02.12.10 Friday Night Cake Club

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leah_s Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:31am
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is called to order.

Who's up?
Whatcha workin' on?

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leah_s Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:40am
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I've just got a couple of Valentine's cakes. Then tomorrow, getting ready for another wedding show.

Everyone must be watching the Olympics.

Smashme Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:44am
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I'm getting ready to bake some valentines cookies, and maybe some strawberry cupcakes. Just depends how i'm feeling and whats on tv icon_lol.gif

jammjenks Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:45am
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I'm just putting off things until tomorrow. I had 3 orders due today, 2 tomorrow (one is done), and 13 dozen cupcakes due Sunday for a corporate order.

Both my children had basketball games tomorrow, but it looks like they will be canceled because of snow. Actually, I'm kind of banking on it or else I'll really be booking it to get my orders done.

leah_s Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:48am
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North Carolina's getting snow?

jammjenks Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:51am
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Oh, man are we ever! We're only supposed to be getting 2-3 inches tonight. Last weekend we had 6" and the week before Christmas we got 7.5"

allkidzmom1 Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 3:52am
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Can I join in?

I am a newbie, I made the cake tonight and will decorate tomorrow for DH for Valentines. Still learning not sure of what I am going to do other than it will be red......

off to look at the photos to get some ideas.

leah_s Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:16am
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Welcome allkidz! Anyone and everyone who is up on Friday Night can join in. We're here every week.

However, this week is unbelievably sparse.

Seriously, everyone must be watching the Olympics. Well, I am anyway.

adventuregal Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:27am
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Valentines day preparations! Gotta love holidays...

MalibuBakinBarbie Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:29am
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Good evening, all! I just finished some Valentine cookies for DH. Although I prefer to hand-make (mold, whatever) my cookies, I saw a cookie press at William Sonoma recently and had to have it. Never used one before. I like how quick and easy they were to make, especially considering I decided just before 10pm that "Oh! I think I'd like to bake something!" icon_razz.gif The only trouble I had was getting the sanding sugar to stick to the cookies prior to baking. I'm wondering if I can use an egg wash? icon_rolleyes.gif Maybe I'll try it on a tray next time. icon_smile.gif

Mencked Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:30am
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Had 4 cakes all due today because my kiddo has stuff going on tomorrow so I'm just enjoying a nite off--sort of icon_smile.gif!

icer101 Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:31am
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i live in north carolina.. snowing right now.. just iced a chocolate cake. 10"x4"... chocolate buttercream dream.. with my DH help.. we will take it to her tomorrow.. LOVE THE SNOW!!!

MalibuBakinBarbie Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:39am
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I'm also trying to think of ideas for DH birthday cake. His birthday is next week, but he lives out-of-state and I'm not sure where he'll be. So if I can do anything, it will be last minute. icon_eek.gif I like to have things planned out as much as possible, but I realize it just doesn't always work out that way! icon_biggrin.gif

alene Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:51am
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Just finished my 2nd car cake. Have to admit, turned out a lot better than my 1st. Learned a lot of what not to do. Now I'm working on a Valentines cake.

kitty122000 Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 4:56am
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I'm doing a coach purse cake tonight for mt sister in law. I've never done one so this should be interesting!

leah_s Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:08am
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I'm fighting my icing. I knew I shouldn't mess with the recipe. grrrrrrr

LaBellaFlor Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:11am
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Must watch Olympics! Must watch "The Great One" lite the torch!

Texas_Rose Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:17am
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I'm not working on anything tonight. Actually, I haven't made a cake since November and I'm suffering from cake withdrawal icon_biggrin.gif I have made plenty of cupcakes and cookies though.

Tonight I should be making cookies for my mom for Valentine's day. Last night I made three cookie bouquets and four dozen decorated cookies for school stuff and I'm a little cookied out. I would have done my mom's bouquet with the rest but I ran out of butter because DH hears "Imperial margarine" when I say butter. So I kept asking him to get more butter when he went to the store and he kept bringing home margarine.

I made pina colada MMF and pineapple sugar cookies and they were pretty good.

this-mama-rocks Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:19am
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I'm working on sketches for a TT wedding cake and a gorilla groom's cake!

mamawrobin Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:28am
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Just finished a birthday cake for my son's friend. I have a birthday cake for an 11 year old girl tomorrow and a Valentines cake for church on Sunday.

patticakesnc Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:32am
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Working on a cake for Sunday. 3 10 inch rounds covered to look like a bucket with flowers and greenery.

Also working on the design for a cake that ESPN has contacted me to do for them. X fingers for me that I get this one...they are having a media event!

Mrs-A Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 5:38am
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hello all... yesterday i used the dough hook for the first time on my KA and make choc chip cookies - very yummy!

and tomorrow im going to try to make a yellow cake from bakerella http://www.bakerella.com/finally-i-found-it/

catlharper Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 6:25am
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Hi Everyone....first of all..LOL on the Gorilla Grooms Cake...LOL...

Had two dozen cuppies due today...was totally uninspired since they said they were just supposed to be "regular cupcakes with some pink and red sprinkles"...wanted to ask why they weren't getting them from the grocery when she piped up with "and yours are SOOOO amazing I just had to get them from you..." Ok, so what do you say to THAT? LOL! So I did them, delivered them and everyone just gushed....I just kept thinking, well, you should have seen what I originally had in mind if you think THESE are great! LOL!

V'day cake already baked and in freezer. Only one this year...slow year I guess. But this one will be fun with choco dipped strawberries, etc. Should turn out gorgeous. Nothing for tomorrow so I actually get a day off...unheard of, eh? LOL!

Have a great Valentines ya'll...I know you deserve it!


Ruth0209 Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 7:25am
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I just finished my very own birthday cake. I turned 55 on Tuesday and I'm throwing myself a big party tomorrow evening. I made an Italian Cream cake with cream cheese filling, covered with fondant. I tried out some Fondarific, and I must say I don't like it as much as Satin Ice. This is the first big, decorated cake I've made for myself.

tesso Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 7:27am
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good evening/morning. it is 2:30 am here. Tomorrow should be fun. I am going to try making patticakesnc banana pudding cake. I can barely wait. also making one of CC recipes for Mississippi mud cake, it is for DH.

He helped me make my first lava cakes last week...FROM SCRATCH!! They came out pretty good. Still needs a little work on bake time. I always have to tweek my cook time with my gas oven. if anyone knows how long to cook them in a gas oven the info would be greatly appreciated.

revel Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 7:51am
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Originally Posted by LaBellaFlor

Must watch Olympics! Must watch "The Great One" lite the torch!


Um no cakes this weekend a couple of cookie bouquets i'm putting off..

chelseak Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 8:28am
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Yeah, we watched the Olympics too....It was pretty cool but all I could see were $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ everywhere! Oh, how that money could have been spent.....but all in all it was pretty impressive and my friend said, "I look at the 4th pillar not coming up at the torch lighting as a good thing.....it shows that we're Canadian and we may not always be perfect but we're still really f-ing fantastic and are proud of who we are!!!!...."

As for cakes, I am waiting for a 9x13 chocolate mayo cake to harden up a bit in the fridge so I can trim the edges a bit and turn it into a Wonka Bar!

Charmaine49 Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 9:22am
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Hi there!!

Need some advice as to why my frosting on my aeroplane cake became wrinkled overnight..
When cake was complete yesterday, the frosting was smooth with no problems.
I have just uploaded the cake, so if I could get some answer as to why
this happened I would appreciate any comments for future cakes.

Relznik Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 10:19am
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I was up last night!! Not too bad, though... got to bed 1.40am.

Finished a cake to look like a set of teeth / dentures. It turned out OK, actually. Just going to photograph it now. icon_biggrin.gif

in2cakes2 Posted 13 Feb 2010 , 10:25am
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Hi all it is 4:30 am here and I'm working on a tea party 1st birthday cake. So far I am very happy with it guess we'll see how it turns out.

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