What Would You Charge For This Cake...having Issues....

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Saharan1965 Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:24am
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This cake is MMF and its 8 inches tall and 10 inches round. Its a chocolate and cream cheese 4 layer scratch pound cake. My customer is throwing a fit about the price but I actually priced it lower than my regular price. What would you charge for this cake? What do you normally charge for MMF pound cakes like this?



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LaBellaFlor Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:28am
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I'll tell you how I wouldn't price it, off my customers attitude!!! If she doesn't want pay your prices then I guess she isn't ordering the cake. Never let clients determine your pricing, period. If your going to, you might as well just ask them up front what do they want to pay.

LaBellaFlor Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:31am
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And for the record cakes are sold by the serving & design, not the size. An 8 & 10 inch = 62 servings x fondant starting price of $4 = $248.

Lcubed82 Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:32am
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Is the cake already done, without an agreed-upon price? It is a wonderful cake, but I don't know anything about pricing. Sorry!

catlharper Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:35am
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Honestly, this isn't a "plain" MMF cake so it would be charged at my $5 per serving price...62 servings x $5 = 310.00. That is one TALL cake and that would make it a challenge to get the fondant perfect...add the embellishments and you have a lot of work. Don't sell yourself short!

LaBellaFlor Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:39am
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10x8" tall. Misread. = 76 servings x $5.50= $418.

aundrea Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:49am
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what did you charge her? and why did you lower your price? i dont understand why she is upset. the cake is excellent and very clean looking.
you did a great job!

Saharan1965 Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:53am
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Thanks for your advice. We agreed upon a price before I started the cake...but the cake is finished now and shes complaining about the price. I made a cake just like this one a couple weeks ago for the same lady but she split the cost with her friend....I think shes just not liking having to pay for it by herself. I told her if she wanted a cheap cake to go to Walmart they had plenty. lol These people have to realize what they are getting for their money. There is a reason why she came to me in the first place and not her local big box grocer.....

LaBellaFlor Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:57am
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Okay, so my next question is, pleasae tell me you took down a 50% deposit. Please, please, please tell me you did and that you will be seeing the balance BEFORE you fork over that cake. DO NOT give her that cake without getting cash. Thats right, CASH! You have got to be safe. And if she has a problem with paying cash, tell her no cake, cause you no longer feel comfortable. Seriously.

Saharan1965 Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 5:58am
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I charged her 3.00/serving because she orders cakes from me on a monthly basis for her business. This is the 4th one Ive made for her since Thanksgiving. Shes usually a pretty good customer.

LaBellaFlor Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 6:00am
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icon_surprised.gif $3. wow. Remember it only takes that one time and business is business. You can order one a week, you still need to give me a deposit.

Saharan1965 Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 6:05am
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Shes already paid me for it. Im delivering it in the morning. I think her daughter is actually the one that is complaining about the price. The cake is for her party. The first cake I made for them I used a box mix and wilton buttercream because she was being cheap. But the daughter had not so nice things to say about it after it was done. The cake looked great but it was betty crocker and she "had better cake".......what do you expect from a box though....you get what you pay for....so now I use my scratch recipes and charge them for it. It they want a great tasting "designer" cake they have to fork out the cash....bottomline

aundrea Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 6:06am
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$3.00/serving? is how much for the cake??sorry my mind is on brain freeze and i cant do the math. and how much of a discount was that?
i can understand why you would give a alittle break - espcially since she has ordered 4 since thanksgiving. hopefully she left you a deposit and pays the balance. i wouldnt budge on your price. you deserve full price for that cake! dont sell yourself short.
good luck

LaBellaFlor Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 6:12am
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I agree with you on the box cake. I bake from scratch. If they want a mix they can get that from a grocery store. They want something more, then they pay. icon_biggrin.gif

catlharper Posted 12 Dec 2009 , 4:33pm
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Scratch or box, doesn't matter...you paid for the ingrediants, and you spent hours decorating (and the whole cake artist type cake thing is what she pays for, not just the cake...50% cake 50% artistry). If she was interested in the taste of the cake (and many prefer box cake to scratch cake) then she would have gone to walmart and not paid for the artistry. What she wanted was a Cake Artist at Walmart prices. I was scared you had undercharged yourself but I can understand the discount for a regular client...too deep of a discount in my opinion but still I can understand it. Don't let cheap clients make you feel cheap. You used the ingrediants SHE requested and gave her a magnificant cake...don't let her cheapen that for you.

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