Buttercream Disaster

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punkyf Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 9:21pm
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Just made a big batch of buttercream icing. I used walmart brand shortening w/ transfats and made this icing the same way I always do. This icing is so grainy. Not smooth enough to even pipe with. It kind of looks like it seperates too. Just not smooth. I've tried beating it forever, adding more shortening, and more pd sugar. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem. Otherwise I will have to try to find some hi ratio shortening and start again.



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Deb_ Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 9:28pm
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Sorry icon_sad.gif Try letting it sit for a while, sometimes the PS will "melt" into the shortening/liquids. (Before you try to use it again, put it back in your mixer for a few minutes.)

I once tried indy's recipe, it was "grainy" but I left it over night and the next day it was much better.

Was your PS 10x or 6x?

Cake_Bliss Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 9:46pm
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I had the same problem before when I used a store brand shortening and I let it sit also. I use Crisco only now and never have a problem and if I don't have a problem then it saves me timeicon_smile.gif

Idreamofcakes Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 9:49pm
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This exact thing happened to me 2 weeks ago...I think I actually overbeat it. I didn't even think that was possible! I almost dumped it in the trash it was so bad, like you said, it was as if it was seperating too. Anyhow I put it in the fridge till it was cold all the way through, it was for a few hours. Then took it straight from the fridge and started beating it without letting it come to room temp first. It turned out great, it was the smoothest, creamiest batch of frosting I ever made!


punkyf Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 10:12pm
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The powdered sugar was 10x. The shortening almost seems to be seperating or something. I'm really frustrated. If I add water to the icing to thin it, it gets a white milky look to it. I've stirred and stirred and it does not help. I colored some red and I thinned it with a little water and it turned red but had a white milky seperated look to it. I'm baffled.


punkyf Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 10:17pm
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Idreamofcakes, The icing is going into the fridge right now. It kills me to waste things. Thanks! Can't wait to try it.

Angi1972, You don't have trouble with the new Crisco? I have avoided it because of all of the problems with it.


notjustcakes Posted 8 Aug 2009 , 10:47pm
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You know, I read somewhere, not to thin icing with water especially if it's warm weather as this causes separation. Try thinning with milk...Also, I noticed with Indydebs buttercream the dreamwhip sort of emulsifies it (like whips it up fluffy like) and seemed to cause everything to hold together nicely...Anyway, maybe this might help

punkyf Posted 9 Aug 2009 , 1:31am
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If putting the icing ing the fridge doesn't work I will go and get some Dream whip and try adding it to it and see what happens.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

rvercher23 Posted 9 Aug 2009 , 1:32am
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I have this happen to me quite a bit, that is why I make my icing a few days ahead of time because by the time it is time to ice the cake, it is smooth and the grainess is gone. I use the store brand icing from walmart and from kroger.

Cake_Bliss Posted 9 Aug 2009 , 3:12pm
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Originally Posted by punkyf

Idreamofcakes, The icing is going into the fridge right now. It kills me to waste things. Thanks! Can't wait to try it.

Angi1972, You don't have trouble with the new Crisco? I have avoided it because of all of the problems with it.


no I haven't.....yet...uh ooh I hope I don't jinx myself..LOL!

Idreamofcakes Posted 9 Aug 2009 , 6:49pm
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so how did it turn out?
I'm nosey icon_lol.gif

punkyf Posted 10 Aug 2009 , 12:03am
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The icing that I put back in the mixer and mixed it to death is still grainy. I then put it into the fridge and mixed it again this morning. It is more fluffy but still grainy. I will freeze it and use it between cookies. The icing that I did not beat to death is still oily looking but doesn't seem as grainy. It almost looks like I used oil instead of shortening in the icing. I have not tried to beat it more yet but will let you know what happens. Hopefully I will be able to salvage part of it for cupcakes or something. Going tomorrow to get some Hi Ratio shortening. Almost afraid to try again.


Idreamofcakes Posted 10 Aug 2009 , 3:21pm
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Well that just stinks! I usually use the Target brand shortening and never have a problem. If crisco is on sale I use it. I also usually beat it to death, but that one time I think beating it as long as I did with as hot & humid (we usually dont get humidity here) as it was is what caused my problem that time.
I hope you can figure out whats going on....

punkyf Posted 10 Aug 2009 , 4:42pm
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Hmmmm.... hot and humid. That could be part of the problem. It is extremely hot and humid here this summer. Trying to save on electirc and not keeping the house as cool. That could be part of the problem. Just got some hi ratio shortening and am going to try again. I'm scared. Don't want
it to mess up again. Oh well, here goes.

punkyf Posted 11 Aug 2009 , 1:35am
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Ok, after letting the icing sit on the counter and then putting it in the fridge for a day I remixed the icing and added a large spoonful of hi ratio shortening. It is acceptable now. I have not tried this with the grey icing because I think it is beyond help. I think I will try it in cake balls and see what happens. I will have many many cake balls though.

Thanks for everyones ideas. This site is so wonderful!!


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