Does This One Sound Funny To You???seems Like A Scam

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korkyo Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:25pm
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I'm not so sure about this one. It looks to me like a slighty more savy scammer. The city and job info is correct for our area but the rest is weird.

Hello, How are you doing? Thriving!!!
My name is deborah smith , from Enfield in middlesex UK (England ). I will be coming to olathe kansas after my shopping trip with my Husband Michael Green who's French by nature to start his new work with the Coca-cola Co. in olathe kansas . And just before then we will be getting married on the 13th of feburary, 2010. We need a good wedding planner to take care of our wedding both reception and ceremony. We require the best for the best memories for we & our children in future and as a matter of fact we have budgeted 45000$ for this special event.
Also, the ceremony and reception event will be taking place in a location and we are expecting at most 50 guests on the day of our occassion because most of our families in Europe and in the United Kingdom will be present for the occassion.
Also, we would like you to know the reception and ceremony will be taking place @ 1 location which the ceremony event would be in a garden location or outdoor while the reception takes place indoors, we are still about to make reservation though but we are making progress with that.

Please let us know if you're able to help.


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Mensch Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:29pm
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definately hinky.

write her back, but be really careful.

indydebi Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:32pm
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$45,000 for 50 people? icon_confused.gif That red flags it for me, but it "could" be legit. It seems a little more sophisticated that the "happy married life" thing but still gives me a funny feeling of doubt. If you pursue, I'd also advise "proceed with caution".

rosiecast Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:35pm
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I think is a scam. Too many explanations- what do you care that her husband's french by nature?

Mensch Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:38pm
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French by nature? WTF?

I can be mean by nature. I can be nice by nature. I can be a wuss by nature. But I sure as heck can't be [insert nationality] by nature.

tiggy2 Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:38pm
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Ceremony in a "Garden Location" in KS in February????? I'm originally from KS and it's damn cold in February! Run fast and far from this one.

juleebug Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:39pm
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The grammar seems rather odd for someone from England. More like translation software than someone who should be fluent in the language.

PieceofCakeAZ Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:41pm
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Total scam! A real bride would have only said: "how much are your cakes?". icon_biggrin.gif

If she had said "My husband is Naughty By Nature, not cause I hate ya"... I totally would have replied back though.

Kitagrl Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:46pm
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Yeahhhhh I would be careful. Maybe write back to give her a chance but it sounds awful fishy.

I did have a cake order from Ethiopia this summer and it was legit...but you HAVE to be totally careful....and any emails you receive back will tell you how legit this is.

The grammar does sound funny....people from the UK write pretty much like we do (see this board!) except a few different words here and there.

just_for_fun Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 9:57pm
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And like you would care that he'll be working for the Coca Cola co? I always say, a liar tries to exlpain way too much, so if there's a little too much info, they like to talk alot. but alot too much info, it's usually a scam. Don't know for sure, but I wouldn't like the sound of this one.

janeoxo Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 10:02pm
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Ok no disrespect to any of my American cousins who have answered here but I am the first Brit to reply. The person has given a name that is typically British with no other ethnicity thrown in at all, and I am telling you now the grammar used is most definitely not from anyone born in this Country. It is a scam! Avoid it like the plague.

Best Regards

Larkin121 Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 10:06pm
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My SIL is starting out as a wedding planner. Her first "job" came from a craigslist response to her ad. It was a "couple from England" who had a $100k budget. She spent a lot of time talking with them via email about their desires and finally on the last email, they asked for her to do this whole illegal money transfering thing. HUGE scam. She was so disappointed and she had put a lot of time into it.

This sounds almost identical.

Bonnie151 Posted 16 Dec 2009 , 10:42pm
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Definitely a scam. I know people over here who have had the same email but in reverse (i.e. couple coming from the States to the UK)!

LaBellaFlor Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 12:13am
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Originally Posted by juleebug

The grammar seems rather odd for someone from England. More like translation software than someone who should be fluent in the language.

I was thinking the eaxct same thing. If they're from England, how is their grammer so bad?!

browniebatterer Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 12:21am
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Anytime the language is extremely bizarre like that, just delete it. ("Hello, How are you doing? Thriving!!!) A lot of these people are from Nigeria. One time I played along with one to see what would happen, and in two days they sent me over two different credit card numbers with two different names attached. Basically they want you to charge, say, $2000 on to the card, and then they will want you to fed ex $1200 or something back for shipping via Western Union.

It's better for you to be cautious and just completely ignore emails with language like this than to lose money. Another key phrase for them is to end the email with "god Bless!"

costumeczar Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 12:52am
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The "French by Nature" cracked me up. Definitely a scam.

korkyo Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 4:12am
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I don't think I'm even going to reply. Just sound fishy. If they are real they can find my phone number online and call me. icon_smile.gif

korkyo Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 4:12am
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Thanks for all the feed back too !!!

sugarjones Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 4:44am
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Originally Posted by PieceofCakeAZ

If she had said "My husband is Naughty By Nature, not cause I hate ya"... I totally would have replied back though.

OMG!! I burst out laughing when I saw that!! Hilarious!

sweetcakes Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 5:26am
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totally a scam, If she's English she wouldn't have any problem with her grammer. Plus it pretty hard to get married in America if just one of you is a foreign national let alone the pair of them. Lots of paper work and red tape. just delete it.

juleebug Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 5:52am
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sugarjones - completely off topic but I LOVE your avavtar!

Mensch Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 5:53am
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Me too. It's Bumble.

leah_s Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 2:01pm
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Geez, yes that's a scam.

TexasSugar Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 2:49pm
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I skimmed the letter but my thought is why would you wait to get married in a different country? Why wouldn't you get married where you are from, where your family and friends are?

cakedout Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 3:43pm
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I can't believe that anyone still even has to question whether this is a scam or not!!! icon_confused.gif

We get several of these types of e-mails a week-sometimes a day!! And this scenerio plays out in any and all business fields. I just saw on a wedding planner board that there is one targeted for them. And just recently my son's roommate (new to the country) almost got scammed by someone who answered his craigslist add for another roommate wanted!

Anytime you receive any type of e-mail like this - DELETE it !!!!

sugarjones Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 3:44pm
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Originally Posted by juleebug

sugarjones - completely off topic but I LOVE your avavtar!

Thanks! He cracks me up! icon_smile.gif

ccr03 Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 4:53pm
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The kicker for me was that there is no Coca-Cola in Olathe, KS. It's distribution center/offices are in Overland Park - right off of I-35S.

Second, why would she email a cake person instead of a wedding planner??

cylstrial Posted 17 Dec 2009 , 8:35pm
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Probably a scam!

-Tubbs Posted 18 Dec 2009 , 4:51pm
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I'm a Brit. No Brit talks like that, unless they come by way of Nigeria. Scam.

cib Posted 19 Dec 2009 , 4:45am
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Yup def a scam. I got one of these a few weeks ago. Dude was looking for a wedding planner, I'm a cake decorator. Duh, but same stuff. I wrote him back with a few choice expletives and told him where to go.

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