California Help Needed With Supplies.... How Do They Find???

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JenniferMI Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 12:25am
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Hi sugar friends!

I have a customer here in CA from Dubai and they are wondering where they can find the following:

Are you aware of any shops here in the LA area where my wife can buy cake decorating supplies like Massa Grishuna Rolled Fondant? Also the high ratio shortening that she keeps reading about? She wants to try them.

If you can help, we would appreciate it so much -

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Christina222 Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 12:48am
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In the San Fernando Valley there is a store called Kake Kreations on Sherman Way and Topanga Cyn. Blvd. They sell hi-ratio. That's where I get mine. I don't think they have that brand fondant, as I have only seen Satin Ice there. Los Angeles is a big area and if they are on the other side of the mountain that may be a bit of a drive but I hope it helps =)

kickasscakes Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 1:14am
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My gal pal tells me that the Safeway brand of shortening, is HIGH RATIO!!

JanH Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 5:49am
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Originally Posted by snowbuns

My gal pal tells me that the Safeway brand of shortening, is HIGH RATIO!!

I don't mean any disrespect to your gal pals, but they might be mistaking a shortening that still contains transfat with one that's hi-ratio.

A hi-ratio cake and icing shortening will boldly announce that somewhere on the label as it's not your standard grocery store shortening which can be used for anything from pie crusts to frying chicken. Also the price would be significantly higher than regular grocery store brands of shortening...

Plus, I've never seen a manufacturer produce anything less than 50# cubes of hi-ratio (Sweetex/Alpine) intended for wholesale market. (Although many cake decorating stores repackage the product to sell retail.)


kickasscakes Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 6:41am
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Thanks Jan, for the info! Can you tell me what Hi ratio shortening is then, if it is not shortening with trans fat. I am still new at all the high ratio knowings icon_smile.gif

Rocketgirl899 Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 7:08am
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Wish I could help, I am new to Northern CA and looking for a good supply house too.

I feel like Castle Bakery and Supplies might have Hi Ratio.....?

Good luck!

JanH Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 7:16am
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Hi-ratio shortening does have transfat, but it also has way more emulsifiers than regular all purpose shortening which changes the performance characteristics. (For example, hi-ratio can absorb more liquid than AP shortening without breaking down.)

Here's a thread that has much more info on hi-ratio and some nice recipes:


kickasscakes Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 2:50pm
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thanks JanH, you rock the party!

JenniferMI Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 2:30am
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If anyone knows of any other suppliers, please speak up. All comments are appreciated.

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Rocketgirl899 Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 4:58am
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I am from Sacramento... LA is 6 hours away....

fondantsource . com

ships everywhere....

JenniferMI Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 2:15pm
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Thanks Rocketgirl! I will tell them that....

Keep the suggestions coming please.

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CakesbyGeorge Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 3:11pm
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When I was living in Los Angeles I purchased a lot of my cake decorating supplies at ANGELS CAKE DECORATING in Bellflower. They packaged Sweetex in either 3 or 5 lb packages if I remember correctly. They are located on Bellflower Blvd.

JenniferMI Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 3:24pm
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I will pass this along to them George, thank you.

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sweetflowers Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 4:15pm
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There's ABC Cake shop in Orange County/Anaheim. And A& J Cake shop in Glendora off route 66. The other is Sweet Merchantile in Rancho Cucuomunga (I know I didn't spell that right). These are all about 20 minutes or so from downtown LA depending on the traffic. There are probably more, but that's a start.

JenniferMI Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 6:44pm
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Thanks sweetflowers! I am passing all the posts along to them.

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AngelFood4 Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 7:47pm
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South of LA...
Pila's Pantry in Norco ( - I get my Hi Ratio Shortening and Cake Flour there. She also sells Fondx.

ABC Cakes in Orange (

Orange Novelty Cakes in Santa Ana(

Good luck!

JenniferMI Posted 23 Dec 2009 , 11:08pm
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Thanks Angelfood!

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