BlackFlour Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 10:34pm
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Anyone heard of Larita's cookies and cakes in Iowa? We used to live there and still to this day get her to ship us cookies because her icing is out of this world! If you've heard/eaten them, what does she put in her icing?! I thought it was butter extract and vanilla, but I did that today, and it's not the same..!!! If you have any idea let me know! icon_smile.gif Thanks!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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jonahsmom Posted 19 Jul 2009 , 11:20pm
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This is Larita's recipe - (got it from a former employee!!!)

2 cups crisco
1/2 cup real butter (unsalted)
1 cup water
2 tsps salt
2 tsps vanilla
1 tsp almond flavoring
2 lbs powdered sugar

Edited to add: BTW, I live in Ft. Dodge!!!

Mizuki Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 12:57am
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DH and I were just there over Christmas. She has such a lovely little shop!!
We bought a package of sugar cookies to try (and also to dissect them). We definitely tasted almond extract. Sorry I can't give you more.

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 12:09pm
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jonahsmom~I'm trying to envision this coming together as an icing.
Is this going to be like a frosting or an icing? And does it harden? I love trying new recipes, but want to know what it is going to end up like. Please reply when you can. Thanks.

jonahsmom Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 12:32pm
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I'm pretty sure it crusts, but can't be 100% positive since I haven't made it yet. All I know is that this is the recipe given to me by one of her former employees, so I know it is THE recipe. I know when she uses it to decorate her sugar cookies it keeps it's shape. It seems like it would need more powdered sugar to get a good crusting going on though, doesn't it?

I've been using Sugarshack's recipe and everyone raves about it. (Thanks Sharon!) So I just haven't really needed to make it yet. Maybe I will this week sometime just so I can really see if it's crusting or not. Unless someone else tries it first!

But seriously, this is THE frosting in Fort Dodge. I don't think anyone doesn't love it!!!! (Keep in mind that even my friends who were die-hard Larita's fans have said that the Sugarshack recipe is better! I think it comes down to whether or not you like almond flavor.)

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 1:52pm
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Yes, I do like almond flavor. Haven't tried Sugarshacks recipe. Is this only in her DVD? Or on CC? Thank you again for answering about the other recipe.

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 1:54pm
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Yes, I do like almond flavor. Haven't tried Sugarshacks recipe. Is this only in her DVD? Or on CC? Thank you again for answering about the other recipe.

tiggerjo Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:02pm
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could someone please post the sugarshack recipe. my search does not work. TIA

jonahsmom Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:02pm
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Right here on CC!!!

It's good stuff!

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:20pm

Okay, I'm totally confused now. Are we talking about frosting or icing for cookies like Antonia74 makes? Is Sugarshacks recipe that was posted here for cakes? If so, here is a youtube:

This is for cakes though and not cookies.
Sorry if I'm confusing everyone.

jonahsmom Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:28pm

The Sugarshack recipe is a buttercream recipe (for cakes or cookies IMO).

The Larita's frosting that I listed above could also be used for either. She uses it on all her cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. It's not a royal icing or glaze or anything like that. Good ol' buttercream.....that's what I use on everything, too. (Well, I will once I start making cookies!!!)

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:36pm

Thank you for clearing up my fogged head!

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:37pm

Thank you for clearing up my fogged head!

TracyLH Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:43pm

If used for cookies, will Sugarshack's recipe stack/bag without sticking? Thanks!

jonahsmom Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 2:49pm

I think they would stick together. I think they would probably get all smooshed up. But it would be similar to Larita's cookies I would think. I know she uses pizza type boxes for her cookies. They would probably bag individually if you let them set up before attempting to do it. But then you wouldn't want to stack the bags I don't think. You would still want to use some kind of box where they could lay flat in one layer. I would use both recipes in a similar fashion since neither one of them really sets up like the royal icing does.

I don't know if I'm being much help or if I'm just confusing matters! I am trying to help, though! icon_redface.gif

Marianna46 Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 8:12pm

Hi, just a question for vickymacd: what is the difference for you between icing and frosting. I use those terms interchangeably, but I'm ready to learn. Thanx! icon_biggrin.gif

vickymacd Posted 20 Jul 2009 , 11:29pm

sorry so long, site was down.

Icing to me is like a drizzle. Or what I would put on cookies. Then it dries smooth. Icing is what I drizzle on a bundt cake.

Frosting is the fluffy stuff. Put on cupcakes, cakes (whether smoothing it or not).

Maybe that's why I was so confused! Although it doesn't take much to confuse me!

Marianna46 Posted 21 Jul 2009 , 12:37pm

Thanks for the explanation. I'd never thought about the difference, but obviously it's important. From your description, I guess I only do frosting, because I only do cakes that later get decorated. You don't seem at all confused to me! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif I think I was the one who was confused.

BlackFlour Posted 26 Jul 2009 , 1:24am

We get them shipped to TX and the icing does smoosh a little bit, however they keep the form of whatever shape/design she had intended. I am SOOOO excited to get the recipe! icon_smile.gif **my husband is making fun of me....**

jonahsmom Posted 26 Jul 2009 , 8:27pm

Okay, so I'm thinking the Larita's recipe that I posted was flawed!!!! I tried making it and although the taste was definitely Larita's the consistency was AWFUL!!!!! I'm not sure, but I'm guessing, that maybe the 2 lbs of powdered sugar should've been 2 BAGS (4 lbs)? I'm gonna try that this next weekend (after my stupid surgery!) to see if that's better. The consistency actually made me gag....way too runny!

My apologies!

TracyLH Posted 27 Jul 2009 , 2:43pm

Thanks for your help with my question, Jonahsmom! icon_smile.gif

TracyLH Posted 27 Jul 2009 , 2:44pm

Thanks for your help with my question, Jonahsmom! icon_smile.gif

BlackFlour Posted 28 Jul 2009 , 5:07pm

I think it's the water, maybe not 1 cup just 1 tbs or even 2? Seems like a lot of water for that small of a recipe, but if I get a chance to play with it this week i'll try it out! The key ingredients are the 2tsp van 1 tsp almond icon_smile.gif hehe woohoo! Can't wait!

Bellatheball Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 2:25am

I can't help but wonder if she wouldn't want her recipe posted.

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