Red Velvet Cupcakes- Any Good Recipes?

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rhopar33 Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 12:51pm
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I am making 250 red velvet cupcakes for someone for a Decembert wedding. I have a really delicious Red Velvet Cake recipe but for some reason it does not bake up well as a cupcake.

Does anyone have a quick and easy recipe that works really well as a cupcake? I really appreciate it!!


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Kiddiekakes Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 1:11pm
post #2 of 15's called Duncan Hines...Kidding..but if you are really in a bind..DH makes a really nice red velvet mix and it tastes good...Sometimes the scratch mixes taste like food coloring due to the amount you need to make it red.

jeaneve25 Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 1:34pm
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I LOVE This recipe...and it makes delish cupcakes. Let me know how it works for you if you decide to use it. Also, one tweak....I only use 2 oz. of red color and add 2 TBSP of water to compensate for the missing ounce...this is more than enough. I also use 1/4 cup of cocoa and add another 1/4 cup of flour. Perhaps I should add this to the recipe pool!

rhopar33 Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 1:53pm
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Jeaneve25 , I just tried that link and it seems to be broken. Can you post the recipe?

My current recipe happens to be a doctored Duncan Hines and it is absolutely delicious but when I bake it as cupcakes, they sink in the middle when cooled.

rhopar33 Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 5:49pm
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Anyone else? Any good recipes for Red Velvet cupcakes?

ambernd Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 5:57pm
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I use cake man raven's recipe off of the food network site. I have yet to find anyone who does not like them! I had never even liked red velvet myself until I tried it and it was so good!

SharonK1973 Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 5:57pm
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Southern red Velvet cake! Off the foodnetwork website! I make cupcakes with it all the time!

niccicola Posted 9 Nov 2009 , 6:00pm
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I use that recipe for all of my red velvet requests. It's the only scratch recipe (besides Lemon) that I make; everything else is DH.

Never tried it with cupcakes, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I use one box of red food coloring. It's the water-based kind made by McCormick.

Butterfly325 Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 2:20am
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We had a bake sale at work and one of the girls made cupcakes using paula deen's recipe. I didnt try it, but everyone seemed to love it and it was a really pretty color.

I think this is the one. Good luck!

Butterfly325 Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 2:22am
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We had a bake sale at work and one of the girls made cupcakes using paula deen's recipe. I didnt try it, but everyone seemed to love it and it was a really pretty color.

I think this is the one. Good luck!

msulli10 Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 2:29am
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I agree with Kiddiekakes - DH makes a good red velvet cake mix. I use this for the doctored cake mix (WASC but start with the red velvet). It is very moist and bakes well as cupcakes. And it's a nice deep red color. You have a lot of cupcakes to make and this would be foolproof - no messing around with red food coloring, vinegar and cocoa powder.

Jenthecakelady Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 2:35am
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I made these a few weeks ago and topped them with cream cheese BC. They were delicious! Start with a DH red velvet mix, sift together with a chocolate pudding mix, add in remaining ingredients called for on the box with one additional egg. They baked up beautifully! Good luck!

edited to add: I have also made this with buttermilk in place of the water and it was rich and delicious!

KrissieCakes Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 2:51am
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Pink Cake Box's red velvet cupcake recipe is unbelievable! I LOVE them! It is listed in the recipe section on

chestercheeto Posted 11 Nov 2009 , 2:54am
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i've baked this recipe as cupcakes and have gotten good feedback.

jeaneve25 Posted 17 Nov 2009 , 1:48am
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Sorry this is soooo late. However this recipe is so delish...I am going to post it anyways! I would love to know how it works for you if you do try it.

Red Velvet Cake
3 cake layers

3 3/4 cups sifted cake flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa (not Dutch process)
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
2 cups canola oil
2 1/4 cups granulated sugar
3 large eggs
"4 tablespoons (2 ounces) red food coloring plus 2 tablespoons of water" or "1 teaspoon red gel food coloring dissolved in 6 tablespoons of water"
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 1/4 cups buttermilk
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 1/2 teaspoons white vinegar

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare 3 round 9 inch pans (grease and flour). I have also baked in 2 10 inch pans

2. Whisk cake flour, cocoa and salt in a bowl.

3. Place oil and sugar in bowl of an electric mixer and beat at medium speed until well-blended. Beat in eggs one at a time. With machine on low, very slowly add red food coloring. (Take care: it may splash.) Add vanilla. Add flour mixture alternately with buttermilk in two batches. Scrape down bowl and beat just long enough to combine.

4. Place baking soda in a small dish, stir in vinegar and add to batter with machine running. Beat for 10 seconds.

5. Divide batter among pans, place in oven and bake until a cake tester comes out clean, 40 to 45 minutes. Cool completely before frosting.

Cupcake variation: The yield is approximately 35 cupcakes, with the liners filled only 3/4 of the way, and the baking time should be between 20 to 25 minutes, but check in on them 2/3 of the way through in case your oven gets the job done faster.

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