Venting But A Little Bit Insulted None The Less...

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HannahLass Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:32pm
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I don't sell my cakes, don't get me wrong I've sold 2 in the past yes illegal smite me now. This is a hobby. Something I do to keep myself occupied when I'm not in work or running around doing other stuff. I don't want it to be my job I'd probably hate it in a week if I did and there's a hell of a lot more pressure when someone is buying something not being gifted. My cakes are my presents I'm happy with that and my friends and family love the arrangement as well.

But I was a little insulted when a woman we shall call "sue" was looking at the pictures my Gran has of my cakes (she's proud lol) and said well I wouldn't pay more than £30 for that ($50-$60) it looks so home made. She was talking my pink baby block cake which I'm still happy with months after I made it for my friends daughters christening.

It wasn't the price thing that bothered me (much if I did sell them I'd like to think it was more but its a non issue) more the home made comment but she didn't mean it in a nice way. I sat on the sofa a little shocked, I just said well I don't sell cakes so you wont have to worry.

What do you say to a comment like that just damn rude where are peoples manners???? Urgh people I would never insult someone like that it's just mean. I HATE rude thoughtless people those and people who eat with their mouths open did their parents teach them nothing??!!?? oooh icon_eek.gif

ok I'm feeling a little better now lol. Oh I'm attaching the cake, well a picture of the cake I think it looks ok fair enough I had issues with it but I dont think you can tell.

Thanks for listening to my rant I'll go back to my cave now. Peace out hahahahahaha *shuffles away mumbling*

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dream Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:41pm
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Your cake is amazing and some people have to criticize others to make themselves feel more important. I think what she said was uncalled for.

chefbarbie0513 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:44pm
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Holy cow!!!! That cake is great! CRAZY lady. Dont worry about her. She wouldnt know a good homemade cake if one was given to her.

AngelaM Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:49pm
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That cake is GORGEOUS and that woman is a jacka$$.

Peridot Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:53pm
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That cake is just beautiful! To hell with her and her nasty comments. Dam right she is jealous - big time! The little baby and the bears are fantastic!

Lcubed82 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:55pm
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Nothing HOMEMADE looking about that cake!!! Some of the most wonderful things I have ever seen were made at someone's home!!! I always have hated that description.

costumeczar Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:55pm
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Ignore her, she's an idiot. Some people just can't bring themselves to compliment someone else, due to their massive egos.

If someone says something like that again, just tell them that's rude, and ask what they mean by it. Calling bullies out usually makes them shut up.

ShelleyMJ Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:56pm
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Well, where I come from 'homemade' is truly a gift. That woman who insulted you doesn't know what the heck she was saying.

You do beautiful work!

jodibug0975 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 3:57pm
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"well I wouldn't make you a cake if you paid me $1000"

That is a gorgeous cake! She is crazy!

artlover Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:01pm
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That lady is jealouse of you dont lisen to her.That is beautiful cake.

tiggy2 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:03pm
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What a little twit! That cake is stunning and she is full of [email protected] "Sue" would never have to worry about getting a cake from me.

tinygoose Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:05pm
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It irks me, first, when people tell me what they think my cakes will go for. Hey...I don't recall asking you? This lady was so out of line, I think the direct approach may have been good. A response like. "Wow! That's insulting! Boy I felt that one!" That would put her in a position to apologizes or back peddle.

still_learning Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:05pm
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That woman was insane! Your cake is clearly awesome - I love all the little details you added that make it extra special. I am also a hobby baker and only give away my cakes so I understand how the only real 'payment' you get are the compliments you receive on the cakes so this comment was just mean. I'm sure you got TONS of compliments on the cake and I just hope you remember all of those instead of that silly woman!!!

tinygoose Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:06pm
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By the way, your cake is beautiful. thumbs_up.gif

FierceConfections Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:06pm
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First off, you like Eddie Izzard, and that automatically makes you a stand-up chick.
Second of all, you are incredibly talented, and for some reason incredibly talented people attract haters like no one else.
It's jealously, plain and simple. You can choose to let it hurt you thumbsdown.gif , or you can choose to take it as a compliment thumbs_up.gif .

_Jamie_ Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:07pm
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Oh wow. I would smile sweetly and say "Oh dear, this design would go for no less than $xxx." Frigging twit.

littlecake Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:12pm
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that is a beautiful cake.....on par if not better than what you see on tv......people are idiots

some people who insult people have low self esteem,they put people down to make themselves feel better.

eatdessert1st Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:18pm
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homemade looking? icon_confused.gif Your cake is GORGEOUS!

Melanie Mc.

lapazlady Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:21pm
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WOW, the cake is darling. Make another!

kjskid Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:23pm
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It's beautiful, and when I tried to do my baby blocks, yours was one of the ones I tried to copy (and unfortunately did not reach that skill level!)

And as a sewing instructor once told me -- take the "homemade" crack as a compliment. Store bought things are mass produced, faulty, and never have the perfection that homemade things do.

Eisskween Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:23pm
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The cake is perfect and beautiful. I think it's jealousy. She obviously is. Just think, to do a cake like you did, you not only have to be a good baker, but a talented artist as well. My guess is she's neither.

Be proud of your cake, I would be. It's gorgeous and don't let anyone tell you differently.

cownsj Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:28pm
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One quick glance and I thought, jealous. Then I took more time to look it over more carefully, and now I thought REALLY JEALOUS! ! ! This cake is absolutely adorable. Yes, she had absolutely no manners at all. She was definitely trying to get your goat and upset you simply because she knows she doesn't stand a chance of making the cake you did.
Maybe a nice comeback would be, "good thing I'm not making cakes for you then."

brincess_b Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:30pm
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you ever watch scrubs? they do a lot of 'your face' jokes... (like 'oh yeah, well your face looks homemade' or 'it looks better than your face') this toatly calls for that! (a little imature, but satisfying, and most people dont have a comeback if they dont watch the show)

cownsj Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:33pm
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Originally Posted by FierceConfections

You can choose to let it hurt you thumbsdown.gif , or you can choose to take it as a compliment thumbs_up.gif .

I say: COMPLIMENT thumbs_up.gif

COMPLIMENT thumbs_up.gif

COMPLIMENT thumbs_up.gif

(btw, I'm chanting here)

Bluehue Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:34pm
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Next time anyone says anything like that to you just throw your head back - and with a laugh in your voice say right outloud -


That will soon shut the likes of all the *Sue's* out there up.

Some people are just bold and brassy - and ohhhhhhhhhh so tacky.

Your Baby Blocks are just stunning - and look like real little padded blocks...
Be very proud that you created something so devine and precious.


nellie0228 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:35pm
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"Sue's" comment was just rude and I would say she was jealous too! Your cake is beautiful!! A lot of people strive to be at your skill level. I know it is hard, try not to let it get you down. Looks like a "professional" cake to me.

pianocat Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:38pm
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The cake is very professional looking, and very beautiful. She must be jealous! Good job.

smb34 Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:46pm
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Your cake is perfection! She was smoking something otherwise she would never had said that.

HannahLass Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:47pm
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Everyone I bleeding love you! (best brit accent which should be quite good seeing as I am one but hey ho) Thank you for all jumping in here, I thought I'd just get a stop fishing for compliments you daft moo comment when I really am venting. Though I don't think I can lift my head up now its got tooo big icon_redface.gif hehehehe. Her comment completely threw me, and you all pick me up brush me off and shove me back out there readyt to fight. I always have something really good to say about 3 hrs after I needed the bloomin comment Gah. Thankyou all for giving me a boost and backing up that she was inexcusably rude. "Sue" is a posh B£$*& and I really shouldn't have listened to the nasty crow but that doubt creeps in then you get angry and I don't think anyone but a caker can understand how much of us there is in a cake. I bet she slurps her tea too. Again I love ya, thank you. Eddie Rocks "I like my coffee like I like my a plastic cup" heck of a sexy man and keeps me collased in fits the whole time.
Homemade to me means more, its someone taking time and thought to make something for you, when I use homemade it means good things. But call me sceptical annie but I don't think she was being nice.

Win Posted 28 Jan 2010 , 4:49pm
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My Mom always advised me to, "think before you speak." This person would have been well advised to have done so.

Your cake is awesome! It is well executed and very professional looking. I truly admire people who can pull off stuff like this. Yes, it is homemade --far better than any cake one would get from a grocery store. The person on the receiving end of this cake was given a gift truly made with love and from the heart and the careful execution of the piece reflects it.

Pay no heed to the thoughtless remark. It is obvious she hasn't a clue as to what she sees before her.

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