Stacked Cake - Pls Check Me Out If I Am Right....(Long)

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ZlatkaT Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 9:33pm
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Would you please check me out, if I am correct with all this, and if you see something wrong or questionable, pls let me know. It is my first stacked cake. Thank you!!!
3 tier round (14;10;6) all BC frosting. Each cake will sit on the same cake size Foam board 3/16" thigh (I will put RI on each board). Each cake will be torted 4, with 3 fillings. I will do dam of BC for each filling.
14" WASC + Bavarian filling
10" chocolate cake with Cream cheese and cut out strawberries
6" RV with cream cheese filling.
Dowels: 1/2" bubble tea straws
for 14" I will use 17 straws o support 10" cake
for 10" I will use 10 straws to support 6" cake
1 wooden dowel (5/16") trough the all cake.
Work plan: Bake ahead and freeze.
Friday: level, torte, fillings, crumb coat, refrigerate over night
Saturday: ice, smoothing, stacking, refrigerate over night
Sunday morning: scroll work, borders, refrigerate at 4pm
Did I miss anything????? How is it look to you? Will you be worried to travel with this stacked cake, because of the slippery fillings? Are the numbers of dowels correct?

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dandelion56602 Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 10:37pm
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I don't use straws so I can't help you there---I'm thinking 2x's the diameter?. My concern is decorating on Sunday. I would stack when I got there if you don't have someone that can ride w/ the cake.

How far away is the delivery?

You could level & torte before you freeze, giving yourself a little more time on Fri & they will thaw quicker too.

If you had time on Sat I would do the scroll work & refrigerate until time to go. Leave 2 hr before delivery & assemble at site.

Don't forget an emergency pack w/ extras to fix mess ups.

ZlatkaT Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 10:53pm
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Thank you for your opinion, every counts!! I will drive with my husband, about 2.5 miles. I don't think I could freeze the cake with fillings as the Bavarian creme and cream cheese and strawberries - that won't be good I think. I am worried for the fillings a lot - they are perishable and when I delivery the cake, they will be 3 days old already!! Don't you think??

dandelion56602 Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 11:01pm
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Don't freeze filled. Just go ahead & level them, then torte them, don't fill. Wrap each torte individually or together. If you wrap them individually they will thaw super fast. (a 1" cake thaws faster than a 4" cake).

Do you make your own fillings or use sleeve? If you use sleeve they can sit out longer. if you make your own, don't forget to include that in your work time. If you make your own I would do that while they thaw. You don't want perishable fillings to be older than they have to

pattycakesnj Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 11:08pm
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I would not use bubble tea straws for support on a cake that has to travel, only for cakes that stay home. For travel, for extra stability, I would use wooden dowels instead of straws.

Melchas Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 11:24pm
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I always level, torte and wrap as soon as I take my cakes out of the pan. They thaw faster and stack easier once frozen, plus it save a ton of time!

I would definately use wooden dowels. Especially with bavarian and the fruit fillings and three layers per tier. Good luck! icon_smile.gif

ZlatkaT Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 11:30pm
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OMG my stomach gets tight. After I read so many posts, I understood that bakers here prefer the straws! I am not using sleeve fillings, but homemade. I am very concerned for the cut out strawberries and the Bavarian creme. They will be 3 days old! I might start than on Saturday and work overnight?? There is no charge for this cake as this is for my friend and my first experience. Thank you - more, more, more advices!!!!

dandelion56602 Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 11:36pm
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What you could do

Completely decorate the other tiers & save the bavarian for Sat evening. I wouldn't save all of them, just that tier.

FlourPots Posted 9 Jul 2009 , 11:39pm
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I'm no expert, but that seems like ALOT of straws....17 to hold up a 10" cake and 10 to hold up a little 6".

Loucinda Posted 10 Jul 2009 , 12:04am
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The straws are actually better than the dowels IMO (that is what I usually use) they don't "displace" cake like a dowel does.

You are using a lot of straws in that first tier - as a rule of thumb, I use however many straws as the layer it is supporting. Since you are supporting a 10" I would use 10 straws (and a center dowel down through all of the tiers into the base board)

I use 1/2" foamcore for my base board and 1/4" for the other tiers. In the 10" cake I would use 6 straws. I also make sure I don't put any straws in the direct center - that way if I am using a center dowel - I know there are no straws there to worry about.

You are not going far with this cake, I would trust the straws before I would a wooden dowel. (the only other thing I trust is the SPS) Don't freak out - there are a ton of us on here who use the straws and have no trouble at all.

MAKE SURE you are inserting them STRAIGHT in the cake, NO angles!

ZlatkaT Posted 10 Jul 2009 , 2:04pm
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OK I am so glad I did this posting, I will definitely slow down with the numbers of straws. Will the straw go easily though the cut out strawberries? or should I really use wooden dowels? As for the14 and 10" cake, because of the fillings (Bavarian, strawberries) I will start then on Saturday, and work overnight if needed -). Thank you soo much!!

Loucinda Posted 10 Jul 2009 , 2:25pm
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The straws should go throught the strawberries just fine.

DO not wash the strawberries - just dust them off with a damp papertowel. If you wash them in water, they will get mushy very quickly.

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