Do You Get Sooooo Excited At Getting New Equipment ?!?!?!

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sugarsugargal Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:30pm
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I have just ordered a cake scribe/gauge and am beside myself with happiness as i have only just discovered these exist and it will make my life/cakes sooooooooooooooo much easier.

Am I alone in my equipement mania ?!?!?!

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tripleD Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:37pm
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sugarsugargal, Oh new Cake pans, gizmos,gadgets. Love it all.

I love to goto restaurant supply stores. its like a toy store.
When I get something new i can't wait til I can try it out.

sugarsugargal Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:44pm
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lol...i can sense you are just like me, i become all breathless in a cake supply store !!!!!

madgeowens Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:47pm
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Back in 1969 I was in the womens army corp, and my friend got really excied when they issued our raincoat liners,,,,not the actual coat, just the liner hahaha..

foodguy Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:49pm
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Could you please explain to me what a cake scribe/gauge is, and where they are availabe so that I might see what it looks like?
Thank you

grandmom Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:53pm
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Yes, I want to know what a cake scribe/gauge is too! I Googled it, but nothing relevant popped up.

YES, I am a gadget/tool FREAK!! My Agbay just came in today!!! Tomorrow other goodies should come, Friday even more!!

TJCanadian Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 8:59pm
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I just got a professional turntable and I'm SOOOO excited!! It spins so nicely!

madgeowens Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:02pm
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yeah what he scribe thingy?

mysonbronson Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:16pm
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I get excited about new anything. There is always something new to me that I feel like I have to have. It's always a big rush and I have to have it now, to bad I live in Hawaii and everything needs to come via mail icon_cry.gif

grandmom Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:30pm
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Phhhhhpptt. I don't think Hawaii has anything to do with it. I live in Kentucky and everything has to come by mail. There's not a cake shop around, not a decent sewing store around, nothing. "Around" to me means less than an hour's drive one way.

veronica720 Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:41pm
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I get excited just looking for stuff online. I will be shopping up a storm soon, once we get the garage converted and I think I will be in heaven. It's great looking online so I can't even imagine going to an actual store for all my stuff. The closest store to me is Hobby Lobby, which is good but I want something better.......hehe

Price Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:42pm
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There's nothing that beats a new cake toy! icon_biggrin.gif

cutthecake Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:45pm
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I'm pathetic. I'm delirious over our new power washer.

Lcubed82 Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 9:55pm
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I am always afraid to try something new, because I am a gadget junkie! Gotta have it all! Michaels may as well have put up a plaque for me when I started Wilton classes!

Bonnell Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 10:06pm
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I know what y'all mean. My DH just bought me an airbrush and I was so excited when he told me I was jumping all around at work. What a dork! Of course, now that it's here I'm afraid to use it.

PS - Price - I love your pictures!

Marina Posted 12 Aug 2009 , 10:10pm
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I remember when I got my Agbay. I was felt so intimidated by it that I didn't use it for about a month....

Loucinda Posted 13 Aug 2009 , 1:33am
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You should have seen me in the vendors room at ICES. icon_eek.gif I have so many new toys I don't know which one to play with next. (the GREX airgun was the first thing....I LOVE IT) icon_biggrin.gif

mysonbronson Posted 13 Aug 2009 , 2:08am
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Can I ask where you purchased your Cake Scribing/Guage from? I was only able to find them in the UK. Thank you in advance and I would be so excited also.

missymayflower Posted 13 Aug 2009 , 2:26am
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I've been playing with a Sunbeam mixer for the last four years, and saving up for a Kitchen Aid. I finally got one today, the 6 qt model. I broke it in with a batch of strawberry cupcakes and my first batch of Italian Meringue buttercream. I was jumping up a down when my DH told me, at work, that the UPS delivery had arrived.

grannys3angels Posted 13 Aug 2009 , 4:45am
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Here is a link show what a cake side scribing/marking gauge is. I have been wanting one for over a year.
Well that isn't working right. Just go to beryls . com type in search cake scribing and it will go to it.
Yes, I also get very excited over new cake toys and can't to try them out.
God Bless,

Edited because link was working

veronica720 Posted 13 Aug 2009 , 4:55am
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is it the needle modeling tool

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