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d3sc3n7 Posted 19 Sep 2009 , 10:43pm
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Ok...so I'm reworking how I want to do the cake I'm starting tonight.

I'm going to do the bottom tier like normal...then cut out some squares (play blocks) and put the word baby on them. NOW! I'm also doing a top tier. I dont have dowel's...I do have bamboo skewers though. Could I clip off say 16 of them...4 per block and get enough support that way?

I want it to look like its sitting on top of the blocks.

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momvarden Posted 19 Sep 2009 , 11:01pm
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Ok what size are you doing the bottem tier and how big are your blocks and if i am understanding you correctly you want to put the top tier on top of the blocks is that right? Oh, yah what is the top tier size.

d3sc3n7 Posted 19 Sep 2009 , 11:41pm
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Top tier is a double 4 and bottom tier is a double 6.

My blocks should be about 2in tall and the same wide

momvarden Posted 20 Sep 2009 , 12:09am
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Ok, this is what i am thinking, do you have something you can mock up to the size of the blocks. so you can figure out how to place them before hand. I probably would also cut out cardboard to fit under each block and support the blocks first. Oh and you might what to do a block or to extra that can be blank but can be in the colors you are using, that way you can use them in behind the word for extra support. does that make since. put the supports for the blocks. Now put the supports in just the blocks for the upper layer then i would drive one down the center of each block into the lower cake all the way down. this sould support your upper cake. i use skewers all the time. i also use straws. I hope that this makes since to you. if not i hope someone else can help you.

d3sc3n7 Posted 20 Sep 2009 , 12:12am
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I think I got it.

supports from the bottom tier to the blocks, support from the blocks to the top, then 1 support from bottom to top per block. With a dummy block in the middle of it all.

momvarden Posted 20 Sep 2009 , 12:18am
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you could do a dummy block if you want to or you could just do extra cake blocks if you have enough cake. but other than that you got it. I hope it works. post a pic so we can see the finished product. Please. icon_biggrin.gif

d3sc3n7 Posted 20 Sep 2009 , 12:45am
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Of course pictures are coming. I just laid the blocks out. They are going to turn into half blocks, due to the size of the letters vs. the size of the top tier. It wont be deep enough to use a full size block, but I can make the illusion.

Now onto another very long night, since (mysteriously!) its easier to work when the kids are in bed.

Thanks for your help!!

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