mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:03am
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I have just started decorating cakes and I have been making my own butter cream icing and everytime I make the icing it always seems to come out a light yellow instead of white. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have had the icing come out white only once and I just don't understand what I am doing wrong! Can someone please help?

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Jen80 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:10am
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If you need to make pure white buttercream, you need to use all shortening and no butter. If you still want a buttery flavour you can add clear butter flavouring.


Deb_ Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:13am
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Along with Jen's advice you can try whipping your butter a little longer, it lightens in color the more you beat it.

mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:14am
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I use the Crisco all vegetable shortening sticks. My friend gave me the receipe and hers turn out perfect. So u think I should just switch to just plain shortening?

kara76 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:21am
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Do you use vanilla to flavor? If you do make sure it is CLEAR vanilla.

mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:24am
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No I don't use the vanilla to flavor I use the clear butter flavor to flavor it! I am so lost guys I just don't underrstand. icon_cry.gif

Deb_ Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:26am
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Are you hand mixing or using a stand mixer?

mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:31am
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I use a stand mixer do you think that makes a difference?

kara76 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:36am
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Hmmm that is odd! Are your crisco sticks white to begin with? What recipe are you using?

G_Cakes Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:46am

You could by some White coloring to add to it.

I use HRS and it still turns out off white, so I add the white coloring (I use wiltons) and it comes out true white everytime.

mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:52am

No the crisco sticks are yellow. the receipe was given to me like this 1 bag of confectioners sugar 1tsp of butter flavoring 1tsp of meringue powder half of a stick of the crisco and add the milk as needed?

ttb Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:53am

Use a tiny bit of violet food coloring. Be careful do not add too much. This will whiten it up a bit. Stick a toothpick tip in the coloring and add a little at a time.

step0nmi Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:54am
Originally Posted by ttb

Use a tiny bit of violet food coloring. Be careful do not add too much. This will whiten it up a bit. Stick a toothpick tip in the coloring and add a little at a time.

this is what I do all the time thumbs_up.gif

adree313 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 12:59am

i also find that if you mix it a little longer it'll whiten up a little bit.

kara76 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 1:04am

The culprit is the yellow crisco sticks. Try the violet color as people have suggested. Next time use the crisco in the tub it is white.

mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 1:05am

So do you guys think I should mix a little longer? How long do you guys usually mix the icing?? By the way thanks for everone's help! I am just learning.

kimbm04r Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 1:08am

If your Crisco sticks are yellow, then my guess is that you are using the Butter Flavor Crisco sticks. Make sure you have the regular Crisco sticks that are white and you should be able to get the white Buttercream just fine. I have used the white sticks and everything works out fine.

adree313 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 1:23am

well, yes, if your crisco stick are yellow, that could be it. i would suggest the regular white crisco. but you said you've made it before and it turned out okay.

i really just mix it until i like how it looks (or until i'm done doing whatever else i'm doing -- i multi-task when making icing). i don't really believe in over mixing (or the fear of air bubbles) it usually all works out in the end for me. i've read on here that indydebi mixes hers up to 15 minutes sometimes (if not more).

Lcubed82 Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 2:45am

It sounds like you have the butter flavor Crisco sticks. I use the regular ones, which are pure white. Usually I use the tub, and have actually started getting off brand which still has trans fat it in. There has been a lot of discussion of the "new" Crisco w/o trans fat not working as well.

mstay Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 3:10am

So coud someone give me a good receipe on how to make GOOD buttercream icing? Thanks so much guys! =0)

KathysCC Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 6:17am

Try IndyDebi's recipe:

And definitely use regular Crisco, I didn't think the regular Crisco sticks were supposed to be yellow, you must be using the butter Crisco.

madgeowens Posted 26 Sep 2009 , 6:59am

yes the crisco sticks are white unless she is using butter flavored, then they would be yellow. Never heard of using violet to get white, great little tip. Search the recipe page for butter cream and you will get some to pick from.

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