How About A Serious Thread About Cake Balls?

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motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 4:12am
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(dont know if I can do this buuut)

I have noticed many of us are into making cake balls!! And there is no where for us.

So here is a thread (if it isnt closed) So we can ask questions, and such!

First off Id liek to talk about flavor combos you have!!

So far I have

Peanut Butter Dream- Choco. cake, peanut butter icing, milk choco coating, and peanut butter drizzle

Carrot Cream- Carrot cake, cream cheese icing, white choc. Coating

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate- Choc. Cake. Choc. icing, Milk choc. coating.

Happy cake balling!

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Charb31 Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 4:27am
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I was just thinking the same thing about a thread. I made my very first batch tonite, and OMG icon_surprised.gif they were sooooo good. I had some chocolate cake left over, I crumbled it and separated it to make different batches. I made a batch (about a dozen) with Nutella. OMG...
Next batch I made with just creamer, and I have more that I'll add some pnut butter buttercream to. I just quickly coated with melted chocolate, then rolled in chopped pecans, some chocolate jimmies, coconut (hubby's favorite), some chopped heath bar....gosh, the toppings can be endless.

Warning though....they are so good, it would be easy to eat what you make. Thank goodness I stopped at 1 icon_biggrin.gif

MaryAllison Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 4:52am
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I've made them with Oreos, cream cheese and dip them in white chocolate bark. I just found mint Oreos while at the grocery today. I bought four boxes in anticipation of they being a hit! The cake balls have been a success in my little circle, but just wait until you try Oreos!

BTW: I've found that if I freeze the balls for a couple of hours, it allows me to skewer them and then dip into the chocolate.

I hope this helps someone!!!

Allison icon_smile.gif

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 4:57am
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Charb31- nutella! i will have to try that!

Maryallison- frezzing them is the best ive found but not over night. and i just started skwering them and i rotate will the chocolate is dry enough to take off the skewer. Makes for PERFECTly round truffles!

MaryAllison Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 5:09am
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You're so right, cake-diva1986! I forgot about a few cakeballs in the freezer. It only took one time to learn my lesson. They thawed, thankfully, so I gave them to my sons.

beagledog100 Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 5:10am
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Help!!! What a timely thread this is for me. I need cake ball help as I made my first batch tonight and didn't care for them. They looked great, but were waaaayyyy too sweet. I made a french vanilla cake (from a mix) and added cream cheese frosting (duncan hines). I dipped them in milk chocolate and some of them in candy melts.

Are they supposed to be sickeningly sweet or am I doing something wrong?

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 5:57am
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beagledog100--hmmmm, they were the right consistansy? like not too much icing right? Then maybe they are just too sweet for you? Me personally I can only eat 1 every once in a while, like 1 a day cuz I have EXTREMLY sensitve teeth.... so im just guessing that maybe your sweet tooth isnt that sweet lol
Also the first time I made mine I hated them!! but everyone else devoured them!

HTH (but probaly not lol)

ok guys what flavor combos can we come up with? I rioght now am trying to think of something that would go good with a dark chocolate coating.... and also somethign that would go with candy canes crushed on top!

three_sets_of_twins Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 7:28am
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Cake Diva youre the best!!!
Cake balls are my thing and what put me on the home baker map over here! 90% of my orders are for those things!!
The flavor possiblities are endless
And the mint ones WILL be a hit! They are friggin delicious. They taste almost like after eight chocolates!

lomfise Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 7:41am
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Thank you Cake Diva for starting this thread, just what we need icon_biggrin.gif

I haven't tried this, but how about chocolate cake, orange buttercream and dark chocolate covering? I love orange and chocolate together icon_lol.gif

Other banana cake, peanut butter icing and dark chocolate?

Beckup Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 8:45am
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Choc cake with irish cream coffee syrup or bailey for adults covered with dark choc and drizzled with white choc. Yummy Yummy!

illini89 Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 8:51am
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Mary Allison---question the oreos--crushed and mixed with the cake or do you just make the cake balls cover in chocolate and the roll in oreos?

Charb31---question how much nutella did you use--and just nutella or did you also add frosting?

cake balls have been a huge hit in my little world tooo!

playingwithsugar Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 10:00am
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Glad you started this one up. We had a huge thread on cake balls a couple of years ago, but I think it got lost when the database crashed last year.

I've never made cake balls. The scraps never seem to last long enough. My son laid claim to the cake tops (you know, the trimmings when you level) two years ago, so I've never had the chance. I bought a boatload of cake mixes a couple of weeks ago, so I think everyone will be getting cake balls as their holiday treats this year.

Keep the ideas coming!

Theresa icon_smile.gif

scgriffiths Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 11:10am
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My favourite is choc cake mixed with buttercream and flavoured with Cherry Brandy essence, and half a glace cherry in the centre, then dipped in chocolate.

vickymacd Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 11:47am
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I don't "plan" my flavors. I toss all my cake scraps into a baggie and toss in the freezer. When ready to make cake balls, I grab all the different flavors and mix them up. The BEST cake balls I made though, was when I had, surprisingly, BROWNIES that were left over. I threw already made brownies, cake scraps, into the cake ball mixture. The BEST. They gave the balls a bit more firmness and flavor.

Charb31 Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 2:15pm
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I only used nutella, no other binder, and I just eyeballed it. I just used enough to make sure the cake held together.

red velvet = peppermint coating
pineapple = coconut coating
chocolate = ANY topping icon_smile.gif
french vanilla = white chocolate ( I bet very finely crushed peppermint candies would be nicewith this)

bobwonderbuns Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 2:40pm
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Well I'll just chime in -- if y'all make a google doc with the recipes, I'll add it to the Recipe Links Are Here thread (in my signature.) icon_biggrin.gif

traceyjade Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 3:22pm
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The oreos are crushed with cream cheese mixed in and then dipped in chocolate, they are good! I remember seeing a video on youtube about them and I tried them. Also the cookies that are the chocolate bars, they have Resses and peppermint patties ect would be great as well.

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 5:49pm
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bobwonderbuns- i will be sure to make one when we really get going!!

Wow awesome ideas everyone!!!!! lets keep this going!!

Personally ive gotten to the point with my cake balls where they arent scraps, they are whole cakes!!!

And I know most of use know about Bakerella, but for those of you who dont... she has TONS of ideas, check out her website,

Ok what about those of use who sell them... how much do you charge and such?

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 5:50pm
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ps! here are the peanut butter ones I made last night!

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 6:12pm
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we have been approched to publish our combos... just want to make sure everyone is ok with that!!!!

bobwonderbuns Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 7:49pm
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There was one combo my cake club played with a while back and it was TO DIE FOR!! We used some WASC cake with coconut coffee creamer (liquid) and rolled the cake balls in shredded coconut. It was awesome! icon_biggrin.gif

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 7:53pm
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awesome that sounds greaT!!

KHalstead Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 8:12pm
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well, I'll add the flavors I do most often (that haven't been mentioned)

Lemon Supreme-Lemon cake, lemon sleeve filling to bind, white choc. coating(yellow drizzle)

Pumpkin spice-spice cake w/ pureed pumpk. added, pumpkin spice creamer to bind, butterscotch coating(orange drizzle)

Chocolate Cherry swirl-Choc. cake w/ cherry pie filling to bind, dk. choc. coating (red drizzle)

White choc. raspb.-white chocolate cake, raspb. sleeve filling to bind, white choc. coating (red drizzle)

Creme Brulee-yellow cake w/ van. caramel creamer to bind (I use powdered, lots, and some liquid to bind), white choc. coating with a small amount of butterscotch added.

Other favorites are choc. or van. cake balls dipped in choc. then rolled in coconut

dipped in chocolate then rice krispies, then chocolate again

dipped in chocolate, roll in chopped nuts

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 8:38pm
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KHalstead- wow those sound so great!! I will add them to my list to try!!

but how do you make sleeve fillings?

tonedna Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 8:44pm
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Wow..interesting thread..I love cake balls!
Edna icon_smile.gif

CakeDiane Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 9:05pm
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I'm so happy to see this thread--I just made cake balls myself for the 1st time this week-they were DELICIOUS--but I have a few questions...

What size do you guys make them? I feel like I made mine too big (like golf ball size)--because when you take a bite they fall off the stick--I guess they should be bite size??

When I took them out of the freezer and dipped them in chocolate, the chocolate cracked on most of them as they dried...the ones that were NOT fresh from the freezer were you guys have any dipping tips?

the ones that came out OK I used to make cake ball bouquets for a bake sale...they were cute

bobwonderbuns Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 9:34pm
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Okay I have a question about cake balls which use the liquid coffee creamer as a binder: Do y'all keep them refrigerated? How long do they last? I know it sounds funny to ask that since I just posted a cake ball recipe that has liquid creamer in it, but you know how hubbies can be when there's sugar involved... icon_rolleyes.gif Needless to say, they didn't last the night! icon_lol.gif

motherofgrace Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 9:52pm
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CakeDiane- Golf ball is too big! try a melon baller icon_smile.gif Also How Frozen are they when you dipp them?? too cold will cause it to crack.... try just refrigerating them

CakeDiane Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 10:01pm
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Thanks CakeDiva--a melon baller does sound like a perfect size...thanks for the refrigeration tip too--can't wait to try making them again!

baycheeks1 Posted 7 Nov 2009 , 10:11pm
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Cake-diva...I sell mine for $10 a dzn

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