Wilton Castle Kit :(

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yamber82 Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 1:51am
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i bought the kit because i had a request for the exact cake on the box, so far i have used the towers twice and honestly, for it to be made by THE cake brand you would think it would be made a lot better. that's the second thing i have bougth from wilton that makes me wonder if the designer has ever even made a cake. the towers are almost impossible to get the to stay put. i hot glued dowls to the bottoms and for the sides i put a chunk of fondant underneath them and tried to glue them to the cake with icing. the otehr time i actually glued horizontal dowls to stick the bottom ones in the sides of the cake and they still fell off. what crap!

the other thing i just bougth was a 3 seperate tier stnad for a wedding cake. it was advertised as "durable" and when i got it in the mail it was made of styrofome!!!! seriously?! i used the same size cakes it advertises with and the whole thing was literally swaying everytime i even walked across the room. i was sooo nervous the whole wedding that it was gonna fall over

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LittleLadyBabyCakes Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 1:59am
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Awww, I just made a cake with the kit-- I did have to drill holes and put dowel rods in--the top towers were leaning a bit, but it stood up to the poking and prodding of 3 year olds!! I kinda liked the kit! Sorry you've had such bad luck!

yamber82 Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 2:40am
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i personally didn't have too bad of luck with it i just think to be made by wilton it should have been made a little better. it should be made to stick in the cake, you shouldn't have to alter it or fix it or drill holes in it.

the castle i did for today i left at the customer's house because i had another party to go to today and overnight i guess, or maybe when she moved it, several of the towers fell off. even one of the hot glued ones came off. luckily she was able to fix it. it i could have been there it wouldn't have been such a problem, but i was worried it would collapse and she would be screwed

jammjenks Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 2:49am
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Use candy melts. I've used them three times on that kit and the cakes have had no problems at all. I use the candy melts on the bottoms and sides (that will be against cake) and they don't budge. Try them before you give up on the castle kit.

I do agree with you, though, about the quality of some of the Wilton products.

Oh, and the cake stand you bought....yeah, I had the same thoughts about it. It sure looks pretty on the box and in pictures, but it looks like a piece of crap in person.

yamber82 Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 3:00am
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i thought the candy melt wouldn't hold well but i havn't tried it yet. and of course, hot glue is so much easier, haha. i honestly don't know how the one with the stick on it came out of the cake, i didn't ask her about that, but the ones on the sides weren't holding very well. i usually do bc on those cakes. is it possible to attatch it with candy melts to bc? that seems weird.

jammjenks Posted 12 Jul 2009 , 7:07pm
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Oh yes. I do it all the time.

sammie192 Posted 13 Jul 2009 , 9:41pm
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hi jammjenks I would like to know how you worked with tower on a castle cake with chocolate melts please explain? I will be using the paper towel holder and sq. cakes. But well have to deliver and I was going to try hot glue also.
thanks sammie

jlynnw Posted 13 Jul 2009 , 9:53pm
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I found the drilled hole method works great! It is a pretty crappy item from Wilton. They seem to go with what is current and then get it out of the blocks before testing it out. I have yet to get the chocolate to work for me. I drilled the holes in the bottom of the towers. I insert the dowel into the cake and cake board then slide the tower in place. It is best if the dowel is the whole length of the tower. For some reason, that kit is really popular with the kids I make cakes for. I use it a lot!

icer101 Posted 13 Jul 2009 , 9:57pm
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i have never used the kit.. but have seen some beautiful cakes made using it..hth

sammie192 Posted 13 Jul 2009 , 10:03pm
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I well dowel the center ex-long for center tower and try drilling the cake board or just make a hole for dowels and tower
on sides of cake. sammie

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