Your Most Unforgettable Pita?

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three_sets_of_twins Posted 9 Jan 2010 , 6:27pm
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I was just wondering, since I've had quite a few myself, if anyone would like to share their most unforgetable PITA customer. That one jaw dropping PITA story.

Mine would have to be the PITA who kept showing up at my house unannounced and insisting that I let her in and got upset when I said no. She was supposed to drop off her dish she wanted me to make her cupcakebouquet in at a certian time, then never showed. Showed up a few days later. I live in an apartment, and she had actually knocked on every door telling my neighbors she wanted "The american lady that does the cakes".

After someone told her which apt was mine (grrr) I told her she cant just come unannounced. needless to say I had cookies, juice, toys, all over the place (not what you want the customer to see) and that it's just plain rude.

When it was time for her to pick up her order, she did the same thing, AGAIN. She told me on the phone she didnt know what time she would be able to pick it up but she would call and let me know. Well hours go by ( I didnt mind that day since Ihad no plans) and AGAIN there she is at my front door after i distinctly told her she was not to show up likw that unannounced. I gave her her order, (which she critiqued every detail on my stoop) and told her that my husband was home and she is disturbing our quiet time by stopping by like this and to stop doing iot.

To my shock, a few days later, she is at my door AGAIN. wanting to make an order. (why not call me?!) I'm sorry but I just let her stand there and knock till she got started knocking ANGRILY. I opened up my window and yelled WHAT DO YOU WANT? " I want to make an order!" Are you crazy?? do you have no respect?? What idd I tell you TWICE already?? I am NOT taking any more orders from YOU! Then she tells me how she is going to tell all her friends to never order from me. I said go right ahead and slammed the window shut.

ugh. Anyone else liek to share?

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three_sets_of_twins Posted 9 Jan 2010 , 6:31pm
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just to add: my other caker friend who lives here says she gets this a lot too, the customer wants to see how "clean" you are and stops by unannounced or tries to find any reason to get into your house. My friend told me of her friend, who let the customer into the house cos she said she wanted to "meet her and say hi" and that she went into her kitchen and inspected everything from the sponges you wash the dishes with to the oven to opening the fridge and cupboards. Oh hell no that woman would have been dead in my kitchen.

Kiddiekakes Posted 9 Jan 2010 , 6:40pm
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Weirdos...Haven't had anything like that except a few hard to please customers.I know you are overseas Twins..Is that a cultural thing there?

Deb_ Posted 9 Jan 2010 , 6:49pm
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LOL Wow talk about persistence huh? icon_lol.gif

My PITA that comes to mind was actually a MOB who came along with her daughter for the tasting.

The poor bride couldn't get a word in the conversation. Her mom was deciding the shape, flavors, colors etc., until finally I asked them "who is signing the contract?" When the bride told me that she was signing and paying for the cake I then turned all my attention to her and ignored her mother.

We signed the contract, I took the deposit and regretted it before the ink was dry.

That woman tried to make my life miserable for months. She phoned almost daily and filled my voice-mail with messages. She was trying to change the flavors of the tiers because she "knew her family and friends wouldn't eat what her daughter chose".

It was a nightmare, but I handled it by ignoring her. I never returned any of her messages or e-mails. I promised the bride that I would make the cake to HER specifications and I did.

I have to say I run into this sort of thing a LOT. I don't mind a bride and groom bringing their mom with them, but if they're not paying then why do they need to be there?

I think some parents forget that it's not their wedding, it's their child's day.

I HOPE I don't turn into this kind of MOB/MOG

mrspriss0912 Posted 9 Jan 2010 , 7:03pm
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So I made this cake as a favor to my landlord. meaning at no charge to him or his family because they had been so good to us in the past. Well I agreed to do the cake for about 250 people. MOB got my phone number and began calling me everyday asking if I was making enough cake, how much grooms cake ect....
I had sat down with the bride and groom we had worked everything out but MOb wasnt their and I think that is why she was so obnixious because a decision had been made with out her. The cake ended up not even being cut to serve they had asked me to make 4 lg sheet cakes because MOB was sure I want going to make enough. Lets see 4 lg sheet cakes a 4 tier bridal cake, 2 tier grooms cake, and 5 doz tuxedo strawberries . Needless to say everybody took cake home that day What really p!**#d me is that when I caculated what they would have pd a bakery the cost was 700.00 ! icon_mad.gif And she still didnt think she had enough cake icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif . Anywho bride and groom where happy, Landlord was happy and i got a marriage proposal from the photographer icon_lol.gif "he really liked the cake" I did get a 200.00 gift card and many thanks from the grooms family . Like I said I did it as a thank you gesture to a very kind couple it was just the MIL that I could have chocked .

indydebi Posted 9 Jan 2010 , 7:09pm
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Mine was also a MOB.

Bride was wonderful!!! Father-of-bride and step-mom paid for reception. Groom's mom came along and paid for the increase in headcount.

After the wedding bio-mom called to complain because we ran out of meatballs. REception was at 7:30 and they did appetizers ONLY with added meatballs so naturally everyone ate like pigs! It was the ONLY thing we ran out of, even tho' they ordered food for 125 and we served 170. icon_eek.gif

Anyway, at this point I have no idea it's a stepfamily deal and I'm thinking I'm dealing with the mom who wrote the check. I've never met or heard of bio-mom and here she is wanting money back!! SHE'S NOT ONE WHO GAVE ME A DIME!!!

The only way I found out is that step-mom sent me an email that said, "I understand you've had some interesting conversations's with (FOB)'s ex. We are so sorry. (The bride) would be devistated if she knew you were talked to that way. We know you went above and beyond for us and we are recommending you to everyone."

I never heard another word from the bio-mom (who, by the way, never got a refund check from me!)

adonisthegreek1 Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 2:07am
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Originally Posted by mrspriss0912

...i got a marriage proposal from the photographer icon_lol.gif "he really liked the cake" ...

So did the photographer become your future husband?

costumeczar Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 2:42am
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Mine was a weirdo tag team who wasn't even a client. She came to a tasting appointment and sat outside in her car, didn't come to the door at the time of her appointment, then left. I thought she was a no-show, didn't even know that she had been there.

So two days later I get an email from her mother, who I'd never even met, telling me how unprofessional I was for ignoring her daughter and making her sit in her car. I emailed back that she hadn't shown up, and that maybe she had been at the wrong place? The daughter then emailed me and told me that she had been there, and she was pretty enraged that I hadn't come out to her car to escort her in, and that I was totally unprofessional and that she was going to spread the word about me to everyone. icon_confused.gif I found out from some other vendors later that she was a little "bizarre" with them, too. Weird...

costumeczar Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 2:46am
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I also had a girl who cancelled her wedding and eloped because her mother had been following around after every vendor appointment that she had, and had been changing everything. She had changed the flowers and the rentals, and the only way the bride found out was when the custom dressmaker called to confirm the changes her mother had ordered on the custom wedding gown! I can't believe that none of the other vendors had called to confirm the changes, but this girl just said "forget it" and eloped. Her mother wasn't invited.

Deb_ Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 2:52am
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Come on Kara, you mean you don't roll out the red carpet to their car and play the wedding march while they walk into your house? icon_lol.gif

That second story is just a big icon_eek.gif Smart bride!

costumeczar Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 2:54am
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Originally Posted by dkelly

Come on Kara, you mean you don't roll out the red carpet to their car and play the wedding march while they walk into your house? icon_lol.gif

Hee, hee! Yeah, that was a little strange...

Mensch Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 2:58am
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I have too many of these stories to mention.

It seems, on some days, that most of my customers are special needs.

Deb_ Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 3:10am
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I'm a firm believer that the full moon effects people's behavior too!

One of my older sisters is a Psych Nurse and works in a Psychiatric hospital. She says she looks on the calendar to see when the next full moon is and hopes it falls on her day off.

Adevag Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 3:29am
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Originally Posted by dkelly

I'm a firm believer that the full moon effects people's behavior too!

One of my older sisters is a Psych Nurse and works in a Psychiatric hospital. She says she looks on the calendar to see when the next full moon is and hopes it falls on her day off.

That's funny! My cousin is a midwife working in a hospital. She told me that they always prepare for lots of babies when it's full moon.

three_sets_of_twins Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 5:03am
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Wow! Some pretty interesteting stories on here. And yeah mensch I think you'd take #1 place in wierdest customers category. I'd be right behind ya though with a quick 2nd place.
I stopped taking orders a couple weeks ago (packing to come back to US for a year) and you wont believe how many people call me and YELL at me and hang up on me for not taking their orders. BUT I WANTED YOU TO DO MY WEDDING! BUT I WAS PLANNING ON YOU TO DO MY BABY SHOWER NOW WHAT TO DO IDO?? UGH!!! click.
I stopped answering the phone!

mrspriss0912 Posted 10 Jan 2010 , 3:55pm
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Nope I am already married but it made me feel really good that day icon_biggrin.gif

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