Paging Deb_ / Dkelly!

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LaBellaFlor Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 9:40pm
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Hey Deb/ Dkelly /crazy Patriots, Red Sox fan where are you? Has anyone else seen her?

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tiggy2 Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 9:58pm
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Nope, not for a while now.

LaBellaFlor Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 10:00pm
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Anyone else? I miss her and I've never not seen her on here.

artscallion Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 10:13pm
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Haven't seen Mensch in the past few days either. I know there have been a few serious dust-ups around here lately, with threads being deleted and such. I hope they weren't blocked in the midst of any of that.

sadsmile Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 10:28pm
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Any one have their email addresses?

rainbow_kisses Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 10:43pm
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Check the members list to see if they are still on. Menschis still around as I have seen posts from her icon_smile.gif

JodieF Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 10:57pm
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Hopefully we'll see Deb soon!


LaBellaFlor Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 11:11pm
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Where's Mensch, cause now that you mention it, I haven't seen her either. In fact a few people.

rainbow_kisses Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 11:21pm
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actually having just looked it has been a few days since Mensch posted on the thread I saw. I hop ethey have not gone the same way as so many others icon_rolleyes.gif

costumeczar Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 11:47pm
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They're no longer members here, but I don't know about Mensch.

sadsmile Posted 25 Feb 2010 , 11:56pm
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All their pics are missing...

adree313 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:10am
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*siiiiiigh* icon_sad.gif

LKing12 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:21am
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This is the link to indydeb's profile page and I found her pictures.

sadsmile Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:25am
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IndyDebi is still actively posting.

icer101 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:31am
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indydebi.. was not on the thread ,sunday, that got deleted. i can,t remember all that was on there, but i read it all. then it was gone. there were probably 7-8 people. i can remember a few. but not all.

ayerim979 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:38am
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wow........i remember that threat, that is ashame.

elliespartycake Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 1:38am
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Do you think the CCers on that post got deleted too??? That would be a shame! I loved their posts!

dream Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 2:03am
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What happened on the thread Sunday?

Texas_Rose Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:20am
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I haven't seen Jamie or Mike around either icon_sad.gif

LaBellaFlor Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:28am
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Don't know what happened on Sunday, but FINALLY got an e-mail from Deb. So glad she wrote, cause I lost her e-mail address. She says she got booted, doesn't know why, and please don't think she is ignoring your PM's, she is just not on C.C. anymore. Dang, now I wish I was here on Sunday. icon_sad.gif

djs328 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:34am
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WOW.......that is NUTS!!! What a shame...that thread was actually interesting, and one of the more thought-provoking ones I've read in a while. I do hope people did not get booted because of it - I don't think anyone was 'out of line' enough for such drastic action. Let's hope it was an error??? icon_sad.gif

JanH Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:46am
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Originally Posted by costumeczar

I've been getting emails from some members who said that their accounts were deactivated yesterday. Is there a reason that they actually were, or is there a technical glitch going on? None of these people ever posted anything objectionable (IMO) and were pretty frequent members who gave a lot of advice to other people, so I'm wondering what happened.

Originally Posted by Heath

yes several people were deactivated yesterday, yes we had reasons for those deactivations, but it would be inappropriate to make public statements about any individual's account status.


LaBellaFlor Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:49am
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Yes, it does. Didn't see that thread.

djs328 Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:59am
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stampinron Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 3:59am
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Can I be snoopy and ask for a pm about what is going on? Curious minds want to know.

jonahsmom Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 4:01am
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I didn't see that thread either. But I have noticed the missing faces. icon_cry.gif

Edited to add:
I would very much like to know what the heck happened! I know the people that got booted were super helpful and I can't imagine what was said/done that could've gotten them booted. I don't think it's being snoopy really on my part. I don't want to step on the same grenade and get booted myself! I generally back out the door when I enter a heated thread, but if there was something I felt super passionate about I would like to think that voicing my opinion wouldn't result in me losing access! But then, i have no clue what happened on the thread in question, maybe it IS something I would comment on?

LaBellaFlor Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 4:01am
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Snoopy no, truly concerned , possibly.

JanH Posted 26 Feb 2010 , 5:39am
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Acceptable behavior at

Originally Posted by Jackie

Ladies and Gentlemen of CakeCentral:

Over the last month or so there has been an unsettling increase in the volume and frequency of petty bickering in the forums.

This behavior is completely unacceptable and against the spirit of Cake Central.

The moderators and administrators are fed up with trying to keep up with this ugliness and trying to keep the peace.

Quite frankly, Heath and I are disgusted with the behavior of a handful of members and we are putting an end to it.

Consider this message fair notice to everyone. The leniency is over. We are going to start banning any member we feel is starting problems, provoking others, making snide remarks, or insulting other members.

I don't care if we have to ban 1000 users if that is what it takes to get this community back to focusing on cakes instead of inter-personal drama.

We are all supposed to be here to talk politely about cake, support each other, and lend a helping hand.

If you don't agree with someone, by all means.... disagree, but do it respectfully.

If someone asks for your constructive criticism, then give it... constructively.

If you find yourself unable to write a post, PM, or response in a constructive, encouraging or supportive way then you need to walk away.

Remember, this community is based on values of caring, and generosity of spirit.

Focus on what you share in common, learn from what makes you different, support each other through struggles, and celebrate each others' success.


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