tincanbaby Posted 17 Jan 2007 , 4:15am
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For those of you looking for kitchen space to rent, the following list may be of help to you. You can also do a search in your area with the words - Kitchen Incubator. These are for small businesses and entrepreneurs......us!

Entrepreneurial Development In The Food Sector:
Program Guide
Organized Alphabetically by State and City

Shoals Commercial Culinary Center (SCCC)- Alabama
Developing Innovation in Navajo Education, Inc - Arizona
Denver Enterprise Center- Colorado
Hawaii Community loan Fund- Hawaii
Pacific Gateway Center - Hawaii
Chicago Cooperative Kitchen- Illinois
Southeastern Indiana Business Development Center - Indiana
Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management Department- Iowa
Partners for Family Farms - Kentucky
Main Center for Women, Work and Community- Maine
The Hancock County Locally Grown Foods Project- Maine
Coastal Enterprises Institute- Maine Farms Project- Maine
Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center- Massachusetts
RECIPES for Business- Minnesota
University of Missouri- Dept. of Rural Sociology- Missouri
Food Processing Center- University of Nebraska Lincoln- Nebraska
Lincoln Action Program- Nebraska
The Rural Resource Group- New Mexico
Taos County Economic Development Corporation- New Mexico
Food Ventures Massachusetts Avenue Project- Massachusetts
Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship- Cornell- New York
Adirondack Kitchen Project, Inc.- New York
NorthEast Neighborhood Alliance- New York
Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, Ind. - North Carolina
Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)- Ohio
Food Innovation Center- Oregon
South Carolina Coastal Community Development Corporation-
South Carolina
Appalachian Spring Cooperative - Tennessee
Clinch-Powell Community Kitchen - Tennessee
Appalachian Spring Cooperative- Tennessee
Clitch-Powell Community Kitchen- Tennessee
Gardens/Mini Farms Network- Texas
Vermont Food Venture Center- Vermont
Interval Small Farms Incubator Program- Vermont
Appalachian Sustainable Development Initiative- Virginia
First Nations Development Institute- Virginia
Shorebank Enterprise Pacific- Washington
Unlimited Future Inc.- West Virginia
Lightstone CDC- West Virginia
Crossroads Kitchen- Wisconsin
Niagara Women's Enterprise Center


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acookieobsession Posted 17 Jan 2007 , 12:35pm
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What a great list! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this! I am sure it will help someone out!


paolacaracas Posted 17 Jan 2007 , 7:00pm
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Great list, but no Florida...Where can I find info for Florida?

sugarlove Posted 17 Jan 2007 , 7:26pm
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I agree that is a great list...but no Georgia on their icon_sad.gif I found out that my local business incubator kitchen is full don't know when they will have any openings.

tincanbaby Posted 17 Jan 2007 , 9:41pm
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Some states I have not found places for commercial kitchens yet in my research. Yes, most have waiting lists if they have rentals at all.
Will lists the states as I find them.

katy625 Posted 18 Jan 2007 , 7:13am
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I don't understand how to research this. when I put what it says under Texas google just brings up how to manage your own small farm......what am I doing wrong??

tincanbaby Posted 18 Jan 2007 , 4:38pm
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katy625, I ran across the same problem on this, this is a name of a program in TX. I have forward a message to them for more information for contacting direct since mine also was not connecting to anything in the area of kitchen rentals. This list was made by another party on commerical kitchen rentals across the US; so I have also contacted that person to clear up the matter of contacting information. Whenever I hear something back, I will post it.

kelleym Posted 18 Jan 2007 , 5:16pm
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I also ran across this list of 'incubator' kitchens nationwide. (Click this link, then click 'Kitchen Incubators - Nationwide)


cakefanatic Posted 18 Jan 2007 , 5:28pm
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WOW!! Great info, and thank you for the search and charing with us members!

tincanbaby Posted 19 Jan 2007 , 2:07am

click on "incubator"

tincanbaby Posted 19 Jan 2007 , 2:23am

More possible contacts in different states. May be able to direct the person from that state to a kitchen source.

State Incubation Associations

U.S. State Index

Alabama Business Incubation Network
1020 Ninth Avenue S.W.
Bessemer, Alabama 35022
Devron A. Veasley, Chairman
Tel: (205) 481-2101
Fax: (205) 481-2100
E-mail: bessemerincubator@yahoo.com


Arkansas Business Incubator Manager Association
c/o GENESIS Technology Incubator
1 University of Arkansas Engineering Research Center
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Tel: (501) 575-7227
Fax: (501) 575-7446


Colorado Business Incubator Association
c/o The Colorado Springs Technology Incubator
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Gary Markle, President
Tel: (719) 262-3104
Fax: (719) 262-3707
E-mail: gmarkle@uccs.edu


Connecticut Business Incubator Network
c/o Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology
111 Founders Plaza
Suite 1002
East Hartford, CT 06108
POC: Wayne Sumple
Tel: (860) 282-4222
Fax: (860) 291-8874
E-mail: wsumple@ccat.us


Florida Business Incubation Association
12201 Research Pkwy, Ste. 501
Orlando, FL 32826
Tom ONeal, Chairman
Tel: (407) 420-4888
Fax: (407)-737-2512
Email: fbia@mail.ucf.edu
Julie Matthews, FBIA Manager
Tel: (407) 489-0387
Email: jamathew@mail.ucf.edu
Web: www.fbiaonline.org


Indiana Business Incubator Association
c/o Evansville Small Business Incubator
1100 W. Loyd Expressway Suite 113
Evansville, IN 47708
Tel: (812) 426-9991
Fax: (812) 426-6138


Louisiana Business Incubation Association
c/o Louisiana Emerging Technology Center
LSU Campus
PO Box 25128
Baton Rouge, LA 70894
Arthur Cooper, President
Tel: (225) 615-8166
Fax: (225) 615-8910
E-mail: acooper@laetc.com
Web: www.lbia.org


Maryland Business Incubation Association
c/o Emerging Technology Center
2400 Boston St., Suite 300
Baltimore, MD 21224
Chris Marschner, President
Tel: (310) 790-2800 ext. 479
E-mail: marschnerc@hagerstowncc.edu
Web: www.mdbusinessincubation.org


Michigan Business Incubator Association
c/o 506 E Liberty St, 3rd floor
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-7202
Lawrence Molnar, President
Tel: (734) 998-6239
Fax: (734) 998-6224
Email: kallen@umich.edu


Mississippi Business Incubation Association
c/o Mississippi Development Authority
P.O. Box 849
Jackson, MS 39205-0849
Elizabeth Taylor
Tel: (601) 359-3595
Fax: (601) 359-2116
E-mail: etaylor@mississippi.org


Missouri Incubation Association
210 N. Tucker Blvd., Suite 600
St. Louis, MO, 63101
Jim Brasunas, President
Tel: (314) 436-3500
Fax: (314) 333-0409
E-mail: jbrasunas@tecstl.org
Web: www.moinc.org

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Business Incubator Network, NHBIN
Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council
Mt. Washington Valley Technology Village
P.O. Box 1066
Conway, NH 03818
Jac Cuddy
Tel: (603) 447-6622
Fax: (603) 447-9947
E-mail: jac@mwvec.comjac@mwvec.com
Web: nhbin.org

New Jersey

New Jersey Business Incubation Network
c/o Rutgers Food Innovation Center
87 East Commerce Street
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Lou Cooperhouse, President
Tel: (856) 459-1125
Fax: (856) 459-3043
E-mail: cooperhouse@aesop.rutgers.edu
Web: www.njbin.org

New York

Business Incubator Association of New York State, Inc.
126 State Street - 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12207
Woodrow "Woody" Maggard, Chair
David Hochman, Executive Director
Tel: (212) 448-9586
Fax: (51icon_cool.gif 432-1383
E-mail: admin@bianys.com
W eb: www.bianys.com

North Carolina

North Carolina Business Incubators Association
PO Box 1385
Marion, NC 28752
Dean Kanipe, President
Tel: (336) 202-5392
E-mail: deank@mcdowelltech.edu


Oklahoma Business Incubator Association
c/o Moore-Norman Technology Center
PO Box 4701
Norman, OK 73070-4701
Greg Kieson, President
Tel: (405) 809-3553
Fax: (405) 809-3548
E-mail: gkieson@mntechnology.com


Pennsylvania Incubator Association
c/o Corry Industrial Center
1524 Enterprise Road
Corry, PA 16407
Richard Novotny
Tel: (814) 664-3884
Fax: (814) 664-3885
E-mail: rnovo@corryidc.org


Texas Business Incubator Association
9600 Long Point Road, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77055-4266
C. Dean Kring, Chairman
Tel: (713) 932-7495
Fax: (713) 932-7498
E-mail: info@tbiaonline.org
Web Site: www.tbiaonline.org


Virginia Business Incubation Association
c/o PO Box 556
Monterey, VA 24465
Betty M. Mitchell, President
Tel: (540) 468-1922
Fax: (540) 468-2551
E-mail: bettymitchell@htcnet.org
Web Site: www.vbia.org


Washington Association of Small Business Incubators
1437 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98144
Lincoln Ferris, Executive Director
Tel: (206) 527-3347
Fax: (206) 527-1311
E-mail: linc@lfpr.com
Web Site: www.wasbi.org


Wisconsin Business Incubation Association
230 West Wells, Suite 406
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Tel: (414) 276-9555
Thalia Mendez, President
E-mail: tmendez@gmconline.org
Web Site: www.wbiastate.org

Regional Associations Index

Western United States

PIN: Pacific Incubation Network (for NBIA members in Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington)
E-mail: pin@nbia.org
Web Site: www.nbia.org/resource_center/pin

tincanbaby Posted 19 Jan 2007 , 2:26am

Here are some overseas sources, trying not to leave anyone out.

ADT - Association of German Technology and Business Incubation Centres
ANPROTEC - Brasilian Association of Science Parks and Incubators
BIAA - Businses Innovation & Incubation Australia Inc.
Canadian University and College Related Incubators
CABI - Canadian Association of Business Incubation
Dutch Incubator Association
The Netherlands
ENTERWeb: website for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development
European Business & Innovation Centre Network
France Incubation
International Association of Science Parks

Israeli Technology Business Incubators
JANBO - Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organization
Polish Business And Innovation Centres Association
UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Incubator site
UK Business Incubation
United Kingdom

glory2god Posted 19 Jan 2007 , 2:41am

i am in fairfield alabama and i just emailed the place listed in bessemer. i also called a left a message on mr veasley's voice mail. i will let you know if he contacts me and what i found out.

thank you very much for posting the information.

glory2god Posted 22 Jan 2007 , 3:49pm


i spoke with mr veasley this morning and the one in bessemer does not have the shared kitchens. they work with assembly related businesses. so far the one in muscle shoals is the only one (in alabama) that has the shared kitchens. there is a city that's very close to me that is currently in the thinking process of doing one with the shared kitchens. i called the mayor's office this morning and left a message. i'm going to try and find out how far they have gotten and if they are making a list of the companies that would like to participate. if so, i am going to ask him to add my name. per mr veasley, they help you find financing, help with business plans, and a list of other things. so if there is one in your area, it really sounds like something that we all can benefit from. if you are in the muscle shores area give them a call. nothing ventured nothing gained.

will keep you updated as i learn more

tincanbaby Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 12:00am

Here is some feedback I received from Texas:

The Public Information Office of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has received your inquiry regarding community kitchens. We have been unable to locate any TDA documents responsive to your request. We suggest that you contact the following:
Sustainable Food Center
PO Box 13323
Austin, TX 78711
512-236-0098 (fax)
Contact: Laura Hannibal, Program Director, The Happy Kitchen
Assist low-income communities in East Austin and neighborhoods in south and east San Antonio with food production and the development of food-based entrepreneurial opportunities for residents and farmers. Run community gardening programs, nutrition and cooking classes, and recently developed a downtown farmers market.

ShabbyChic_Confections Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 12:10am

I don't see anything for California, anyone knows where to get more info??

ShabbyChic_Confections Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 12:38am

I found this:

California Business Incubation Network
101 W Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101-8205
Sheila Washington
Tel: (619) 237-0559
Fax: (619) 237-0521
E-mail: sheilawash@aol.com

tincanbaby Posted 26 Jan 2007 , 1:18am

Food Business Incubators and Innovation Centers

University Based: University Based (continued):
Cornell University/NYAES: NY State Food
Venture Center, Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship (NECFE)

Cornell University: Hudson Valley Foodworks
Guelph Food Technology Centre

Illinois Institute of Technology: National
Center for Food Safety and

Iowa State University: Center for Crops Utilization

Iowa State University: ISU Extension Value Added Ag Unit

Iowa State Incubator Resources Site

Kansas State University: KSU/Kansas Value-Added/Product Development Lab

Michigan State University-East Lansing: Community & Economic Development

Ohio State University- Columbus

Purdue University-Indiana: Computer Integrated Food Processing

South Dakota State University: Dairy Plant and Sales Bar

South Dakota State University: Meat Laboratory

South Dakota State University: Nutrition
and food Science Research Laboratories

University of California at Davis: Dairy
Research & Information Center

University of California at Davis: Robert Mondavi Institute
University of Arkansas: Institute of Food Science and Engineering

University of Central Arkansas, Small
Business Advancement National Center

University of Massachusetts: Strategic
Research Alliance

University of Minnesota: Department of Food Science and Nutrition
University of Nebraska Food Processing Center

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Food Processing Center

University of Tennessee: Center for Profitable Agriculture

University of Vermont: Vermont Food
Venture Center

Washington State University: WSU Food Processing Pilot Plant

Oregon State University: Food Innovation Center
Penn-State: Food Entrepreneur Resources
College of the Redwoods: Foodworks Culinary Center
Iowa State University: Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

Community Based:
Adirondack Kitchen - Plattsburgh, NY

Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)

Appalachian Center for Economic Networks

Bonner Business Center of Sandpoint, Idaho

Denver Enterprise Center - Denver, CO

Food Venture Center - Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (71icon_cool.gif 802-1606

Hudson Valley Foodworks Poughkeepsie, NY

National Business Incubation Association

Prince Edward Island Food Technology Centre

Taos Food Center - Taos, NM

Urban Horizons - Bronx, NY

tincanbaby Posted 7 Feb 2007 , 3:35am

Craigslist is a good place to start.

craftbarn Posted 7 Feb 2007 , 7:12pm

Here is the new Michigan Kitchen Incubator website. It's supposed to open this month.


tincanbaby Posted 9 Feb 2007 , 12:36am

Here is a listing for MD.

Chef Bryan's Kitchen
The Kentlands
251 Market Street West - Second Floor Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Kitchen Phone 301-977-4707 Email: chefbryan@bryanskitchen.com

tincanbaby Posted 9 Feb 2007 , 12:44am

The Kitchen is located at
The Women's Community Building
100 West Seneca Street
Ithaca, New York 14850
Phone: 607-272-1247
Fax: 607-272-3017

Contact: Chris Sanchirico, Executive Director
E-mail: womens@lightlink.com

tincanbaby Posted 9 Feb 2007 , 1:06am

Community Food Systems: Processing

Community Kitchen

The Tri-County Community Kitchen is now open for business. Tri-County Health has given the kitchen its seal of approval. Call the Stevens County Extension Office for contact information, to visit the kitchen or to begin the process of obtaining a time to use the kitchen. Phone: (509) 684-2588; email: akowitz@wsu.edu

Washington State.

tincanbaby Posted 9 Feb 2007 , 1:49am

San Francisco, CA 415-824-2729
Commercial Kitchen Rental

La Cocina is a 4,400 square foot, full-service, shared-use commercial kitchen. There are four complete prep stations (approx. 2,000 sq. feet), along with a full range of commercial kitchen equipment. Commercial Users have access to hourly rental of the facilities and the equipment. Our equipment includes:

Tilting Skillet [28]: 30 gallon, gas, tilting braising skillet
Steamer [37]: convection steamer
Convection Ovens [30 & 44]: 2 double-stacked, natural gas ovens
Broiler [45]: heavy-duty, char-type, gas-fired broiler
6-Burner Range [27 & 46]: gas range with salamander and 24 inch griddle
Fryer [47]: heavy-duty gas floor model
Mixer [49]: 60 quart Hobart mixer

Preparation Areas:
Each of the four prep areas has access to:
Stainless steel worktables and sinks
Stainless steel shelves
Pan racks
Sheet Pans
Mobile stainless steel worktables
Food processor, blender
Ice machine
Bunn coffee maker
Small wares

Dry, Refrigerated and Freezer Storage:
Walk-in cooler
Walk-in freezer
Dry storage cases: twelve lockable wire cages of varying sizes.

Requirements for Commercial Users:
Each business using La Cocina is a separate business entity. Each business owner is responsible for complying with the city, state and federal regulations governing food related businesses concerning licensing, food safety and sanitation, taxes, employment, etc.

Commercial User must have a minimum of 1,000,000 of commercial liability insurance and have a rider of additional insured for La Cocina established before use.

Commercial User must sign a Kitchen Users Agreement, pay a $500.00 security deposit and attend a short Rules and Regulations training before using the kitchen.

Please contact Jason@lacocinasf.org for current rates and availability.

tincanbaby Posted 26 Feb 2007 , 4:06am

I am building a commercial kitchen in Hawthorne, CA. I will rent the kitchen for use to others on a monthyl basis. It can be as few as 4 days monthly, bu you must sign a lease and have insurance and food handling. Email at above address if interesyed. NO CALLs PLease. cheri@theelegantgift.net

DelectableCreations Posted 26 Feb 2007 , 11:39pm

you're amazing! thank you thank you for posting this! icon_lol.gifthumbs_up.gif

southaustingirl Posted 28 Feb 2007 , 10:40am

Austin, Texas commerical kitchen rentals


They charge $10 and $20 a hour, depending on what hours you rent the space.

tincanbaby Posted 28 Feb 2007 , 10:43pm

Michigan Food and Farming systems fees: $10-$15 per hour

tincanbaby Posted 28 Feb 2007 , 10:45pm

La Cocina (CA) fees are $40 Hour, If you want shelf space for walk-ins or dry storage is extra $50. monthly.

tincanbaby Posted 28 Feb 2007 , 10:52pm

NY-Womens Comm. Building Kitchen fees :
2 levels
Level One-$35.00 per hour, no ovens
Level Two- $45.00 per hour includes ovens.

Exceptions: more than 10 hours per week $30.00 per hour.
New Businesses-for first year only-$20.00 per hour
Deposit for all $100.
Clean up $25. each time
Parking $40. month

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