"best Birthday Party Idea Ever!"

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Lambshack Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:04pm
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Above quote from my 7 year old after her party this summer!

My daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday with a Cupcake Party for 22 of her friends. I rented the neighborhood clubhouse and prepped for 2 days to get everything together in advance.

Each guest received a painted canvas apron that we decorated with a cupcake and each baker's name. They put these on as they came into the party. We chose about 14 different cupcake designs and printed out pictures of the completed cupcake. Then we put all of the necessary items for each design in deli-style take out boxes and threw the picture in with the goodies. (For instance - Butterfly Cupcakes- we had various pairs of dried fondant wings (used cookie cutters and then cut in half), edible markers to color with, a pastry bag with round tip for piping on the body, and small royal icing flowers to add. Fishtank Cupcakes - aqua blue frosting in a tub with spreaders, small goldfish crackers, colored Nerds candy for gravel, white frosting in pastry bag for bubbles, green fondant squiggles for seaweed.)
At the party, we laid out 3 to 4 cupcake 'kits' on each table, with the picture in front of the box, and then a huge platter of plain cupcakes. We baked chocolate, butter, lemon, and strawberry flavors. The guests each got to choose 4 designs to create, and I had a few older sisters to act as helpers at each table. (I had planned on 6 cupcakes each, but we had a better turnout than I anticipated for a summer party!) If they needed help spreading or piping or just another set of hands, they were right there to help.
My daughter told me it was her favorite party, and so many of the moms wanted to stay and 'watch' or even help. The question was brought up again as to why I didn't have 'Cookie Camp' or 'Cake Camp' during the summers, and I was quickly reminded why once the decorating part of the party was over and they moved on to watch their movie. I had forgotten that not all children are as well-trained as my own, who can handle a pastry bag with one hand and rotate the cake with other. I had so many piping bags that had practically EXPLODED from both ends, sprinkles were EVERYWHERE, frosting was on the backs of chairs, on the floor, in their hair, all over their little take-home boxes! I couldn't help but laugh and remember that the ONLY way I would ever do that was if I hired CLEAN-UP help! I hate to clean up buttercream in the mixing bowl - imagine it all over your kitchen??!!!

Anyway, they had so much fun and looking at the many varieties of designs made by each of the girls was hilarious - they all had the same picture, and they each put their own spin on it. They all got their apron, their 4-pack of custom-designed cupcakes, and a decorated sugar cookie as favors.

I'll try to attach pictures of the fun!

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Melnick Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:16pm
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Sounds liike a really fun idea. Was it expensive?

CakeDiane Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:17pm
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Sounds like SO much fun-- great idea! But I'm exhausted just thinking about that clean-up!! icon_smile.gif

Lcubed82 Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:20pm
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What a great time!! We've done cookie decorating for school class parties- I think they just love to smear icing!!

When my daughter turned 18, she had a group over for Italian- starting with making their own pasta. I guess I was the hired clean-up help!

majka_ze Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:23pm
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Originally Posted by Lambshack

I had so many piping bags that had practically EXPLODED from both ends

Hairbands are your friends - close the piping bag with the hairband (or simple rubber band) if you give them to children in the hand...
Even little ones can hold the bag with both hands and have a better control.

But it sure sounds like fun!

just_for_fun Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:34pm
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Originally Posted by majka_ze

Originally Posted by Lambshack

I had so many piping bags that had practically EXPLODED from both ends

Hairbands are your friends - close the piping bag with the hairband (or simple rubber band) if you give them to children in the hand...
Even little ones can hold the bag with both hands and have a better control.

But it sure sounds like fun!

I started reading this and I just thought "oh, my! imagine washing the buttercream out of the kids' hair!" I guess hairbands for their hair would also help!

but I would totally do it to get that comment back from my daughter!

marcy11 Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 8:47pm
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I had a similiar birthday party for my daughter when she was turning 7 as well! People are still telling me that it was the best party and it has been 2 years already!!! I also gave each girl a decorated apron with their names on it when they walked in and they all loved that! I had the kids decorate cakes, not cupcakes, and when they arrived at the party, I had plain white cake boxes for them to decorate. I set out markers, stickers, and foam stickers and they had a blast decorating their boxrs even before they decorated the cakes!! When the parents rsvp'd for the party I had them ask their daughter if they wanted to decorate a flower cake or a butterfly cake and I had them pre baked for them when they arrived. I set out LOTS of icing bags with tons of colors and I let them go. They LOVED it!!! They actually came out really nice too! I also had 3 teenage girls that live on my street helping out and I highly recommend it! They cleaned everything up too! I am thinking about doing this again for my other daughter when she turns 7! I will warn you though...there is a lot of prep work involved, but totally worth it!

majka_ze Posted 8 Sep 2009 , 9:16pm
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How about tips for everybody who wants to do something similar? A sort of "Survival guide to a decorating party"?

I will start here:
1. Remember, it will be messy. The only difference is between "Never again" and "Let me catch my breath and in a few months we could think about it again". thumbs_up.gif
2. Aprons are must. (You don't want the other parents mad, do you?)
3. If there were one time to put a plastic tablecloth on the table, THIS is it. Best to make it a disposable one.
4. Get paper towels. Even when you normally don't use them, get them. Put them on the table (each table).
5. Teach the children "proper way to do it". Long hair up (at least ponytail), washed hands, and cleaning spills when they happen. The last one is not meant as must, but it surely helps with clean up, even when only the worst mess get cleaned right away. Children around 5 - 8 seem to love it to be "an real baker/decorator".
6. Some children have no patience and / or their own idea how to do it. Live with it and hope it is not your child icon_smile.gif
7. Older siblings are welcome - they can be big help and sanity saver for you. If you can get to help you when cleaning up, bribe them with cake.
8. If possible, seal piping bags (prepare several ahead, close with rubber bands). Similar, tiny sprinkles work best from salt shakers and bigger ones from small zip-lock bags. And remember - even than it still will be messy icon_wink.gif
9. After party: Throw all the garbage on the disposable tablecloth, roll it together and throw away. Put all dishes in dishwasher or in sink filled with hot water. Give your kitchen something we call here "military cleaning" or "what is wet is clean". Go with hot wash rag and dish detergent over all surfaces. Leave it wet and go drink cup of tea or coffee. After that, washing the dishes and the real cleaning gets easier because it all had the time to soak and loosen the dirt/grease.

Any other tips?

saffronica Posted 9 Sep 2009 , 4:48am
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Just a thought for anyone who might be thinking of doing this soon....

I was at Michael's a couple of weeks ago, and they had colored reversible aprons (pink/purple and red/blue) for $1 each. I don't know if they still have them, but you can't beat the price!

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