Duncan Hines, Pillsbury Or Betty Crocker

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gordo21 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:10pm
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which cake mix is the best to be used when making cakes

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Brenda0217 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:21pm
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I like the pillsbury and bettycrocker, the dark choc. pillsbury to me tastes wonderful, like a homemade choc. cake, love that flavor the best. and I use betty crocker super moist yellow butter cake one too when need too.

diane Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:22pm
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i've used all three and find that duncan heinz is the most moist. icon_wink.gif

diane Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:23pm
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i've used all three and find that duncan heinz is the most moist. icon_wink.gif

canuelas4 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:24pm
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The duncan hines butter cake tastes the most homemade and is very moist

didavista Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:29pm
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I prefer Duncan Hines too. icon_smile.gif

poohsmomma Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:31pm
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Duncan Hines!!!!!

jaybug Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:31pm
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Duncan Hines dark chocolate fudge and french vanilla are my favorites. icon_smile.gif

pupandbon Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:32pm
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my vote is for Duncan Hines Classic White and for Chocolate, I use the Devil's Food. Get more compliments than others that use other brands...

didivella Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:35pm
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Betty Crocker!!! We sort of had to as my Dad worked for 45+ years at General Mills and we weren't allowed the competition in the house. LOL. I haven't tried the other brands but I can tell you that I have always got lots of compliments by family and friends over my doctored chocolate and white cakes.

wakeandbake Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:45pm
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i like duncan hines. not only are most of their cake mixes trans fat free, but if you look on the box wilton it says "as recommended in wilton method cake decorating schools."

wakeandbake Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:45pm
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duncan hines

cupcakelady64 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:45pm
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Duncan Hines - the most moist!

flourpowerMN Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:50pm
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Pillsbury, with Betty Crocker coming in a close 2nd.

I've tried DH, but even with my "doctored" recipes, these come out too light & spongy for any kind of carving/leveling. I prefer a more dense cake for stacking.

cupcakelady64 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:56pm
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i agree with the sponginess making it harder to carve. i use duncan hines for colossal cups because the more dense cakes tend to be too heavy for the cupcake shaping and icing.

i recently started using WASC for stacking and tiering. it's awesome. LOTS of compiments on that recipe! thumbs_up.gif

Doug Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 9:05pm
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another DH fan here.

my fav: do the extended & enhanced recipes together (sort of a WASC on steroids)

but.... use 2 parts DH butter yellow to 1 part DH French Vanilla.

Rylan Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 9:20pm
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I like Betty Crocker (said in an English accent).

Tobita Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 1:44am
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I had stopped using Duncan Hines many years ago. To me it tasted different and I didn't like it. I recently tried the butter flavor duncan Hines and it was pretty good. However, I use Pillsburry because I can get it MUCH cheaper than Duncan Hines. The most I pay for Pillsburry is $1 per box and I think Walmart has it even cheaper.

Uniqueask Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 1:59am
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Duncan Hines, For me too all the way

kakeladi Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 2:01am
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Did you really think you would get an answer to your ? that would lead you to THE one? LOL!

I have always been and will always be a Betty fan.

HamSquad Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 2:25am
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Taught a cake decorating class 4 years ago, in the 1st class I prepare all three brands plus an aldi's brand. They all were yellow cakes. Since I doctor all my cake mix cakes. I prepare them all the same way. They had to sample each brand. To my surprise they chose the Aldi's. Go figure, because I'm a DH lover.

jammjenks Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 2:51am
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Put me down in the Duncan Hines column. Although, by the time I add all the doctoring it probably wouldn't make a difference what I used.

loulou2 Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 2:55am
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Duncan Hines!!
Try the Coconut & French Vanilla together icon_biggrin.gif

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