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Kandy4283 Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 11:26pm
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I have a mini mouse cake for saturday and need to figure out the sizes i am actually going to need????!!!!!! HELP!! She states that it is going to be for 20-25 people and i am making one big round in the center for the head and two small rounds for the ears....but exactly what sizes do you guys think that i need? Also, if i make a smaller round, should or can i stack them to make it look better or just make bigger rounds at one layer??? I need some feedback asap please!!!

TIA!!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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JanH Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 11:49pm
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It seems you're doing a Minnie Mouse (head) cake...

Here's a photo from the gallery (with info on sizes used):


Kandy4283 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 10:46pm
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thanks so much! this is actually the one that i saved and am going off of! thanks for the help again!

Kandy4283 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 10:51pm
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one more quick question....she is now wanting a filling in this and i have never done a filling....

she wants raspberry filling in the white (head) and fudge in the chocolate (ears), how would i do this? Do i just get a raspberry pie filling or do i make a filling thats thicker? And the for the fudge, how exactly should i do this? I need some crazy help!!!!!i got myself into something that i am not sure i can pull off??!!!! oh no!!!! i have seen some cakes that have gone bad with fillings, so if there are any ideas on these fillings that i am doing or even how to that would be awesome!!!!!


korensmommy Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 11:05pm
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Quick & tasty raspberry filling: mix seedless raspberry preserves w/buttercream.
For the fudge, you can see if she would like chocolate buttercream. Just mix some cocoa powder into your regular buttercream.

Kandy4283 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 11:25pm
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they are not much of frosting eaters, that is why she is wanting raspberry filling, any ideas on that? and she states that she wants actual that possible or will it be a whole lotta mess???

Bossy Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 11:31pm
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I've used fudge icecream toping added to my butter cream. It makes a fudgy type frosting. The most fudge like frosting I have ever had is the frosting used on mud cake. It's made with choclate chips, butter and marshmellows, but is poured on cake warm and would run down the sides unless you have a stiff frosting edge to hold it!

springlakecake Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 11:52pm
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I have a raspberry filling recipe listed on this site in the recipe section

KrissieCakes Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 11:54pm
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Here is a recipe for chocolate fudge buttercream. I just add more of the ice cream fudge topping to the recipe to make it even fudgier (if that's a word!)

Also, here is a recipe for raspberry filling that I tried today - it is unbelievably delicious!!! You do have to make a thick buttercream dam around the edge of your cake because it isn't that thick of a filling. It would slide right out without the dam.

Kandy4283 Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 12:42am
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Thanks so much guys! What would I do without all of ya!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

letsgetcaking Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 12:51am
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Here is a link to another thread that discussed different raspberry fillings.

I tried the suggestion by ddaigle:


Take a small jar of seedless raspberry jam....nuke it for one minute and pour into a bowl. Add 1 box of raspberry jello right out of the box. Stir until all the powdered jello is dissolve and put back in the frig. Don't know how it works....but it will not be gritty. I usually do this a day in advance so it will set back up. I do this with strawberry also. I like this because I can always store jam & jello in my pantry.

I ended up using Polaner seedless raspberry jam mixed with the jello. I took it out of the jar, though, and heated it in a bowl (just to be safe and to give myself more stirring room). It turned out great! I didn't have any soaking problems and it was delicious! Don't forget to put an icing dam around the edges of the cake layer before you add the filling. Here's a picture of the raspberry filling I made with this recipe and the icing dam:

springlakecake Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 1:35pm
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For a fugde filling I would see if you can talk her into ganache. JNot exacly fudge, but chocolate-y. Just tell her it is a truffle filling. Super easy...about equal parts heavy cream to good semi sweet or bittersweet choco chips. Heat the the cream just until it comes to a boil ( you can also add a few TB of butter if you want) then pour over choc chips. Let sit for about 2 minutes then whisk to it is all smooth. Needs to cool and thicken for awhile (sometimes a few hours) until you get a good spreading consistency. If it ends up too stiff, you can always carefully heat it a bit to get it spreadable. bing bang boom...youre done.

Kandy4283 Posted 13 Nov 2009 , 2:24pm
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Thanks so much guys!

Kandy4283 Posted 14 Nov 2009 , 5:52pm
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ok did the filling and it turned out GREAT! For my first time, i was so scared that i was going to have a mess but it looks great, no buldges or filling seeping out!!!!! Thanks for all the help!

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