New! Sheet Cakes Dvd From Sugared Productions

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SugaryGoodness Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:29pm
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Ok, who would think that I will WANT to do a sheet cake. I guess if anyone could do that to me, it would be SugarShack!!!!

SugarEd has another video out called Sheet Cake Secrets. You can see it on her site:
There is a YouTube link and it just makes me want to make one!! You just don't always think of sheet cakes as being able to have such cute decorations.

I really can't wait until I can try it myself!!

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ChRiStY_71 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:43pm
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Her DVD's are awesome! As soon as I order the new one and her Boxes and Bows I will have the complete set. She does such an amazing job of taking her time and perfecting her work! thumbs_up.gif

Cakeonista Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:46pm
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Those cakes are adorable. Brings the standard sheet cake to a higher level.

moranda Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:48pm
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I just received her DVD's on Buttercream and Fondant and absolutely love them, thanks for the heads up on the new DVD, I will definitely be ordering.

tiggy2 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:55pm
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She just started filming another new one this week but is keeping it a secret what it is icon_smile.gif

SugaryGoodness Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 5:59pm
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Keep them coming Sharon....I have never been disappointed!

Donnagardner Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 6:10pm
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I got mine but have not had a chance to watch it yet. Maybe this weekend during cheer competiton icon_smile.gif

Uniqueask Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 6:36pm
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Originally Posted by tiggy2

She just started filming another new one this week but is keeping it a secret what it is icon_smile.gif

If you read her blog she ask us for ideas, for the next two dvd's what we would want, and a lot of us gave responses.

Uniqueask Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 6:38pm
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Originally Posted by Donnagardner

I got mine but have not had a chance to watch it yet. Maybe this weekend during cheer competiton icon_smile.gif

You are very lucky, when I went to order her New site was down for about two weeks, Thanks to the OP for posting, seems like the site is working now, going to order mine.

sugarshack Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 5:06pm
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new site still down, icon_sad.gif

old site working. icon_smile.gif

alvarezmom Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 5:16pm
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I'm about to put in my order. I have been going through her site for about an hour... I have two ofh er DVD's aready and will be ordering the Topsy Turvy one...does anyone know if this DVD still comes with her ganache recipe?

confectionsofahousewife Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 5:21pm
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I am so excited I ordered her buttercream DVD last week. I can't wait for it to arrive! I know I will end up wanting all of them.

samona Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 5:41pm
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I love the new DVD!! I have watched it twice since last Friday! Great job Sharon!!!

MORSELSBYMARK Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 5:42pm
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Alvarexmom, it does come with the ganache recipe - it is one of my favorite dvd's!

alvarezmom Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 5:44pm
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SOLD thanks Morselsbymark

aundrea Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 6:03pm
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sharons talent is amazing!! i have a few of her dvd's and she leaves me breathless each time i see her work.
i wish sharon continued success-and more cakes for us to see!

mcdonald Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 6:13pm
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I just ordered a cricut and have to wait to recoop from that... darn it!! I want this too!!!!

4Gifts4Lisa Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 6:52pm
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Love the new DVD's, Sharon...fabulous as usual!

Thought I'd pass on a compliment, too, via my 4 year old. I was watching the DVD, and she asked who it was. I said a lady from one of my message boards, and commented that I had met you at ICES 09 and that you were so very nice. And my daughter says, "And very pretty, too!" icon_smile.gif

sugarshack Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 11:16pm
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Aw Lisa that is so sweet!! Give her a big hug for me will you? icon_smile.gif

fiddlesticks Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 12:21am
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I got my sheet cakes dvd today and so far watched disc one and its FANTASTIC!
I started disc two and it just keeps getting better I have all but one of Sharon's dvd's and I have never been disappointed!
I cant wait to watch the "Bonus Lagniappe!
I have to say I always go away thinking "I can do that " Thanks Sharon!
Cant wait to see the Cake Off!

ShopGrl1128 Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 12:46am
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I received my DVD today!!!! just finished watching, it is GREAT!
Thanks Sharon!

fiddlesticks Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 9:57pm
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Ok I was able to watch everything ( both disc's ) its so Awesome!!!
Im in love with this dvd set!
I also bought the bonus dvd and Love that to that border is Wonderful!!

sugarshack Posted 8 Mar 2010 , 6:34pm
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Thank you ladies! SO happy to hear you like it!

QueenBee1 Posted 11 Mar 2010 , 6:00am
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I received the PayPal confirmation yesterday that my Sheet Cakes dvd and bonus dvd are on the way. I can't wait!!! I have the Buttercream, Fondant and Stacking DVDs already. I look forward to what's next from Sugarshack.

casmom Posted 11 Mar 2010 , 7:36am
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I have all of Sharon's DVDs (BIG thank you to Sharon!) and have watched 3 of them. I want to buy the new ones, but my wallet says otherwise. Now you guys make me want to break my wallet. =P Don't worry. I will get them, sooner or later. Wait for my email, Sharon. Hahaha. =D

cakeladyatLA Posted 11 Mar 2010 , 8:05am
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I also have all of Sharon's DVD's and I must say that I was disappointed in the bonus dvd for the sheet cakes. It was very short and she only showed how to write on the cakes and a border that just by looking at the cake I would've figured it out, I think it would've been a good lagniappe but not an extra dvd that you have to pay extra money for it, sorry. I still love you Sharon and I will keep buying, but I had to say it, just my opinion.

revel Posted 11 Mar 2010 , 8:17am
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I have a couple of her DVD's and love them. Is here any "bleeping in this one?" lol! Just teasing!

MORSELSBYMARK Posted 11 Mar 2010 , 11:17am
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Got my new dvds yesterday - watched part of first one, and now can't wait to get on bus for work to watch more icon_smile.gif

sugarshack Posted 16 Mar 2010 , 11:47pm
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Thanks all! Glad you like it!

SugarFrosted Posted 17 Mar 2010 , 12:53am
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I have been looking thru Sharon's site and I'm adding things to my cart right now.

I just saw the bonus offers section. It says that if I order 5 DVDs I will get the design gallery DVD Free. Do I need to add it to my cart and the price will be taken off, or do I just remove it and the DVD will be shipped anyway?

I want everything! It's all fabulous!

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