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Sparklepop Posted 24 Aug 2009 , 10:12pm
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Quite a while ago I remember reading a thread on the above, naturally I can't seem to find it icon_confused.gif . I'm after info on what goes into setting up kids parties and if they are as fun as they sound (for the kids that is icon_lol.gif ).
Thanks for any help

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Melonie1005 Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 12:20am
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Here is a bump for you to get this question noticed. I am wanting to know the same thing. I want to start a mobile party to go business, and want to add this as an option. Maybe someone will help us.
Thanks for any help,

Melonie1005 Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 12:27am
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bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 12:38am
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I haven't heard of that but there is a book out on that very subject. If you give me a few moments I'll try to get a link for you.

Sparklepop Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 12:40am
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That would be cool bobwonderbuns.
Thanks for the bump Melonie1005.
I've even tried to Google with little success.
I'm sure I read about it here but that was probably before the big crash.

bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 12:46am
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Well crap, I can't find what I'm looking for. If you go to, search through the books section. There are several on that very topic but I can't find the one I'm thinking of.

Sparklepop Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 1:39am
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Isn't that always the way? Thanks anyway bob, will check out the website for the book thumbs_up.gif

Ruth0209 Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 2:23am
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I thought about doing this, but haven't followed through on it. It sounds extraordinarily tedious to me, but I thought it might be a money maker.

I figured I'd need a 4" round cake (only one flavor per party) for each child, iced in white BC with one layer of BC filling, and then maybe two colors of icing for each kid. I thought I could put the icing in small ziplock bags with one of those cheap plastic tips in it. The kids could share/swap the colors if they wanted a different color. Maybe some sprinkles and stuff like that, too.

I thought they'd each need a little box to take their cake home (with my business card stuck to the top, hopefully for future grown-up orders). I aso thought it'd be cool for each kid to have their own apron, and I found some for $2.82 each at this web site.

I think you'd want to limit your time to about an hour plus a little prep and clean-up time. I think you'd need to charge about $15/kid to make any money at it because you'd want to limit the number so it wasn't total chaos (max of 10 kids?). You'd probably want a minimum age limit, too. Maybe 6 years old?

Don't know if that helps at all, but those were my thoughts. I'll be interested to see if anyone is doing this successfully without losing their mind. : )

2SimplySweet Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 2:34am
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That would be cute a Cake Decorate Mobile Valet thumbs_up.gif

Sparklepop Posted 26 Aug 2009 , 9:47am
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Yeah something along those lines Ruth0209 or I even thought about a couple of cupcakes. I was trying to work out whether it was a viable sort of thing to look at doing or not. It sounds good in theory but I was wondering how it would go in practice.
Cake Decorate Mobile Valet icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

PartyCake Posted 18 Sep 2009 , 2:45am
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How to start a home based Children's Birthday Party Business by Amy Jean Peters is the book you should read. If you work out of your home or have a storefront it covers all areas. You can borrow it from your local library.

korensmommy Posted 18 Sep 2009 , 3:06am
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Here's someone who does it, maybe this will help give you some ideas:

Sparklepop Posted 18 Sep 2009 , 5:59am
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Thank you PartyCake will see if I can find the book here.
korensmommy thanks for the link that is a help too, the kids look like they're really into it.

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