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CakeInfatuation Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:05pm
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Had my inspection this morning for my home kitchen and am now officially LICENSED!!!

I'm soooo excited! If you have a minute, please let me know what you think of my new website and if you see anything I should adjust!

Thanks so much!



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__Jamie__ Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:15pm
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__Jamie__ Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:18pm
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I like your site, but unless you have had some serious run in with copyright issues, I think you have information overload in tha area. icon_smile.gif

__Jamie__ Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:19pm
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And.....cause I can't leave good enough alone:

Everybody--check out her "About Me" Look at shill!! She's a beauty! icon_smile.gif

poohsmomma Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:21pm
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Congratulations! Good luck to you.

ccr03 Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:27pm
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Site Name Here - the title of the page says "Site Name Here" (see how this one is "Hooray!!" etc..). Put the name of your bakery

I'd make the slideshow a little faster and with a smooth transistion between the photo.


I see the "GEt a Cake" is not an actual link. It's set-up so it is. I would try to take out the hyperlink language so it doesn't seem like it it.

THe ordering page should have a link or order form on there. Don't tell me to go somewhere for ordering and then once I get there tell me to go somewhere else. Make it easy for the visitor.

It the $4 for buttercream or fondant??

On the ordering page, I would put all the process above the flavors. In my mind that just makes more sense. I'm even tempted to say to put the flavors on a separate "Cake Options" page.

I would rename "Legal" to Copyright info. I clicked there thinking it was going to tell me that you are legal and licensed.

I would also take "Ordering" "Legal" and "Customer Feedback" out from under "Get a Cake". They are standalone pages and as I mentioned previous "Get a Cake" isn't even a link.

I really like your "About Me" page. Even as a writer, I struggled/struggle writing my About Me page. I think mine sucks.

Overall - I REALLY like it! Don't think I'm being picky. I noted on another thread that I manage about 4-6 different sites and I'm always trying to improve them - and I am NO where near 100% happy with them.

You can check/critique/laugh at (icon_wink.gif) mine at www.kreacioneskity.com and www.kreacioneskity.blogspot.com

Oh, and CONGRATS!!!!!

Tiffany29 Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:33pm
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Congrats!! Good luck to you!
I like your site. The layout is nice I really like the colors.

snocilla Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 7:54pm
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Love the website! I'm so excited for you, I have always loved your cakes!

Uniqueask Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 8:02pm
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Originally Posted by LURVELY

And.....cause I can't leave good enough alone:

Everybody--check out her "About Me" Look at shill!! She's a beauty! icon_smile.gif

That is excatly what I said when I saw her picture, I also wanted to congratulate you on opening your own home Bakery, You are finally free, and do not have to put up with any crap, with that Bakery anymore, YAY icon_biggrin.gifparty.gif and your site looks great, and again congrats, and happy baking.

CakeInfatuation Posted 28 Oct 2009 , 8:50pm
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Thanks so much.. Working on making some of the suggested changes. As I'm not a webmaster.. it's a process. HA!

Mensch Posted 29 Oct 2009 , 4:50am
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Mazel tov!

rainbow_kisses Posted 29 Oct 2009 , 10:07am
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Congratulations icon_biggrin.gif and your site is great (although i do agree with some of the changes suggested by ccr03) and you have some fantstic cakes .

Happy Caking

cakesdivine Posted 29 Oct 2009 , 2:45pm
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Whoo hoo! Congrats Congrats! Site looks GREAT too!

elizacake Posted 29 Oct 2009 , 4:08pm
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! icon_smile.gif Site looks great! Very professional. I agree with some of ccr03's suggestions. I wonder about making the Legal and Copyright info a smaller link at the bottom of the page. While it is all very important...probably not the most important info for a potential customer.
Love the colors and overall layout. Great job!

flourgirlz Posted 29 Oct 2009 , 4:21pm
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Congrats! I love the colors on your site and it is very user friendly. And your cakes are GORGEOUS!!!

littlecake Posted 29 Oct 2009 , 4:26pm
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wow that was easy!

good for you.....you are gonna do great and be much happier on your own.

your cakes are really cute!

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