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cai0311 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 4:32pm
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I was going to order a set of SPS plates for a wedding cake I have coming up, but the only sizes I could find at oasis supply were either 4" long or 9" long. The 4" is too short for the cake and the 9" too tall. I called their customer service department to see if the 9" was easy to cut and have a level edge and the lady said no. So, what do you do if the dimensions are not what you want?
I have really wanted to try this system since everyone raves about but my cakes are never as short as 4".

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cai0311 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:10pm
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Anyone? icon_cry.gif

mbt4955 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:16pm
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Mine are still sitting in the box, but I ordered 4 and 9" pillars. The 9" ones definitely were scored at one end to make cutting them easier. Here is the description from Sugar craft dot com ... WHITE Multi Piece Column 9 inch
consist of 5" Grecian scored section, two 2" extension pieces and collar.

I do think that your cake would need to be at least 5" tall or these would be too tall.

cakebaker1957 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:26pm
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Leahs would know she talks about them all the time, Just pm her

tiggy2 Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:32pm
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leahs makes sure her cakes are exactly 4" and uses the 4" ones

dessert1st Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:42pm
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See below. Sorry.

dessert1st Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 8:44pm
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I use wooden dowel rods the same circumference as the pillars & can easily snip them to the height I need. This way I get the strength & support of SPS with versatility on height. I certainly don't have the professional experience of others on this site, but I have never had any trouble - and it's an inexpensive alternative for me since I'm just a hobby baker. I also don't live within 100 miles of a cake supply store so this is really convenient for someone that has to rely on mail order for supplies.

leah_s Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 2:28am
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There's a good reason to make your tiers 4" tall. That's the dimension that all the cutting charts are based on. Also, the caterer at the event is going to bring 5" or 6" diameter dessert plates. You don't want the slice of cake hanging off the edge of the plates.

That said, SPS legs come in 4", 5" and 9" . The 9" legs are scored at 1/2" intervals and with a saw (chop saw or miter box) they are reasonably simple to cut.

Bonnie1462 Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 2:38am
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LEAH, if you bake 2 - two inch cakes and torte and fill them how do you exactly get your cakes to exactly 4 inches? I just made a 10" and 8" cake. Each cake had two layers which I torted and filled and the end result gave me 4-1/2 inches high. I have the Agbay cutter (LOVE IT) so what should I make the settings? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

leah_s Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 11:59am
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As noted in the sticky at the top of the How Do I? Forum, I use the Agbay to trim each layer to 7/8". I always use 4 layers of cake + three layers of filling per tier. Gives me a 4" (or sometimes a wee bit above) height.

Bonnie1462 Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 3:08pm
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Thanks Leahs...Bonnie

dawncr Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 3:38pm
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I don't have a good leveler, and I also tend to like "tall" tiers. I usually end up cutting the columns with my cheapo ($8, including saw) miter box.

Works great. Takes a *little* more time than just cutting up straws or dowels, but well worth it.

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