Fat Daddios Vs Magic Line????

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AngiesIdea Posted 16 Aug 2009 , 12:11am
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Hello all,

I recently purchased a couple fat daddios and I didn't like how dark my cake was in comparison to the Magic Line pans. Has anyone else had this happen. I needed to make 2 8 in rounds quick and I couldn't find another Magic Line at the cake store so I got the FD pan. Didn't like it at all. Second round, I took that pan out a bit earlier and they were closer in color. I just thought I'd ask you all. Not a huge deal, maybe I'm being a stinker! icon_redface.gif


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Jeff_Arnett Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 12:46am
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Of course you will get mixed responses on this.....but here's my experience....

I bought a few FD pans recently. I find my cakes do not bake as high or as level in them as they do in my same size ML pans, and the sides and bottom are more darkly browned.

So now I am going to reorder the same pans in ML instead.

Just my two cents....

chikadodle Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 1:01am
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Love, love, love my Magic Line pans over FD anyday.

hollyh Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 1:18am
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I have the magic line square pans and they are amazing! The corners come out perfect! I will stick with magic line!

mygirlssweet Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 1:23am
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I love my magic line pans!! Especially the square ones with the straight corners.

Normita Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 1:28am
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I use fd for the round. I have not had any problems with them. But ml for the square. They come out soooo good.....the edges come out super straight

xstitcher Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 1:30am
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I love my ML too. Haven't tried FD but from reading in the forums in the past I think I've read that the recommended temperature for baking with FD pans in 325 degrees. Was that the temp of your oven (I always keep a oven thermometer in there as I don't trust the dial by itself)?

PuffCake Posted 17 Aug 2009 , 2:20am
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I have never used Magic Line but love my Fat Daddios. They are heavy duty, good quality pans. I have 12x18x3, 11x15x2, 8x12x2 and 5x5x3. I bake at 325 and they all bake up nicely with no dark edges.

beachcakes Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 1:07am
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I posted last week about how dark my cakes were in FD. i mean REALLY dark; I had to trim off all the edges and the bottom b/c it looked so bad. And I baked at 325 like directed.

What was even more frustrating was that I didn't even order FD - I needed an 11x15x2 and ML doesn't make that size, but Pfeil& Holing had their brand in that size on their website. Well, apparently they were out of stock & substituted without asking!! icon_sad.gif They did tell me I could pay to ship it back and get a refund! gee, thanks.

I will never, ever buy another FD pan. ML are always a perfect color and lovely, straight corners! icon_smile.gif

erin12345 Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 1:28am
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I haven't had problems with the sides being dark but with the sides sticking to the pans and breaking away from the cake. I only have round FD pans. All of my other pans release just fine. Anyone else have this problem?

sugarMomma Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 1:44am
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For people that have only tried FD, I am sure they are finding them to be just fine. They are definitely better quality and more heavy duty than Wilton.
If you have used ML and can compare, there is definitely a difference. My cake store started switching FD for ML due to cost, and now I have mix-matched sets. I have one 9" round in ML and one in FD and the ML cooks lighter and more evenly. The FD shrinks a bit too. I believe ML is slightly heavier and thicker than FD, which is difference.

If you have a choice, Magic Line...hands down, end of discussion.

leah_s Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 2:02am
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ditto Sugarmomma. If all your experience is with Wilton pans, then you'll like FD. However, if you have ML pans, you probably will not like FD.

I have ONE FD pan and I will never buy another. Cakes do not rise as high (I suspect the super slick coating) and the FD squares have rounded corners. FD really need to be baked at about 300. Having one pan that requires special handling/specific baking temp is worse than useless. When I bake, I load up the oven.

The FDs do clean easily though.

xstitcher Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 2:05am
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There's a pic showing a comparison of cakes baked in a square FD and a square ML:


heddahope Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 5:24am
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I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but is Magic line pans the same thing as Parrish magic line?

staten93 Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 5:42am
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I love my magic line pans. I just bought some square ones and rectangular pans. The corners are so straight and square. I think the cakes bake very nice and even in them. I will be buying more magic line pans in the future. I do a lot of baking and grew up doing lots of baking. There is a huge difference in your baked goods when you use a high quality pan versus a low quality pan.

xstitcher Posted 18 Aug 2009 , 6:24am
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Originally Posted by heddahope

I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but is Magic line pans the same thing as Parrish magic line?

Yes, they are made by Parrish (manufacturer).

Joan1545 Posted 9 Mar 2013 , 1:08am
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Thanks to everyone who has replied to this post! I need to add 9 x 3" rounds to my stash and was online shopping, trying to decide between ML and FD. Didn't know which reviews to trust most and thought I'd search for a comparison. Bingo to Cake Central! Am going to ignore the hoopla about FD and get both the rounds and add square while I'm at it. Thanks again to all!

IAmPamCakes Posted 9 Mar 2013 , 2:47am
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AI'm actually using ML pans my mother used in the 80's! I love Magic Line pans.

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