I Have A Love/hate Feeling For This Cake.

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cvigil Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 4:31pm
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So my friend comes over and says it is his girlfriend's b-day and he wants to surprise her with a cake. The theme is Alice in Wonderland and he wanted a Cheshire Cat. I was so excited and was thrilled to do it. Then he showed me the picture. It was soooooooooooo scary. A totally twisted version. Not the one I grew up with for sure. Well I did it and it turned out fun and came out pretty good. Here's the problem, it scared the pants off of my 4yr old. She actually had nightmares! I am almost wishing I had not done it. (Almost icon_twisted.gif )

Anybody get cakes like this?


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Spuddysmom Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 4:40pm
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Great, now, after seeing the photo - I have nightmares. That is one scarey cake!!

KHalstead Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 4:43pm
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yeah, gotta be the new version with Johnny Depp ( you know the creepy movies he likes to do).......like the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory lol that was NOT the one I grew up with!!

Anyhow, the cake looks fabulous I've been waiting since you posted about the issues with the ears ...til I could see this cake. It looks awesome!! You did a phenominal job, hopefully I can sleep tonight!! lol

noahsmummy Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 4:44pm
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ohmygosh! that is a frightening cake! how would of thought you could get scared of a cake?

costumeczar Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 4:49pm
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Oh, good lord, that's not what I was expecting when I opened that file! Nicely done, but very creepy!

tesso Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 4:57pm
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i love it !!

KASCARLETT Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 5:01pm
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That is definatley a scary cake! I would be terrified to cut into it - it might turn on me!!

Great job though!

JGMB Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 5:16pm
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Yikes!!! You did a great job, although I can't really say that I LIKE it icon_wink.gif

AKS Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 8:21pm
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I agree with your 4-yr old! Great execution, but where would you find a Cheshire cat like that? And why would that be a romantic gesture for a GF's b'day? MEN-LOL! No, if she's into this stuff then she'll love it because the cake is VERY well done. Good job, but eeewwww! icon_wink.gif

cvigil Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 10:57pm
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Thanks guys, I guess she loved it! She likes this sort of thing. It is the American Mcgee Cheshire Cat, one of my friends said it is a book. The body of the cat is just a cat's skeleton. Really strange and very dark. He only wanted the head, thank God.

rainyone Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 11:50pm
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oh ya that is a scary cat . lol... I can relate my step kids HATED that I made a boob cake for their mom's boyfriend ( she asked lol) I was forbidden to post the picture on facebook where I usually post my cakes , and they hated seeing it on the table. ( they ate a piece though lol)

They are awesome kids though ( 6 and 11) when I suggested making cake balls the 11 yr old joked " c'mon michelle you made boobs now you want to make balls? " I then told her they were on sticks- she said that was worse! lol... she made me laugh so hard I cried....

JulieMN Posted 10 Mar 2010 , 12:08am
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Ummmm....very nicely done, but wow....not what I was expecting at all!

cakesrock Posted 10 Mar 2010 , 3:33am
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Yiikes icon_surprised.gif my 4 year old would be freaked too! But you did a good job. Sometimes you have to do cakes that you're not crazy about. But at least it was an 'interesting' challenge

OMGitsaLisa Posted 10 Mar 2010 , 5:55am
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Oh I loved that game when I was younger (American McGee's Alice for the PC) and I think you did a great job on it. Sorry it scared the kid, but man... lots of fun.

Bfisher2 Posted 10 Mar 2010 , 6:09am
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you did a fantastic job of that cake..... scary.... im curious though... when you come at it with a knife does it beat the crap out of ya??? *LOL*.... really...... you did an awsome job!!!!

lovely Posted 10 Mar 2010 , 6:51am
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Very nicely done. Loved it.

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