What Colors Do I Mix Together? Help!

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Chef_Joodles Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:07pm
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Ok I'm seriously about to cry. (small vent here but there IS a question!) I'm pretty new to the cake business and have yet to grow a tougher skin and roll with the punches. Anyhow, I am doing a baby shower cake for a church (for free mind you) that is due this friday night, and I had everything all ready to go, and just now I got an email with the new baby shower colors and theme and all of my plans are now out the window!! No time for gumpaste this late. siiigh. I have three cakes due this weekend and no time for this!

Normally I wouldn't ask, as I don't like others to do my work for me, but I've researched and am at loss! I hope someone else has experience with this. My main question is the colors. How to I make "Sage Green, A little Goldish Yellow or Cream, and Deep Rasberry" ? I only have access to wilton colors at my michaels store, or maybe hobby lobby, as there is NO time to order anything online. Wilton's chart doesn't mention these colors.

I don't understand how this cake is supposed to look like a baby shower theme with these colors in the first place, but thats another whine, lol.

can anyone tell me what colors to mix at least as a starting point? I fear I may need a week refresher course in kindergarten! lol.

THANK YOU to anyone out there willing to take the time to help me!

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MrCake01 Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:18pm
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I found a link for a color mixing chart. Looks like sage green is going to be lemon yellow and leaf green. I'm a little vage as to what color goldfish yellow is but on this chart it look like parts of red red, lemon yellow and orange. The deep raspberry looks like red red and purple with some black and i would say maybe should burgandy.

MrCake01 Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:20pm
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OK i didn't know the link was blocked
It's sugarcraft.com/catalog/coloring/colormixingchart.htm

MrCake01 Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:21pm
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It's still blocked,
Ok i googled "mixing wilton icing colors" and it was the 1st entry.

LateBloomer Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:26pm
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A tip I got from a friend was to have saturated balls of paste in the prime colours. I find it much easier to break a piece off and mix it with the white than to mix colours using gel or powder colours, especially when mixing small quantities.
Hope this helps

costumeczar Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:30pm
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Wilton has a green that's pretty sage-y, it's called juniper green. If you start with a little of that and add more until you get it to the color you want, it should work. The Wilton Moss green should also work if you start light with that.

For the yellow, the Wilton Buttercup yellow should work, or golden yellow.

For the raspberry, start with the Wilton rose pink (it's a little deeper that a light pink), get it as dark as you can, then add burgundy to it if it needs to be darker.

2SchnauzerLady Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:44pm
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Welcome Chef_Joodles and LateBloomer. I like both Wilton Moss Green and juniper. The moss green has more yellow undertones than the juniper which has more blue undertones. If the golden yellow is too yellow, just add a little orange. I mixed both those colors to the shade of cheddar cheese. The Rose pink can be very bright, more of a fuschia color (name of the color is misleading!). I agree with Costumeczar to add a little burgundy until you get the right shade. LateBloomer, I like your idea about having saturated balls of paste!

Chef_Joodles Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:48pm
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THANK YOU all so much!!! If no one has told you I love you today, well I DO ! I appreciate all of you! thank you for taking the time and sharing your knowlege with me. I am in less of a panic now. Thanks again!

-K8memphis Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:55pm
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A note for future -- learn to say--'sorry too late to change' if need be. And for me, having a change that necessitates going to the store two days before it's due is way way too late.

Do the best you can. Sure you wanna make a great impression because you're new--and you probably want to network with this event.

No worries-there will be more events, especially for free cake.

Honestly, it's much more important that you cut your losses and preserve yourself/dignity/sanity. Somebody's messing with you, gf--Heads up!

Mensch Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:56pm
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Originally Posted by Chef_Joodles

I don't understand how this cake is supposed to look like a baby shower theme with these colors in the first place, but thats another whine, lol.

What does a baby shower theme look like, anyway? Is there a law that says you have to use XX and ZZ colors?


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