What Is A Good Cake Recipe For A Topsy Turvey Cake

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flowers40 Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 6:30am
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Does anyone have a good recipe that suites a topsy turvey cake best. I made one of these cakes and was unable to get my cake to hold up to the carving, therefore it fail apart several times. Never really got a stable cake. I know from purchasing the Video for Topsy Turvey cakes Sharon Zambito that it takes a dense cake, but I don't really have any great recipes. I thought a pound cake would be good. But was kind of looking for a more economical cake recipe. Thanks.

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Rainbow Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 7:20am
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THe Durable cake for 3D and wedding cakes on this site hold up well for carving topsy turvy cakes. It tastes great too!


brincess_b Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 9:41am
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i will either be using a maderia or a pound cake for the next one.

FullHouse Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 2:03pm
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The WASC on this site will hold, just add melted and cooled chocolate (or white choc) to the batter and make sure it is chilled REALLY well before carving and again before covering with fondant - ask me how I know. Pound cake would be even sturdier though it is more expensive. I LOVE the Whimsical Bakehouse Chocolate Chip Pound Cake recipe, dense, moist, delicious.

CakestyleIN Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 5:23pm
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Hi! Could someone tell me how you figure out how many servings for a topsy turvy cake? Like in the how to article, if it's a 6-7-8, 8-9-10, 10-11-12 sized tiers, how do u figure the number of servings?

tastyart Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 5:41pm
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I use the wasc for almost all of my cakes including the carved 3D ones. The lizard and my tiered cakes in my photos are all wasc. I also didn't chill them before carving or covering in fondant. I don't have that kind of refrigerator space.

FullHouse Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 7:44pm
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I had major problems with the tapered sides of a Topsy Turvy sagging once covered in fondant. I used WASC cakes at room temp. It was so bad that I was relieved I had been making it to learn how to do a TT and didn't need to serve it to anyone other than my DH & kids. I've since discovered that problem is solved if the cakes are nice and cold. Just my personal experience. Tastyart, I'd love to know if there is a trick to prevent this from happening to room temp carved cakes.

tastyart Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 8:06pm
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I don't know if there is a trick. My only guess is that i bake a little longer. I'd read all the stuff about refrigerating for carved cakes. I decided to it without chilling since I didn't have the space in my fridge and it worked. I'm sorry, I don't suppose that is much help. I guess that humidity might have something to do with it. I live in a pretty dry climate.

icer101 Posted 21 Jan 2010 , 8:25pm
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in my topsy turvy cake dvd from sharon... she has the recipe that she uses.. did yours not come with it.. if not.. do you need me to post it.. or p/m you with it ..don,t mind at all.

flowers40 Posted 22 Jan 2010 , 6:57am
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No my Topsey Turvey DVD didn't come with the recipe, I ordered it from GSA, but no recipe. If you would PM me or post it, this would be great and extremely appreciated. Thank you to all who responded, this is great help. I will try the recipes you guys suggested. Thanks

Bella-cakes Posted 31 Jan 2010 , 5:48pm
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Originally Posted by icer101

in my topsy turvy cake dvd from sharon... she has the recipe that she uses.. did yours not come with it.. if not.. do you need me to post it.. or p/m you with it ..don,t mind at all.

Hi would you mind pm me with the recipe too. Please!!!! I've been wanted to try a tt cake...Thanks icon_biggrin.gif

MARTIEQZ Posted 2 Feb 2010 , 7:43pm
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So is there any way to "firm up" a cake if they want a diff flavor?

brincess_b Posted 2 Feb 2010 , 8:55pm
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MARTIEQZ - you can just make the variations of a good recipe - maderia and pound cake can easily become chocolate, coffee, lemon, or orange.

or if you buy flavouring oils you can do the more different ones like bubblegum or whatever (there are lots out there, i just forgot all of them).

if they want a very specific cake, i think then you need to use your knowledge and say 'no, it cant be done safely, to give you the cake you want. how about this alternative?' one alternative may be dummy cakes, with cutting cakes in the flavours they want (more work = higher charge of course).

nikit2680 Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 5:45pm
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what is wasc ? and could someone pm a good recipe, i have a tpsey urvey to do and a 2 tierd one to do in the next 3 weeks plz

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