any pressure from her. She only (although there is no such thing as "only" when cakes are involved) asked for a simple 3 tiered, fondant stacked cake with satin ribbon, diamante trim and a diamante brooch. Her florist is making a topper so a relatively easy one to ease me in!

It never rains but it pours....I have ANOTHER wedding cake (4 tiers, intricate black design on white fondant) for next Thursday! I'm trying to not do too many cakes at the moment because I'm busy writing up my PhD but I just can't resist!

khoudek Posted 19 Mar 2010 , 1:42pm
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My first paid wedding cake was over 25 years ago. Didn't have to strees out with delivery as it was for a neighbor's garden wedding. My husband and I carried it over, set it on the cake table and then seated ourselves for the wedding. I did do some stressing while making it though, but mostly about whether she'd like the design I did.

superdobbers Posted 22 Mar 2010 , 9:29pm
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Just thought I'd pop back to let you know how it got on.

Well, after icing and stacked the cakes I started to sweat a little...I could have SWORN it was wonky, and it all looked a bit amateurish and messy, and had convinced myself that I wasn't up to standard for weddings yet and will be making this my last order until I was more skilled.

Then I added the ribbon and the diamantes and the pearlescent shimmer and I stood back and thought "Hey, that's actually not too bad".

I dropped it off and the bride LOVED it, I've already had feedback from some of the guests that were there and said that it was the best lemon cake (top tier and kitchen cake were lemon) they'd ever tasted!!

I'm over the moon- granted, it was a simple design but I'm quite happy with it. Here's a link to the pic

On to the next!!!!

Price Posted 22 Mar 2010 , 11:29pm
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I made my first and only wedding cake 2 years ago this June. It was for my niece. The cake fought me all the way. I'm getting a little better, but sharp corners have never been easy for me. Sooo --what shape did she want? HEXAGON! icon_cry.gif My icing didn't want to cooperate, I couldn't get it smooth and the corners weren't exactly straight. I used the Stress free cake support system so that helped me to be a little more comfortable with the delivery, however it was 4 tiers and I delivered it stacked. It was about a 45 minute drive across country roads. The reception was in an old mill. There was no airconditioning and a hugh, steep hill led up to the mill. Did you ever try holding your breath for 45 minutes? icon_eek.gif Fortunately all turned out well and she was very pleased with her gift! After that I said never again, however I am embarking on another adventure. My nephew is getting married May 15th and I am making their cake. Am I crazy or what??? I must just enjoy being stressed out. He is a fireman. They want fondant bride and groom figures, with a fireman theme. Wish me luck!

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