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Kenzy Posted 15 Sep 2009 , 11:04pm
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Attn Everyone ~
So here's the deal - I have been given a crazy task & I accepted it! Now I'm wondering what I just got myself into, although I'm REALLY excited. As you well now I do alot of my cake creations for Home Depot (hubby is store manager). Resently the District Manager contacted me and wants me to come up w/ a design all on my own and create an "Ultimate" cake for an up coming HD event!

The Details:
Event - Home Depot Cashier Olympics
Theme - 60's, Hippie, VW Bug, etc
Feeding - Anywhere between 500 - 800!!
Travel Distance - 25mins
Colors - Open
Don't Include - Drugs, Sex, etc
Effects - All welcome
Budget - None
Due In - 7 Weeks

I am looking for any and all ideas!! My first thought was Homer (HD mascot) driving a smoking VW bug, but it doesn't seem GRAND enough. I would love for this to be a cake that people will continue to talk about years down the road.

Thank you in advance to everyone

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SugarFrosted Posted 15 Sep 2009 , 11:08pm
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VW Bus (not Bug)covered in psychedelic designs plus bumper stickers of the era. Weird hippie luggage (or even hippies) on roof rack.

Bus will be lots more cake than bug, and lots more room to be creative.

Woah! I totally missed the part about no budget icon_confused.gif

Does that mean (a)you can charge what you want or (b) that this will be a donation?

If (a) thumbs_up.gif yay! do it! Charge appropriately for whatever you decide to do.

If (b) thumbsdown.gif decline, because if you will be really giving a gift of a cake for 500 or whatever, then you need your head examined...seriously!

-K8memphis Posted 15 Sep 2009 , 11:12pm
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What does 'budget none' mean?

Do you mean
budget unlimited or
budget zero

If you don't get any money forget it.
Surely you couldn't generate that much energy for
a zero money cake? I couldn't anyhow.


__Jamie__ Posted 15 Sep 2009 , 11:20pm
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Originally Posted by K8memphis-

What does 'budget none' mean?

Do you mean
budget unlimited or
budget zero

If you don't get any money forget it.
Surely you couldn't generate that much energy for
a zero money cake? I couldn't anyhow.


Yeeeeeeeeeeep. And OP, if this was suggested as donation for "exposure for your biz" I'll throw up. If there is really no budget, you're talking thousands. THOU-sands. icon_biggrin.gif

cakenutz Posted 15 Sep 2009 , 11:22pm
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To feed that many I say high and wide what about the base cake being a large many 14" center with round cakes circling it like a big flower I would make these cakes at least 4 layers tall then next tier a vw bus big one of course decorated flower power Haven't thought about next tier yet but I would top it with a big peace sign. I from the 60s boy do I miss them Lol beads flowers patches oall over your jeans those were the days thumbs_up.gif

cakenutz Posted 15 Sep 2009 , 11:24pm
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oops I meant maybe a 14" center not many Lol

Kenzy Posted 16 Sep 2009 , 4:53am
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Anna I think you are right on w/ the bus and I would have never thought of the luggage. thumbs_up.gif

As for budget ~ It's wide open ~ although I will not make thousands and become rich overnight, it will absolutely be well worth it.

The 60's are almost twenty years my elder - so any and all ideas are a HUGE can only go so far w/ google. Not to mention a bunch of CC's minds together can make for amazing things!

~ I would also like to include some random merchandise as well, any ideas?

~ What type of support structure would you go about doing?

~ I am not well versed in sugar work, any alternative ideas for window glass?

Thank you Thank you Thank you again!

Cookie45 Posted 16 Sep 2009 , 5:47am
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What about throwing some bell bottom blue jeans and tie dyed tee shirt decorations into the mix....and don't forget a peace sign.

prterrell Posted 16 Sep 2009 , 5:47am
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Originally Posted by Kenzy

~ I am not well versed in sugar work, any alternative ideas for window glass?

Just frost the windows black. If you want them to be "glassy" you could paint on a thin coat of clear piping gel over the icing.

madgeowens Posted 16 Sep 2009 , 5:52am
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I lived in the sixties, and I don't see how it can be portrayed without sex and drugs lol......just about a burn barrel and a guy burning draft card and the girl burning her bra....and of course the vw bus with flowers all over it and of course the peace sign...and shag carpet of course......the girl should have hair almost as long as the guys icon_smile.gif

-K8memphis Posted 16 Sep 2009 , 9:43am
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While there's a lot of rock & roll and "peace, love & groovey'"<<tagline from those days<< there was also a 'return to nature' theme.

Nothing says the 60's like an outdoor concert.

I would do the vehicle all painted up sitting at the top of a hill ovelooking a bunch of heads (dots like a stadium) with a stage or bandshell at the bottom of the hill. But all in perspective where you were looking down into the concert from the hill where the van's parked and there's a tree and some grass, green grass of course. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Maybe a couple people there one sitting leaning against the tree. like they were back packing or camping and there's where you could incorporate some products & stuff.

But I really like cakenutz's idea too--the simple flower, "flower power" another tagline--huge symbol of those days.

Here's a party bus I made and the windows are sugar.

..brain storm type of ideas for you...

Another thought for you--I'd nail down that wide open budget. My idea of wide open and somebody else's idea of wide open are wide open to interpretation. Definitely toss some figures out there.

letsgetcaking Posted 16 Sep 2009 , 1:48pm
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Wow, what a fun theme for a cake! I agree with K8memphis. I would definitely talk about specific numbers with whoever is funding the cake before I got started.

I'm loving the VW bus idea! I'm also diggin' the concert idea. Very GrOoVy! You could make it look like the hippies are setting up camp around their VW bus, waiting for the concert. This could be a way of getting the merchandise into the cake. Maybe a set of blinds on one of the windows, a shag rug on the grass, lawn chairs, a hammock tied between a tree and the bus, an awning over the bus door, maybe someone pulling out an extension cord and lava lamp from a home depot bag. icon_lol.gif

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