Is Highligter Dust Safe To Put On Cakes??????? So Confused

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aundron Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 2:43pm
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Okay, so, I was working on a quarter cake last night and had planned on airbrushing the cake with silver color made for the airbrush. Well, the stupid thing kept getting clogged!! icon_sad.gif (need to get a better one) Because I ran out of white fondant; I had to use another color, so I needed a good silver to cover the cake. I mixed silver highlighter dust with Nu Silver luster dust. On highlighter container, it says non-edible, but I've heard they have to put that on there whenever something is metallic.

Is this safe or should I just do the cake over?? (it's due today, but can be delivered in the morning)


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aundron Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 2:54pm
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Anybody?? Help, please!! icon_cry.gif

DianeLM Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 3:07pm
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My customers eat highlighter dust all the time. icon_smile.gif Look at the chalice in my photos. Completely covered.

It's not the most wholesome thing one can ingest (and cake is? icon_wink.gif ). I instruct my customers to give really young children an inside piece so they don't get so much dust.

CakeMommyTX Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 3:13pm
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I asked the lady at my local cake supply/bakery and she says they use it all the time for accents and such, they just don't suggest one person eat the entire jar by themselves.
I'm still wary about it but I have used it to paint small areas and accents, if I need to to cover a large area (like my Tin man) I use another silver .

aundron Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 3:22pm
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I covered the whole cake with a mixture of the highlighter dust and the luster dust, so, I was a little concerned. I have heard that in Europe that they do eat it.

Also, this cake is for an adult party, no kids.

Thanks guys, you are making me feel a little better about this. icon_smile.gif

Diane, on your Chalice, did you only use gold luster dust or only gold Highlighter dust??

DianeLM Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 3:45pm
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Diane, on your Chalice, did you only use gold luster dust or only gold Highlighter dust??

Only gold highlighter. Mixed with everclear and airbrushed on.

kakeladi Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 5:33pm
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I put those dusts in the same catagory as dragees.
They were on the market for years and years before one person decided they were UNsafe and pushed thru laws banning their sale icon_sad.gif

aundron Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 7:01pm
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Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and deliver the cake.

Oh, and when I'm working with dragees; I ALWAYS eat them!! icon_lol.gif

TexasSugar Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 8:04pm
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Most of the dusts will tell you that it is Non-toxic, which means that is shouldn't hurt you but really isn't made to be eaten (think Elmer's glue). If it says non-edible, then I would take that as it, it is not edible and shouldn't be out on items that will be eaten.

I have and will use the non-toxic luster dusts with my airbrush on cakes. I don't even buy the non-edible ones.

Wilton's pearl dust and Crystal colors are both FDA approved, which means they are perfectly safe (and meant for eating) to use on cakes. icon_smile.gif

aundron Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 9:22pm
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Well, I think I'm just gonna tell her to peel the fondant off before they eat it, just to be on the safe side.

BlakesCakes Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 9:40pm
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Highlighter dusts, gold & silver, are for decoration only. The makers go to great lengths to distinguish it from gold & silver luster dusts (non-toxic) which do not have disclaimers on the pots about being for decoration only.

Because there are actually edible, food grade silver & gold dusts out there (Crystal Colors Pearl series), I no longer use Highlighter dusts on anything. This eliminates the issue all together.

The cake below was painted completely with Crystal Colors Silver mixed with Everclear.

I think the idea of telling the client to peel off the fondant colored with highlighter dust is the professional thing to do.


aundron Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 9:59pm
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BlakesCakes; normally, I would have just used the NuSilver Luster Dust, but because I used a fondant with a dark color and my stupid airbrush machine kept clogging icon_cry.gif , I used a mixture of the highlighter and luster dust.

Because I'm getting both sides (eat it, don't eat it); I'm just gonna tell them to peel it off.

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