Sos - How To Remove Part Of Torted Layers!!!

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dalis4joe Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 12:48pm
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OH my, please someone help me...

I have a cake due tmo in the morning... I knew that they requested a previous design I did before.... so I knew I needed 1 round for each side tht I was making (one cake chocolate with whipped ganache filling)(another cake yellow with strawberry filling

Well... my DH (thinks he always knows better..says to me... babe you need two rounds for each cake... I said NO babe,the last time,we used one round each, and one leyer of filling on each one that we split... but HE INSISTED!!~ AND because I never want argue and he truly makes me doubt myself...
I went along...

well this morning as I am looking at the cakes in the fridge (they are torted so there are 3 layers of filling on both!!! NO CRUMB COAT YET... they are 4.5 inches high!!!! they should be 2 inches only for the design we are doing....

How or CAN I remove the extra layers without messing up the cakes???
CAN I REMOVE THE 2 extra Layers of FILLING???
is it possible to remove the layers (because they are already filled)??? if so... how???

SO I have 2 separate cakes torted and filled...4 1/2 inches high... I need both to be 2 inches high.... HOW CAN I DO THAT???? help me please I don't want to give away 60 extra servings for free and I don't think it's gonna look right with them being so high!!! if I leave it like that....


Desperate in Need of CC'er EXPERTISE!!!

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karateka Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:40pm
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I once filled a 16 in round with strawberry filling and put the top cake on. Then realized that I had left the paper towel that the cake was sitting on ON THE CAKE, so that it was sandwiched between the cake and the filling.

I took a thin metal cookie sheet and slid it under the cake, then lifted off. I turned it over, peeled off the paper towel, and managed to get it back on there, all without cracking the cake!

I say you can try the same thing. You might not be able to save the cake you take off. It's already got filling on it (you may not be able to scrape it all off). But I'm sure you can get the extra layers off and salvage your design.

Good luck!

vagostino Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:57pm
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I'm having a hard time picturing the height of the layers, fillings etc but is there any way that you can cut the 4 1/2 cake in haf (in the middle "cake layer")...maybe with a super sharp knife. Then use the bottom cake layer of the leftover one as a base (so its the same thinkness in the bottom, and put the 1/2 of the cake you cut in 1/2 on top?

the bottom layer of cake will be made of two parts of cake only...but once it's all together they won;t notice!

does this help?

brincess_b Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 2:02pm
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i would do as vagostino said. it will eb salvageable - just get workign on it now in case it isnt.
and next time, tell hubby where to go! if he is a partner int he business, then its trickier, but have a little faith in your self!

artscallion Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 2:28pm
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You just need to take an extra large offset spatula and carefully slice through the top of the middle layer of filling, above the filling, to separate the top two layers from the bottom two layers. Then use two extra large offset spatulas to lift the top two layers off and place them on a prepared cake board.

It won't matter if there is still a little filling on underneath. This will help it stick to the board. The top will be clean and ready to crumbcoat. The bottom two layers you can force your husband to eat in one sitting. Repeat the process with the second 4.5" cake.

Though this seems like a really obvious solution. Am I misunderstanding the problem?

dalis4joe Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 2:38pm
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Thanks soooo much.... I got the cake out and sorta mapped the steps u said we should take and came up with almost what you said....
We are going to tort the 2nd cake layer in the middle.... move to the side...
tort the 3rd cake layer in the middle.....
remove the half of the 2nd cake layer that was split in half with the filling....
remove the half of the 3rd layer that we also split in half...
so we are basically removing 2 inches on height but from the middle
so our "scraps" will be 1/2 cake layer/filling/half cake layer....
lemme see if I can post some pics....
I love u guys!!! I thought we were doomed to re-bake! thanks!!

vagostino Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:11pm
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I'm so glad is working out! I Will say try to save it first! remember, once people cut the cake and they each get a slice it won;t be noticeable at all! Just make sure the structure is stable! That's why I suggested leave a layer of cake in the bottom to add to the 1/2 cake that you'll be putting on top.

dalis4joe Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 4:10pm
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I see.... now when I crumb coat it... should I dowel is just to be sure? or make the crumb coat thicker? anything I can do to make sure is stable?

dalis4joe Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 4:16pm
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Here is the result....

vagostino Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 5:16pm
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I think it looks great!

dalis4joe Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 7:52pm
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Thanks... and again, thanks for all your help.... when it's all covered I will post the finished pics....

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