I've Been Accepted To Pastry School!!!!

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NYCGiGi Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 11:30pm
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I just want to shout it from the rooftop...I am so excited!

I received my acceptance letter today from Chicago's French Pastry School and will begin the L'Art du Gateau taught by Nicholas Lodge this August. I cannot wait!!!

I know there are some mixed feelings about school versus learning through classes, but I am a strong believer in having an education no matter what industry you are in so this was very important to me. And to be taught by Nicholas Lodge is such an exciting honor!

Chicago here I come!!!


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MJoycake Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 11:52pm
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Congratulations! How exciting for you!!!

I wish I could go to pastry school, but I'm settled with a family and there's not one close to us!


victoriacakery Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 11:55pm
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Congratulations!!! It sounds like a wonderful program. I was actually looking into it as well but with a job and family...I guess I will just enough making hobby cakes for friends and family. You'll do great !!! thumbs_up.gif

conb Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 11:55pm
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Congrats! icon_cool.gif

ayerim979 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 11:59pm
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Congrats !!!

You should be exited.

lanalei Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 12:03am
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Congradulations girlie girl!!!! way to go, take every second in, then you can let us know more on cake and pastry!!! I wish I could go too thumbs_up.gif

MissSassyBuns Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 12:08am
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That is SOOO exciting! I'm hoping to do the same in 1.5 years icon_smile.gif I'm looking at Le Cordon Bleu...maybe I should expand though! Congrats!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

crazyladybaker Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 12:14am
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Congrats! This is awesome! thumbs_up.gif

Lita829 Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 12:25am
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Congrats icon_smile.gif

costumeczar Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 12:55am
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Congratulations! Have fun and learn everything you can soak up!

kate6207 Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 1:04am
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Congratulations!!! That is very exciting! I am sure you will have a wonderful experience! I live in Chicago and wish I could go to that program, but it just isn't in the cards right now.

NYCGiGi Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 3:43am
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Thank you very much everyone for the nice wishes. I know its 8 months away, but for those who live in/near Chicago, I hope to meet you!

mrsc808 Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 3:54am
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Wow! Congratulations!!

anotherslice Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 4:04am
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Congratulations! That is awesome.

Chippi Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 4:18am
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Ruth0209 Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 4:21am
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AMAZING! Congratulations to you!

panchanewjersey Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 4:28am
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So happy for you, I wish I could say the same here. I just went yesterday to the Pastry School I wanted to join (so nice/new facility) and I needed too much money and of course my GED which I don't have. Boo hooooooo. I will work on that, because that's one of my dreams. Now that I think of that the school counselor said something interesting she said, " It doesn't matter how many degrees you have in the kitchen, it's all based on how much you know but HOW GOOD you are and what you know how to do that will get you into the right place to work." Interesting how she said that. Than maybe I don't need the degree just need to practice more. However I still want to go to school.

tesso Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 4:33am
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I am hoping to take the wilton sugar art class in august in Chicago. maybe we can meet up for some authentic chicago deep dish pizza!!! (yes that is my second goal while in chicago)

NYCGiGi Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 2:18pm
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Pancha - I am still trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for all of this...but I know that it is what I need to do, so sacrificing a meal here or there and definitely no new clothes is worth it to me. You'll find a way!


BakingMom74 Posted 29 Jan 2010 , 10:48pm
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Congrats!!!!! I know how excited you must be. I was very excited when I was accepted to school where I live. I have 5 more weeks to go. I am so excited and ready to be done. I know you will have lots of fun and learn lots just like I did. Best of Luck. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

sugarcheryl Posted 30 Jan 2010 , 3:44am
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Congratulations! It can be a great experience it was for me. Ask as many questions you can and be like a sponge. icon_biggrin.gif

JGMB Posted 30 Jan 2010 , 4:43am
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I'm very excited for you!!!! I live in the Chicago area, but I've never even seen the French Pastry School, let alone gone to it. LOL. I think that another CCer, BecuzImAGurl, is attending right now -- maybe you could pm her if you have questions.

adventuregal Posted 30 Jan 2010 , 7:17am
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thats awesome congrats! I applied and am having my phone interview next week icon_smile.gif I hope I get in-maybe I'll see ya there!

NYCGiGi Posted 3 Feb 2010 , 7:44pm
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sillysierra - let me know how things go. I'm originally from Portland, Oregon so we could represent the NW together! icon_smile.gif

timhenk Posted 4 Feb 2010 , 1:55am
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Have a great time! I graduated from FPS in June, 2007, and it was a great experience. You will have access to some of the best pastry chefs in the world (literally), so make sure you take advantage of all opportunities while there. PM me if you have an questions or anything!

kikibakes Posted 4 Feb 2010 , 3:15am
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Congrats!! Good luck! icon_smile.gif

JamiMae Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 9:34pm
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Hey! I'm going to the afternoon class in August at FPS! Facebook me and we can get in touch! I'd love to talk about CHicago!

Jami Mae English
Diamondhead, MS

Julie_S Posted 1 May 2010 , 1:01am
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This is just too exciting. To be accepted to a great school and if it is in a new city for you, then you have that too! I would love to learn with the masters as you will be doing.

auntbeesbaking Posted 1 May 2010 , 1:23am
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You go, girl! Maybe you could give us a few tidbits now and then or the exciting courses you're taking? Maybe even do a blog? Let us outsiders see what it's like? We're pulling for you! thumbs_up.gif

jerseygirlNga Posted 1 May 2010 , 1:37am
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Congrats are in order...I'm so jealous.

You will love learning from Nick. I am fortunate to have taken some of his classes and attend open houses at his Georgia studio. His talent and his ability to teach is extraordinary.

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