Woot! Cake Boss Is On Tonight!!

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MrsNancyB1 Posted 26 Oct 2009 , 10:04pm
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I am SO excited for the return of Cake Boss. Yeah, it's over-dramatized but that's what makes it my guilty cake pleasure.

Don't forget to set your DVRs!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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grandmom Posted 26 Oct 2009 , 10:17pm
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At first I just couldn't stand all the over-acting, drama, and setup scenarios. But something made me keep watching. I realized that Buddy is a real loving family man, and is The Real Deal when it comes to baking. He decorates gorgeous EDIBLE cakes, and just look at all the other beautiful patsries produced in that bakery.

I like Duff, he's ultra-cool and modern, his cakes are BIGGER, BETTER AND AWESOME, but it just seems to me that cake is a plaything for him and his ultra-cool and laid back crew. Cake is Buddy's heart and soul.

Thanks for the reminder!

Memie Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 12:58am
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Five minutes of that show was all I could stand. Hated it!

montana618 Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 2:39am
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Tonight was way too much over the top! They ruined about 6 doz cupcakes "looking" for that ring?? Buddy should put his foot down on this staged show. He's way too talented to be a chump!

NannyD Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 2:56am
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I agree... way over the top tonight. What is with the sisters? Not enough atention last season? Change the name to Fake Boss! ---- Not that i'm being critical, but I usually look forward to and enjoy the show. icon_biggrin.gif

Rebealuvsweets Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:01am
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I know it is very staged but, I love it!!! U can tell it is fake because they are always smiling when they are yelling...I think he does great work!!! Botta Bing!!!! U go Buddy icon_biggrin.gif

lchristi27 Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:14am
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All reality shows are 'staged' at some point, it has to be. But we all knew that ring was trouble when the guy brought it in!! Still loved watching the show, that ring was amazing! Really great job Buddy!

NannyD Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:16am
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I really liked the red stenciled cake.

kickasscakes Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:24am
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ya its dramatized, but I still love it. I still learn something every time, and get a pat on the back when I see a cake simillar to what I have done in the past, and think... Hey, that looks like mine!

Would always be better without the sensationalism, but it's TV, so you gotta expect that!

madgeowens Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:26am
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I love cake boss...............I guess its not for everyone....I think its um ....whats the word.....ummmmmmmmmm oh yeah....entertainment icon_smile.gif thats it.......I happen to love the entire family and gang....sure beats those harping Bridezillas............echhhh who marries those people yikes

MrsNancyB1 Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:42am
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Originally Posted by Rebea

I know it is very staged but, I love it!!! U can tell it is fake because they are always smiling when they are yelling...I think he does great work!!! Botta Bing!!!! U go Buddy icon_biggrin.gif

Ditto! But I agree that it was a *little* over the top tonight. icon_razz.gif

CbyA Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:44am
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I LOVE BUDDY AND HIS CREW!!! icon_wink.gif

SugarFrosted Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:54am
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I love Buddy, and I love the cakes and the crew, but I am so over all that fake drama and trumped up emergency stuff. The drama is so fake it sounds like a high school play, maybe even Jr High. Bleh! What are those idiot producers thinking?

I'll record it and watch it, but probably with the sound off.

madgeowens Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 4:17am
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I like to watch it with my grand kids and I really enjoy hearing them laugh when someone gets flour dumped on their head...its like slipping on a banana peel, never gets old haha..............lighten up and just enjoy it, its not meant to be so serious.....

ljdills Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 4:31am
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I like to watch the show. Buddy does beautiful work. I do get a little bored with the fake drama and I think it detracts from the wonderful work that he does, but you know ratings. What do you do? I will say however that it was very predictable tonight. When the guy made such a big deal over "I am trusting you with this ring" blah, blah, blah even my 13 year old saw that coming. And when they made such a big deal over how the candy cake was the most wonderful cake they had ever done, my DH said "Well, how are they gonna destroy this one?"

But think about it... they must be doing something right, because each week (good or bad) we are all talking about the show.

madgeowens Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 4:45am
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It is entertainment.....when I was a kid I use to watch Amon an Andy.........now they did a lot of crazy things that even a little kid knew was crazy...........but we all still loved it........I would think if they did not do these things it would be so boring no one would watch..........it has a little drama a little soap opera and a little comedy......whats not to like?

KKC Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 12:32pm
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I watched it also and though I love Buddy...i think that it was very inappropriate to be arguing in front of customers...I'm pretty sure it was staged or whatever but thats just me!!!

KKC Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 12:35pm
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Originally Posted by SugarFrosted

I'll record it and watch it, but probably with the sound off.


costumeczar Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 12:54pm
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It's fake but it's fun

Mike1394 Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 1:34pm
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Not to many of you have worked in an old world Italian bakery before. That drama you all speak of, is a way of life. LOLOL Oh yeah the hollering the jabbing back, and forth. It's all part of being in the family. It's the ultimate high/low scenario icon_biggrin.gif Just a blast icon_biggrin.gif

I love watching Buddy IMO a million times better than duff


cylstrial Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 1:41pm
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I also love the show! But who in their right mind would give the bakery the ring? And then who would go through frosting and cake to find the ring? I mean obviously you would if it were real. LOL. But I'm pretty sure it was staged.

But to actually leave the ring on the cake in the middle of the store - where they were customers around. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

And when they decided to get the cousin back for dropping the big cake down the stairs - that was pretty darn funny bringing the girl in. LOL. And then the Mama boss got really mad that they dropped frosting and flour on him. I really don't know why they do that.

And the car wreck! Holy cow! The car was not looking so good!

I think that's all I have to comment about. Who knows. Maybe I'll be back. LOL!

Tracyj Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 1:45pm
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I love Buddy too! But please....decorate cake and cut out the acting. It really does take away from how wonderful he is. I love the pranks and SOME of the yelling, it shows how close they are and the attitude at the bakery. But the fake emergencies!!! I was so ready to turn it last night but he has some really good things going on between all the fakeness. Maybe I'll TiVo it so I can fast forward thru the horrible acting.

msulli10 Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 1:47pm
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I love Buddy. What a nice guy and oh so talented. How amazing is it that they run this very busy bakery AND make unbelieveable cakes? Yeah, the drama is a bit over the top, but it is a TV show afterall.

kakeladi Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 2:15pm
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Remember there are many, many people besides us 'decorators' that watch such shows. There has to be drama or it would not draw people to it and then it would be canceled!
The accident: NO way would any cake survive such an accident. Look what happened (again staged) when Buddy hit a pothole w/the candy cake and they want us to think the red stencil cake survived the accident? NO way folks!

When 'Momma Boss" was yelling at them for the prank - she had a hard time keeping from laughing! I just happened to be looking right at her lips and you can see she had to catch herself a couple of times to keep from breaking up.

One thing that kept bothering me was that they always(?) deliver the cake when everyone is there to ooooohhhhh and aaaawwwwww over it. How many of you deliver a wedding cake 1/2 way thru the reception - when the bride & groom are sitting down at the dinner table?

All in all I liked last nights show better than last seasons. I think they tried to tone down the shouting and fighting.

jstritt Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 2:31pm
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I love this show. He is such a talented decorator. And he actually decorates cakes!!! You don't see that much any more.

sadsmile Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:44pm
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I can actually see how the candy cake's decorations fell and the red stencilled cake was OK. He really wasn't going that fast and that was just the average stacked cake with supports and it didn't have anything pulling on it.
The candy cakes decorations were on multiple sticks that were inserted into the already doweled cake. The decorations were very heavy(modeling chocolate) and the centripetal force pulling on them caused the dowels to rip through the cake. The cake didn't fall apart the decorations ripped the cake apart. Which is why he opted to leave off the lollies and things and put them on when they arrived. It also looked like the red cake was refrigerated till delivery and the candy one was worked on so much it was probably softer at room temperature.

KKristy Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 3:59pm
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I love to see the decorating and the cakes ! ...but after the episode last season when the bride came in to see her cake and told him it was ugly and proceeded to put different colored icing all over it... I was over it...so fake...
I know lots of none caking people watch the show, but it is like they are trying to dumb it down and clown it up...so fake. Although I LOVE Buddy and his family...just hate the fake drama.

I would watch Buddy and the gang decorate and argue all day long ( I have a big Italian/ Irish family, so I know drama, family LOL)...but make it real.

playingwithsugar Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 4:31pm
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That ring incident was right out of Lucy, when she and Ethel took the barbecue pit apart because she couldn't find her wedding ring. Really, now, the ring was in a box on the counter. Someone would have noticed if it fell into a cupcake liner.

And as far as the candy cake - I'm an amateur, and even I know enough to not put the weight of all those figures on a cake. I was sitting on my sofa, just waiting for those figures to break the cake apart.

As I have said before - Gravity Prevails.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

cylstrial Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 4:46pm
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Originally Posted by playingwithsugar

And as far as the candy cake - I'm an amateur, and even I know enough to not put the weight of all those figures on a cake. I was sitting on my sofa, just waiting for those figures to break the cake apart.

As I have said before - Gravity Prevails.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

Yep - I forgot the cake falling apart. Gravity, gravity.

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