Hi All! (Newbie Here)

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frecklefacecakes Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 9:16pm
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just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to cake decorating, and to Cake Central. I am trying to learn cake decorating with the aid of some Wilton courses and the internet. Is it possible? I hope so.
I would love any suggestions on how to get started on making this passion into a business.


if you want to check out more of my story and a few of my starter cakes visit www.frecklefacecakes.wordpress.com

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luvbugcreations Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 10:10pm
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welcome to cc you will learn alot from here and all the tutorials on you tube I am self taught and have done all types and just practice. Well Welcome and if you need any advice just pm me.


frecklefacecakes Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 10:26pm
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thanks kerri icon_smile.gif
are you making cakes for a living?
i am also working my way through the forums to inform myself on if i can actually do this as a career.

Lita829 Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 10:28pm
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Welcome! You will absolutely LOVE this website. There are so many talented people on this website who are willing to help in your growth as a baker and decorator.

You will have to be peeled away from your computer icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

cylstrial Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 10:39pm
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As everyone else said, welcome to CC! Here's a chart to help you understand the cake acronyms here in the forums!


G_Cakes Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 10:47pm
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Welcome Frecklefacecakes your gonna love it here.

I hope you have a comfy chair cause the amount of time your gonna spend on this web site will astound you!

Ton's of turotials, even more great cakers here who are always willing to answer questions and help out.


enchantedcreations Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 11:08pm
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Hi Frecklefacecakes, and welcome, I'm new as well and guess what, my name is also Amy! I checked out your blog and it's very cute. You're off to a great start. You will find so much info here. I am on this site everyday. Everyone is wonderful...... Enjoy!!!!!

Texas_Rose Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 11:11pm
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Hi and welcome! Your blog is well-written and fun! The Wilton classes, YouTube and of course Cake Central are a great start. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing more of your cakes in the near future icon_biggrin.gif

Mme_K Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 11:11pm
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Welcome to CC! thumbs_up.gif This is definitely the place to learn and ask questions. The people are so helpful and wonderful. One thread that you might like to check out is:


There are all kinds of tutorials listed here. Rylan was kind enough to list many of them in this thread.
Enjoy! icon_smile.gif

sadsmile Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 11:22pm
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You're gonna love it here!!!!

Memie Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 3:12am
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Welcome to CC!! You will absolutely love it and become addicted before you know it.

kaseyrconnect Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 3:31am
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Welcome to CC! This site is the greatest and so very helful and just downright fun!

crazydoglady Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 4:06am
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i'm new to this too and in just a few weeks, i've learned lots on this site.
i love that you wrote "clowns are scary" on your cake.

SugarFrosted Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 4:13am
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Welcome to Cake Central! You will find answers to all your questions and help for almost any problem. Welcome to your new addiction!

Be sure to click the Warning on the left side of the page below your account box. icon_biggrin.gif

adree313 Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 4:28am
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welcome to CC!

you'll love it here! you'll never want to leave. this site will distract you from everything (oops -- timer just went off for tarts... i was supposed to turn them half way 7 minutes ago icon_redface.gif )

i love your blog. i have a similar one tracking my progress, too.

i noticed you asked about making a business out of it. i read your blog and saw that you live in CA, and if i remember right, home based cake business in CA is a no go icon_sad.gif but your first step is always to talk to the health department and see what the specifics are! (here in idaho, you can't have a business but if you make less than a certain number of cakes per week it's ok. so, you never know!)

worse comes to worse, you can do free cakes for friends and family for hobby.

Cheri316 Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 4:35am
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I also am a newbie and I love love love this web site. I am on every night for hours. I have printed so many recipes and fillings and I put them in a notebook. I have learned to make my own fondant. I am having a ball learning and I can really appreciate the cost of a cake now. Have fun and never give up!!

luvbugcreations Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 11:56am
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Hi I do it for a living now but due to my health I only allow 2 orders per week. If the orders are not to complex then I may allow more. I do have an assistant that helps but I do all the detail work she does all the baking and crumb coating and things like that prep work I an teachng her all she needs to know, but for now this is our game plan and it works there is very little times that we have nothing to do lol and that is when we stock up on gumpaste flowers or other accents that we use often as these items if stored properly will last indefinately.

have a baking day

frecklefacecakes Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 7:00pm
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thanks all!
i am definitely addicted. it seems like many of my questions are already answered here, which is nice.
I have a few friends birthdays and parties coming up, so that will give me some more practice and items for my blog.

tguegirl Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 7:04pm
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You can definitely learn from Wilton classes and the internet! In fact, I've only been decorating for about 2.5 years, didn't take any Wilton classes, and learned almost everything from this site. Welcome! You're going to love it.

ANTNET Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 7:09pm
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good luck and happying baking

diane Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 9:53pm
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welcome...one things for sure...you can learn a lot from wilton classes, but you will definitely learn more from cakecentral!!!! thumbs_up.gif

sugalips Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 10:11pm
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Welcome! I am pretty much a newbie myself. Let me tell you, this is the place to be. Everyone is so kind to share and TALENTED. Have you seen some of their cakes?!?! icon_eek.gif There is so much more information than I every imagined! Definately a "good ride!" thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

mim1106 Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 10:12pm
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Amy,welcome from one newbie to another! Search the recipes for marshmallow fondant and taste that. MUCH better than the store bought. And you are SOOO right!! Clowns are scary!!

andpotts Posted 21 Oct 2009 , 10:59pm
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Welcome, as others said you are gonna love it here! I've always baked and made stuff and I've actually been a member here since 2006, but I just liked coming to look at the cakes. About 2 years ago I decided I would like to try making a 3-D pirate ship for my sons birthday party, I stopped being scared of the fourms and started asking questions and I have never turned back!

When I think about all I have learned here I want to cry, everything I know I learned here, or from a book or website that was reccomended here thumbs_up.gif and I'm still picking stuff up every day! I have so many tutorials and tips and stuff saved I would be happy to share any you may want. This is just a hobby for me, but I have evolved from my shaped dino pan with piped store bought frosting to multi tiered creations filled with delicious filling and covered with buttercream that I made! I love Cake Central and all of the wonderfuly talented and giving people here, best of luck in your quest and so glad you joined in!! Andrea

PS added your blog to my favorites so I can keep up with your adventures in caking icon_smile.gif

frecklefacecakes Posted 22 Oct 2009 , 3:58am
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the cake i am working on today has a gold chain(starbursts formed into a chain, painted with gold lustre dust).. i am having a dillemma though on what color to make the main background frosting. White seems too boring, but i also don't want to choose a color that will clash with the gold.. any ideas?

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