Attaching Dragees With Buttercream?

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Horselady Posted 10 Nov 2009 , 10:08pm
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Can I attach dragees with butter cream or does it have to be RI? I want to put a diamond pattern on a six inch round with dragees where they meet, but I don't want to make RI just for a handful of "dots". But I'm not sure butter cream is strong/hard enough? Has to travel 3 hrs.

any ides?


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Horselady Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 1:29am
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Come on guys I just need to know if buttercream will be strong enough to hold it on and don't have time for t & e.


Rincewind Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 3:03am
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I've used buttercream (on a buttercream covered cake) with no problems. If the cake is covered with fondant, I'm not sure how secure they would be (attached with buttercream).

Good luck!

ThreePrinces Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 3:06am
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I've attached with buttercream. Easier that way, since I always have the buttercream from covering the cake. It's just fine attaching to fondant.

wrightway777 Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 7:14am
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cleaner, smoother, safer to do it with RI. IMO.

Horselady Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 12:23pm
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Thanks guys! I really didn't want to make a batch of ri just to use lessthan a tablespoon!

I agree ri is more secure but if bc will work it isn't worth the cost to me as I RARELY use ri and this is cake for sis.

wrightway777 Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 3:55pm
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since its for your sister....perfect time to experiment with piping gel. Leave a little out on a plate so it dries out some then apply a little to the fondant and then attach the dragee (allow to dry)...I think you will be surprised as to how well it holds (small to medium size dragees). Its perfect b/c then you dont have a bulgy-glob of BC surrounding the dragee. Just a thought.

Horselady Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 2:18am
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AWESOME idea!!!

I think I have some piping jell somewhere in a fridge. Does it go bad? I bought it some time ago and never used the stuff.

wrightway777 Posted 12 Nov 2009 , 4:49am
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actually keeping it in the fridge does extend its shelf life (most say unopened unrefridgerated = 1 yr). But honestly it has a preservative in it (unless you make it from scratch) so it ranks right up there with twinkies IMO. Just keep in mind the gel will stiffen but never harden. Piping gel is a great "glue" in some cases. Another use - tinting it blue makes great water (if you dont want to go the poured sugar route). There are many uses for it. You can also make a shellac out of it (to get things shiny) by using a quantity of 50% piping gel with 50% white alcohol (ex. vodka, gin, everclear). Experiment with 1tsp of each. Mix then paint away.

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