Purse Cake Is Busting....

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cakemeasIam Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 1:25pm
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what did i do wrong? have a frame- starting to tear and come out at the seams. i have done this cake before with no problem. same fondant same buttercream.... client will be here in about 3 hours. i worked it back together and blended but i am afraid its going to be a big pile of cake for them in the a.m. where did i go wrong???

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-K8memphis Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 1:29pm
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Hard to say across cyber space without pictures & more info but does/would chilling help?

cakemeasIam Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 1:33pm
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maybe- i will put it in the fridge and see. thanks
i will get some pictures.

-K8memphis Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 2:04pm
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I mean tell your chicklette that you recommend that it stays chilled till an hour before serving time if possible--

Don't tell her it had issues. Just act normal. Often times it will be ok.

If it's not gonna be ok, telling her in advance of potential issues will not help make it ok. If it's gonna fall apart it's gonna fall apart. Sticks & stones may break my bones but mere words will not fix a cake that's falling apart.

If it is gonna be ok telling her in advance will spoil the day and rock the relationship.

So mum's the word!

Is the cake too fresh maybe?

cakemeasIam Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 2:12pm
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okay- update. the cake is too heavy and is continuing to sink. i unscrewed it from the base....and layed it flat. now instead of a 3d its is now a 2D.
i will have to fix and path a few pieces but it will be okay. i will tell her to chill it- great advice.
so now the debate begins.... do i charge her the same or change it accordingly...ugh i am so disappointed

-K8memphis Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 2:27pm
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Depends on how the cake was commissioned. Did she reference a standing purse cake when she ordered? "I want one like that one" or did she say, "I want a purse cake."

I mean even if she said "I want one of your purse cakes." And you said you've made these before that means she wants the standing up one.

So you gotta decide what she meant when she ordered.

Don't take off too much though 10% MAX.

Because you've done & made her TWO cakes now.

(((big cake hug)))

tons of cake angels <<<<<sending them your way

cakemeasIam Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 2:38pm
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she def saw one i had done before. so she wanted it to be standing up...
what a nightmare. the husband is picking it up so that will help diffuse the situation- he won't know the difference (no offense)
i don't think it would have traveled over an hour in a car anyway- standing.
need to rethink my design on this cake. thanks for all you help and kindness. its not fun to wake up to that!

-K8memphis Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 2:45pm
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Well 10% might not really be enough then--I was trying to hold the fort. But depending on the price difference on your 2-d and 3-d stuff--don't kill yourself on this, 'k???

Just remember you've worked extra on this~~yes you need to take a hit in the pocket but go easy on yourself.

LaBellaFlor Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 8:19pm
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I'm sorry, but if the cake is as bad as you say, then she deserves a refund of more then 10%. if I oredered a 3D and didn't get it, I would be upset. And just cause you worked extra trying to fix it, is not the customers fault. I would give 50%. To me there is a huge difference between 3D & 2D.

cakemeasIam Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 8:54pm
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it all worked out...the cake is gone and the girl has already called and said she loved it! thanks for all your advice!

LaBellaFlor Posted 23 Oct 2009 , 8:56pm
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WONDERFUL!!! thumbs_up.gif Cause though we always want to be fair, we HATE to give back money.

CBMom Posted 27 Oct 2009 , 6:49pm
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Originally Posted by MObeefcake

it all worked out...the cake is gone and the girl has already called and said she loved it! thanks for all your advice!


So often, my idea of what a cake "should" be overwhelms me...and I forget that what seems so simple to me is completely overwhelming for someone else!

That makes no sense...eh, you guys know what I mean thumbs_up.gif

Cake is art for us..and for most people, it's just cake!! LOL

Glad everything worked out!!

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