Wal Mart Prices & Serving Sizes

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SweetCreations Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:55pm
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Hey Ya'll,

I thought you would all find this Price list from my Local Wal Mart Intresting, My Conversation with the Lady in the Bakery was Intresting too. She was a True "Sweet Heart" She said 1st off let me tell you that all of the cakes are FROZEN, we Thaw them out and Ice and Decorate them but dont let ANYONE tell you that the cakes in the Stores are "Freshly Made" unless it is a Speciality Shop or a Individual Making them. So here is a list of prices.

1/4 sheet cake- $11.88 unless you add extra decoration or speciality drawing then it is $15.88

1/2 Sheet Cake- $19.88 - $23.88

Full Sheet Cake- $31.88-$35.88

Wedding Cake Prices

2 tier
6" round & 10" rounds double layer
with top feeds 64 with out top feeds 48 icon_eek.gif
$ 80.00

3 tier
6" round
with Top feeds 134 with out 118

3 Tier Cascade
comes with white silk scarf & ivy to wrap around poles
feeds 134 with top and 118 without..

they need at least 1 week notice and a $25.00 deposit..
if you want more roses they will be more then happy to add them, starting at .25 or so a rose.. could be more could be less..

I dont come up with the Same amount of Servings at all I am like wayyyyy Off icon_eek.gif ! I come up with a lot less servings looking at Wiltons charts. What about the rest of you???

I know I can not compet with them on their prices, No Way No How could or would I sell cakes that cheap~! Just thought this would be an intresting subject icon_lol.gif

~Sweet~ icon_rolleyes.gif

P.s. I changed the Title Topic from Comparing Wal Mart Prices to Ours.
I think it offened Many.. It wasnt ment to. icon_twisted.gif

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ntertayneme Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 4:59pm
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These discounts stores can always sell cheaper because they do it in QUANTITY .. Quality is optional and I don't feel a person really ever gets quality from a chain store .. that's just my opinion icon_smile.gif

meme Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 5:00pm
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This is all true since I did spend 3 mths working in a Walmart bakery.. The wedding cakes even come in boxes labeled wedding cake. Frozen with all teirs inside. They also have cakes that are preiced and prefilled you just thaw and decorate..

eve Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 5:02pm
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icon_smile.gif That is so sad ...is Saks Fifth Ave same as K Mart ? why even compare...

Daniela Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 5:04pm
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That's a really good point Eve.


KayDay Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 5:09pm
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Not only the quality issue which is a BIG one!.......But I like to think we offer personal SERVICE.....We deliver and set up and I am sure that some of you even those of you that dont cater etc.... probably decorate the cake table ....ofer little hints and so on.

bubblezmom Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 7:21pm
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Have tasted the cake from one of the Sams club here and it was fine. As good as one of our private bakeries? No, but whatever cakemix they used was just as good as what we buy at the grocery store. Maybe it was Pillsbury?
A lot of bakers freeze cakes. Most people use cakemixes at some time. It all comes down to meeting customer expectations. If a person is simply looking for some cake, then WM may be just the place. If a person is looking for extra special decorations or flavorings and personalized service, then they are going to be very disappointed with WM.

Calejo Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 7:29pm
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icon_eek.gif Working in a bakery (not Walmart) I am surprised at their servings. Are they serving slivers, or does the frosting count as a serving too? icon_lol.gif I am shocked by that one. I cannot even believe people who try to pass off our cakes at fresh baked. no. They come in frozen, we do cut and fill them and then decorate them, but we don't bake them where I work.

momoftwogirls Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 7:37pm
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hey sweetcreations...what was the price for the three tier cascade?

I do like what eve said!! You really can't compare the prices.

I am just starting out and I don't want to price to high because I want the business, but once I get business I do plan on going up in price.

Ironbaker Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 7:44pm
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Another thing to keep in mind is that places like Walmart do not have the overhead costs that we do.

My question is, what's the maximum amount of time that they will keep a cake frozen? I've heard that some freeze and refreeze.

peg818 Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 7:58pm
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I think with alot of these places it really depend on how many times that cake is in and out of the freezer. Where i work we get frozen cake that is very good, but it is only taken out for the event, and its not out of the freezer for more then 3 days tops.

Many of these places are keeping thier cakes out of the freezer and in the cooler for a week or more. And i don't know about you girls, but even my good homemade cake would be crap after a week or more.

I, also, don't think that you can compare a wm cake to any hm one.

tastycakes Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 8:09pm
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I agree, they is NO comparison. I've been to parties though where everyone starts raving about what a great value Wal-Mart cakes are icon_mad.gificon_evil.giftapedshut.gifthumbsdown.gificon_confused.gificon_surprised.gif !!!!!! I just walk away though, who cares what they think? We know better icon_biggrin.gif

MissBaritone Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 8:55pm
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Originally Posted by Calejo

icon_eek.gif Working in a bakery (not Walmart) I am surprised at their servings. Are they serving slivers, or does the frosting count as a serving too? icon_lol.gif I am shocked by that one. I cannot even believe people who try to pass off our cakes at fresh baked. no. They come in frozen, we do cut and fill them and then decorate them, but we don't bake them where I work.

perhaps they are using English servings. Our wedding cakes tend to be a rich fruit cake and we don't serve them as a dessert as I believe you do in USA. We tend to have our meal including a dessert then a finger of cake 1 inch square is served with the coffee afterwards

alimonkey Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 9:16pm
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I think the main argument against WM or grocery store cakes is that they are all the same! I got my most recent client because she was just plain tired of the grocery store cakes that always seem to show up for office birthdays and many other occasions. I like to think that my (and our) cakes stand out in a crowd of mediocrity.

I have only sold 3 cakes so far, but I'm already more confident that I won't lose valued clients because of price. If people are cheap, they can go to Wal-mart for all I care. I'm not going to lose money, or work into the night just so someone can get a rock-bottom price on a quality cake.

SweetCreations Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 10:00pm
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O My, I am so Sorry if I offended anyone here.. It was not my Intention, the fact that I was trying to Point out is what EVERYONE here is Screaming, There is no Comparing the Cake for the Money,Or for that matter the Personal Touches of delivery or Set up and table Settings for Weddings.

I just thought Most would find the prices and amount of Servings Intresting all by themselves.
Maybe I titled it WRONG~Oopsie icon_redface.gif ~

I am not saying that all Supermarket Chains have Crappy cake. Some do taste ok, but a Lot dont. I dont down anyone for working there, the people that work there have rules that they must follow. That is all in working for someone else.

~Sweet~ icon_rolleyes.gif

P.S. Momoftwogirls- Cascade was $125.00

JennT Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 10:11pm
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I didn't think you were offensive at all, sweetcreations....in fact I thought it was very beneficial to know those prices - now we know more what we're up against price wise. When you weigh in the quality of our cakes with the prices we charge against what you're getting from WM or a comparable store/cake, it seems more than fair what we charge. Something else I've noticed is that in larger towns/cities there's really no in-between the WM or grocery store cakes and the high-end bakery boutique cakes. That's what I think people like us can provide...something that's as high in quality as well as creativity without being over the top in design or price! JMO! icon_smile.gif

SweetCreations Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 10:15pm
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Hey JennT,

Thank You so Much! icon_lol.gif Makes me Feel Better. icon_biggrin.gif I felt like I must have worded the Whole thing TOTALLY WRONG as I can be good at that too! icon_lol.gificon_twisted.gif

~Sweet~ icon_rolleyes.gif

JennT Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 10:22pm
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Glad I could help! icon_razz.gif I know what you mean...sometimes what we're thinking can come out totally different when we type it out and someone else reads it...don't worry about it!

melodyscakes Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 11:03pm
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thanks so much for sharing the walmart prices. i am a new decorator and have my biggest stress when figuring out my prices and what the walmart charged. i was very intrested in the walmart wedding cakes, i wondered about that alot.

peg818 Posted 22 Aug 2005 , 11:44pm
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Sweet Creations,

I took no ofense to your post. I just find many people comparing there prices to somewhere like wm and frankly there is no way we can compete on price with a place like wm, but there is a market for us And customers that appreciate what we do.

alimonkey Posted 23 Aug 2005 , 12:03am
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I took no offense, either. I think we were all saying the same thing, Wal-mart just seems to strike a nerve with a lot of people.

I'll go along with everybody else, though, and say I'm glad you posted that info. I personally haven't set foot in a Wal-mart in almost 2 years so I never would have known otherwise. Not that I'd ever consider pricing that low (and really, *what* is up with those servings?) but it's good to know what you're up against.

JennT - You also made a good point - something I wouldn't have realized for a while. Us home bakers really do have a market between the supermarket & boutique cakes. Thanks for reminding us.

Ali icon_smile.gif

kalikw Posted 23 Aug 2005 , 2:30am
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If people want a Wal-Mart cake they will buy one. If they want something else they will come to you. Most discriminating buyers know what they like and they are willing to pay for it. If not cake decorators like Colette Peters and others would be out of business a long time ago!

missmersh Posted 23 Aug 2005 , 8:41pm
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Hiya Sweet!! princess.gif
I think it is GREAT that you posted this!! icon_wink.gif

I would like to make a comment on the "boutique" places though.

How many of you have eaten cakes from the "boutique" type shops? Do they REALLY taste better than ours? Do they REALLY look better than ours? I truly doubt that these "fancy" cakes are all what they claim to be, plus they all tack on outrageous delivery charges and try to add "here and there" charges. I had a friend tell me that she spent $175 for a cake smaller than a 1/2 sheet cake for her 1 year old's birthday and that it wasn't decorated all that well, and it didn't taste very well. Plus she said they kept trying to get her to buy additional stuff. Now this is from one of the well known shops in my town. And I have heard lots of other bad things too. Now, I know this may not apply to ALL the fancy boutiques, but I am just trying to point out that not only do we all blow Walmart away but most probably the high priced boutiques too. We offer SO MUCH more than any retail establishment plus we do it with BIG 'OL SMILES! But WE are the ones that get taken advantage of most of the time.

GREAT TOPIC SWEET!!! icon_wink.gif
Leslie ( I hope I don't offend anyone either....not trying to be offensive at all!!!) icon_wink.gif

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